Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 in Review

Matt- I think his hardest thing this year is realizing how much the kids are growing up. He has also stated several times this year that he is really beginning to feel old. He continues to grow in his job learning more. He has new goals in place for the year of 2006 for continued growth with the company. This year has found him taking on side projects such as learning more about natural medicine and even becoming a distributor for foot baths that clean the toxins out of your body. His resolutions for 2006 include becoming healthier and get more toned up.

Braden-2005 was a big year for him medically. We discovered more treatment options beyond the standard main medical we began more natural and chiropractic along with mainstream medical. This combination has made a lot of progress for him medically. He went through another surgery. He got glasses. He got a new bedroom no more animal room now we are Army/Airforce crazy. He got to fly an airplane, he got to be VIP at the airforce base. He started 1st grade. His speech continues to improve and he tested out of physical therapy! He lost his first tooth.

Brittney- My little girl has really grown up. I can see so many changes in her personality. She is reading everything and loves to read. She started 2nd grade. The boy craziness has hit hard (way too young). She got a new bedroom as well because she didnt want the baby pink bedroom anymore. Now she has a bright wild bedroom.
She has discovered she really likes basketball. Her dog Rascal was killed and it was so sad. She got a new puppy Nipper but still remembers and talks about Rascal a lot.

Me - I realize trying to remember what all or any of us have done the past year is harder than it should be. I was going to be creative like my friend Anne was on her blog and go month by month but there was no way I could remember something for each month.

As a family we traveled to Arizona for Braden's medical health and had some fun on the way. We visited the Grand Canyon. Matt and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We started planning for our Disney vacation that will take place in 2006 and is bound to be a highlight of next years blog recap. We also traveled to Pennsylvania for a vacation/Matt's business trip. We got to see great sites and visit some friends from when we had lived there when Brittney was a baby. We got to see the Barnum and Baileys Circus. We went camping at Tulsa Zoo.

All in all it has been a busy year in many ways and I look forward to the coming year!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

A blessing in disguise

About 3 weeks ago we found out that Braden's speech therapist would be getting a new job and leaving in just a few days. She had been seeing Braden for 2 years and he was very comfortable with her. I was worried.

The owner of the company is who we were originally referred to but she was so busy she doesnt take new kids. Well with this therapist leaving and the fact that she now knew us she decided to take Braden.

She warned us that she would be quite different and he wouldnt be playing as much, she also said she would expect more from him but the reward for him and us would be more. For him she has been having him work towards a goal each day he gets $2 towards a $20 Toys R Us card. He got his first one yesterday.

The reward for us is that after only 2 1/2 weeks I see IMPROVEMENT not just a little but WOW CANT BELIEVE HOW MUCH! While I would never say anything bad about his old therapist it is quite apparent that Braden needed pushed harder and is capable of more.

It is so amazing and his intellegibility (ability for others to understand him) is getting so much better it is WONDERFUL. So what we first thought oh no about has definetly turned into a blessing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quz..could you pass the US Citizenship Test

You Failed the US Citizenship Test
Oops, you only got 4 out of 10 right!


I have started the reclaiming of the house after Christmas.

Kids toys are put away and their rooms are organized again....for how long is anybody's guess.

All the decorations have been taken down. Most of the regular everyday items are put back up.

Still so much to do.

Of course since it's me and I always have to do things obsessivly I just cant put things away I have to also clean what was already there. I have totally cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets this morning and I have a huge box for a Spring yard sale in the garage.

I have also been playing with one of my favorite Christmas presents a scrapbook program for my computer. I have made about 12 pages for the kids scrapbooks. I think with this program and using the digital camera I can now catch up on my scrapbooks. Of course lots of old pics to scan too.

One of the kids favorite things has turned out to be just a little stocking stuffer I had picked up at Disney for Braden it was 4 card games disney style Old Maid, Go Fish, War and Crazy Eights. I am glad they like it so much and that all 4 of us can enjoy it. Glad that one of the simpler presents is getting so much play.

I have stalled enough I have several things that are needing attention including the kids.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Pictures!

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful holiday with beautiful memories, lots of family time and of course gifts, gifts and more gifts! Everyone was spoiled including me!

Matt, Me, Brittney and Braden
My dad, mom, me, Matt, Braden and Brittney
My aunt Tonna (my mom's twin), me, mom, and Brittney
All the gifts after my parents had arrived and added to our already
hefty stash of presents!

Matt's dad with Brittney and Braden
Matt's brothers kids Ryan and Sammy, no pics of crazy SIL this time!
Matt's mom with Braden and Brittney

Saturday, December 24, 2005

About to be snug in their beds

Kids in their matching Mickey Christmas PJ's. Yard is sprinkled with our special mixture (oats for the reindeer and glitter so Santa can see our house). My parents and aunt left a little while ago and that round of presents (it was a very big round of presents) are mostly put in their spot or at least sort of put in a spot. Matt and I will exchange gifts after kids are in bed. Santa will come and I am sure we will be woke early. I am looking forward to it! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Getting toys out of the package

I think my uncle summed it up when we were trying to get the kids presents out of the boxes and he said...

"I want whoever is in charge of packaging these things to be in charge of Homeland Security".

It's about the truth so many ties and twists it takes forever. Last year I had actually taken the toys out of the box with all the twists and plastic then replaced it in the box and all the kids did was open and whala toy was ready. This year I didn't do that and neither did Santa so there will be a lot of frustration for us in the morning too.

Friday, December 23, 2005

One down....

The festivities started tonight with Matt's dad, his mom, his brother his wife and their 2 kids coming over.

Matt picked up his mom early and she visited for a few hours, his dad was next, BIL and SIL were 45 minutes late which drives me insane but oh well.

It went better than I expected and better than past times have gone. A few comments that I had to bite my tounge but other than that not too bad.

I dread it every time so it is nice that it is behind us.

Tommorow evening is my parents, aunt, brother his girlfriend (who is a lot closer to my mom's age but oh well) and her youngest son (she has one son 5 years younger than my brother!). I have only met her briefly so should be enlightening to say the least. The new girlfriend plus my mom being on edge about the whole situation should make it interesting.

I am most looking forward to tommorow evening after kids have gone to bed and Matt and I exchange gifts and have time to ourselves in front of the tree. I dont think it will be cold enough for a fire but the tree lights should be nice. I am also really looking forward to the kids on Christmas morning!

Well one family gathering down and no blood shed so that is a good start to the holiday festivities.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3 Days Left

This is my crafty Christmas present for Brittney. Goes with her new cool room. Of course I couldn't wait and I had to hang it in her room already. It doesnt look as big in the pic put it is about as wide as her twin headboard. I also did a small wooden sign for her door that says "Girls Rule" of course now Braden wants one that says "Boys Rule".

I got the last minute shopping done today. After finding out my brother was bringing his girlfriend (who I have met once) and her 9 year old son. Got both them a few little things. Did the grocery shopping for candy making (tommorow is the day for that).

So tommorow if I can get the wrapping of the latest gifts done and the baking done I will be happy.

Christmas festivities start on Friday evening, because Matt's SIL (I call her his because she is nuts and so I dont claim had to change our plans. But that's okay the kids are getting a cool gift from Matt's dad and it will keep them entertained on Saturday so I dont hear "can we open presents" quite as much that day.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I am ready for Christmas.

I can't wait to see the kids reactions to their gifts. I want to see Matt all excited about his gifts (I got him a surprise he isn't expecting).

The countdown has been on all month by the kids but now I am joining in. I am ready!

Of course my house isnt spic and span as I want it, I have one thing I want to exchange, a last minute gift to get for my aunt, and Christmas candy to I guess I am glad there is still 5 days left.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

How did that slip my mind.

Friday at the class parties I was talking to the kids Sunday school teacher and she reminded me that this Sunday was the kids Christmas program at church and just have them wear Christmas clothes that they werent doing tshirts or anything this year.

I was like okay that is fine Brittney would wear her Christmas dress and Braden black jeans and a dress shirt.

Then this morning I start thinking about getting stuff around for tomorrow, and oops no Christmas dress for Brittney.

How the heck did something that important slip by me.

I had bought her several cute Christmas leggings outfits at Target and a Christmas sweater so I guess I had thought I had done the Christmas clothes shopping. Didn't even dawn on me that I hadn't bought her a Christmas dress. I looked through her closet and not a thing that could be used for Christmas she had a shirt that is shiny and silver but no skirts. I even drug down the keepsake box because I keep all her Christmas dresses but alas she has grown way too much and no way was last years going to fit.

Too WalMart I ran.....that was my second mistake (first being forgetting to get her an appropriate outfit). WalMart was CRAZY! Crazy I tell you it was totally nuts. As for selection in the girls department it was nil and I had no desire to go any further into town on a dress hunt.

End outfit is a pair of cute black dress pants with rhinestone buttons down the front in two rows her silky silver shirt and to jazz it all up I bought several little rhinestone barrettes to go in her hair. Not what I usually do, which normally is all out months in advance, but she will look very pretty and she likes it because it looks like an "older girl" outfit and not a baby outfit.

I wonder what else I have forgot this Christmas season.....scary to even think about it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I am done wrapping!

I so detest wrapping and it took ALL morning I repeat ALL morning.

Going overboard is an understatement. I will justify it by saying I start really early, watch prices and clearance shop.

Needless to say kids will be more spoiled.

I really cant wait to see their faces. I am so excited about some of the goodies we were able to get them.

I am also so excited to be ALL DONE wrapping. I have dreaded and put this off for over 2 weeks. I keep seeing it on my to do list but kept skipping it. Now I can mark it off for the year.



So many tragedies happen in our world everyday some to those we know others to those we hear about. All touch us but some in that way where you just have to help. This story on Brighton's blog did that to me, it made me want to help.
Read the story and if you would like to help use the paypal address on her site even if it is just $1.00.
I know that people have helped us so much with difficulties with medical issues with Braden and this story just tore at my heart and I felt I had to help.
If you cant donate then please pray for the family and all they have to cope with.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


It was going to be a thankful and grateful Christmas but a little slim on physical things.

Then I received a Christmas bonus that was unexpected. I did the grown up thing and paid some on bills, but after that I have guessed it....OVERBOARD.

Oh well, I love doing it and I am excited.

I bought the neatest thing for Brittney today, she had been wanting a video camera. Well no way for an 8 year old. Well a friend of mine told me about the new VCam for kids. A digital videorecorder/camera made and geared for kids. It was $78 and is suppose to be pretty indestructible. The best thing I know Brittney will think it is the greatest thing ever.

So yes we have went a little overboard, but I love it and am so grateful I can do it. As for Braden his big gift is a First Act Electric Guitar (oh my ears).

As for hubby...I got some cool things too....but I wont tell them here...(LOL I know you were hoping sweetie but I am smarter than that).

So overboard I will go on decorating, on presents, on food and on the wonderful spirit of Christmas!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Holiday Getting to Know Me!

Welcome to the 2005 Holiday Edition of Getting to Know Your Friends!
Here's mine................
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate.....yummy Egg Nog...gaggy
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Dear sweet Santa has everything out of the boxes and set up ready for them to play as soon as they wake up their sleepy mom and dad!
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? White is on the tree, but I like lots of colors too just wasnt the kind of tree we bought but I so love the prelit tree I dont care that it is all white my oranments color it up.
4. Do you hang mistletoe? Yes
5. When do you put your decorations up? Day after Thanksgiving if I have to wait that long I try to sneak it a few days before if we aren't having company for Thanksgiving.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? yeast rolls
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child? My dad could not wait till Christmas morning we would barely be in bed (now I know it was just enough time for them to set out the presents) we might just be dozing off and then dad would come in our rooms and say hey I think I heard something lets go check if Santa has come. My mom told me he was worse than a kid. Never once growing up did we wait till Christmas morning it was always about 11pm or about 30 minutes after being put to bed and we would be dragged out of bed to the living room. Not me I make the kiddos wait!
8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? What truth? I believe! LOL!
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We do our exchanges with Matt's family the morning of Christmas Eve, and then in the evening my family. Then after kids are in bed Matt and I exchange and have quiet time.
10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? Chocolate chip cookies and a Pepsi!
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it!
12. Can you ice skate? I'm not too good but I can stay on my feet unless of course I have a kid hanging on me then sometimes I unbalance.
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Hmmmm....I cant narrow it. I know I loved getting my diary as a little girl and as a grown up Matt gave me a bracelet of italian charms that I love.
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family and sharing the magic with the kids.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Chocolate Pie
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Christmas eve get together with my family and eat appetizer/finger foods it is fun.
17. What tops your tree? A snowman (they invade at Christmas time they are EVERYWHERE in our house)
18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving? Giving. But I do like to recieve too!
19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Silent Night for serious and for a laugh Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? Yum

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bump in the Night

The bump or the bam...that was me.

Here's a tip....Dont put a basket of things in the front entry way so you wont forget it in the morning, and then forget it when you are walking in the dark to put a glass in the kitchen.

As you have already figured out over the basket I went and boom onto the ceramic tile.

Swollen bruised knee and a list of complaints to whine about are the outcome of my late night walk to the kitchen.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Basketball Fun?

Because I dont have enough to do or because I am a gluton for punishment I have decided to coach basketball.

What was suppose to be coaching my daughter's team evolved to me having two teams to coach. Which was fine because that way Braden would be on an age appropriate team (they were going to let him play with Brittney's team) but I figure this would work.

I thought this was going to be fun but already I can see some of these coaches are out for blood.

My assistant coach (I drag my friends with me when I get suckered into something...Im good like that) and I decided to do one practice a week. Forty five minutes for each team. Then our games will be on Saturdays. For a Kindergarten/First grade team and a second grade team I thought that was plenty.

Well another coach calls this morning they are practicing there kids two nights a week for 45 minutes each time and on Saturdays when there is no games.

What gets me is some of these coaches are like drill sargents and are yelling and screaming and things must be this way and they want their teams to play this and that.

It is suppose to be fun....a sport...a way for the kids to learn...but games haven't even started and I think it is going to be a headache.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who is your inner sexy cartoon chick!

I dont know about this being sexy, but I took the test twice and even switched a few answers and still got good old Wilma!

You're Wilma Flintstone!
Wilma Flintstone

Who 's Your Inner Sexy Cartoon Chick ?
brought to you by

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smart or Smart Alleck?

I was helping Braden study for his spelling test. He gets a list of 10 words each week.

I numbered his paper 1 thru 10 for him and called him in. I was doing other stuff in the kitchen and called out the word. I called out the first and he was like "Mom that is not the first one". I told him I was mixing up the order. We argued back and forth and so finally he said "Fine".

So I skipped around giving him the 8th word on the list 1st, the 3rd one on the list 2nd and so on.

I go to look at his paper afterwards and little smart alleck had put all the words in perfect order as they were on his list. Instead of when I called it out as number 1 he knew it was 8th so he put it down in that spot.

So either I brag on his great memory or wonder what I did to deserve a 6 year old smart alleck.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Aren't They Cute!

My big boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittney posing showing all that pretty hair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gift wrapping...

I have decided gift wrapping is evil...why cant we just put everything in one big black trashbag and rip into it Christmas morning...that sounds like a good idea to me!

Maybe it is because today I have been trying to get ahead on the Christmas preparations in between fighting the dreaded cold I have come down with, taking care of Braden with his cold, and lysoling the entire house.

If it wasnt such a pain I would load it all up and take it to the mall and have the wonderful good chairty of Make a Wish wrap it for me but that would be as much of a pain as wrapping it myself.

But alas we do have some wrapped gifts now, the bad news is lots more left to wrap including classroom gifts (20 for each class plus teachers and exchange gifts). But I have been thinking and all gifts going to school should really be wrapped by the kids to make it more personal (good thinking on my part I thought). Same goes for presents to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc....who cares about child labor laws I think my kids will be good present wrappers.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A giving tradition

Today we went out for some family time.

First stop was the angel tree at the mall. Brittney has said for at least a month that for part of her Christmas she wanted to get an angel off of the tree.

Brittney is my give the shirt off her back kid, Braden is my I will give you 50 cents and only charge you 10 cents in interest.

Imagine my surprise when we were picking an angel off the tree and Braden piped up that he wants to do one too. I told him it would require using some of his money (Matt and I were paying for most of it but thought that Brittney could put $10 of her money in as well). His response "how much of my money". I told him not much and he was okay with it and wanted his own angel.

We picked a 4 year old girl Kristalbell and a 4 year old boy James. We really had fun picking out 2 outfits a piece, package of underwear, socks, shoes and some toys. We didnt spend a whole lot but I think all four of us had fun with it and I hope it instills some of the real Christmas spirit in the kids.

You get to keep the top part of the angel so I wrote the name of our angel on the card part and the year so that maybe we can do this every year and remember the angels the kids have bought for in the past and so on. The kids both proudly took their bags back to the Salvation Army tree and gave to the workers. I hope this to be a memory and tradition to keep. I know it made me feel good and both kids said they loved it as well.

27 days till Christmas. I believe I am all done shopping now....just have to do ALOT of wrapping now.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Day After Sales

Even a sore throat and a crick in my neck couldn't keep me away from Black Friday sales. I was one of those silly people out at 5am this morning shopping. Luckily my hubby doesnt mind going along and helping me. It is a Thanksgiving tradition everyyear my dad keeps the kids and hubby, my mom and myself go out. Matt usually teams up with my mom and hits WalMart first while I hit some of the other early to open stores.

I had a few things to pick up for others (people who wanted the bargain but didn't want to sacrifice their sleep).

I didn't get as much this year as I have in the past. Didn't seem to be the good sales that there usually are.

My hubby met the most diehard shopper while he was waiting in line at Hastings which didn't open till 8am he stood next to a guy who had taken his cot, laptop, hot chocolate and camped outside of bestbuy the night before so he could get a good deal...that is just a little too hard core shopping for me.

29 days till Christmas.

I am pretty much done with my shopping. This morning hubby picked up a few things he needed ( for me that I dont know yet...drats). I picked up one last thing for the kids and some very good deals on clothes for the kiddos.

We met up with my dad the kids and the rest of my extended family (the ones that wanted the bargains but didn't want to get up) at IHOP for breakfast.

Then hubby the kids and I came home. Kids have watched a box set of season 1 and 2 of Scooby Doo (the original cartoon) all day. Matt picked it up at Hastings. I love that they like it instead of some of these newer cartoons.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and Great Day After!

Monday, November 21, 2005


I was tagged so here goes....

Things I am Thankful for......
10 Serious
1. My family
2. My friends and especially neighbors that we love and trust to take care of things.
3. My faith
4. My house
5. My sons doctors who know how to help him
6. My sons progress how far he has come and how wonderful he is
7. My daughter being such a thoughtful and wonderful child
8. My husband who is my rock who I would not be sane without
9. My computer because through it I learn things, and I have met people that I truly consider friends, I can vent through it and share joys through it.
10. My life and the fact that I have so many things to be thankful for that I could go on and on.

10 not so serious.......
11. A sweater and jeans to wear on Thanksgiving that hide that I havent lost the weight I wanted to.
12. That my hubby is the one that has to climb into the attic and get down 21 rubber maid boxes of Christmas.
13. That my hubby doesnt even complain about number 12.
14. That my laundry is almost done from the trip.
15. That my mom is making 6 chocolate pies for Thanksgiving...yummy
16. That hubby is off all week and I get to make long honey do lists for him!
17. That hubby gave the dogs a bath last night so they dont smell anymore.
18. That I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.
19. That the day after Thanksgiving sales will be here soon!
20. That I have a computer!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Santa is coming in 35 days!

I was going to wait till after Thanksgiving to post this pic but I couldnt wait it is too cute!
35 days till Christmas!

Home Again!


Braden is doing so good. Still a little broke out from a reaction to the tape over the site on the neck. But we are home!

Matt is off work all next week because we didn't know how long we would be there.

Now 9 loads of laundry to do but it is still so good to be home.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Bounce Back Boy

Did something happen to Braden yesterday? Was he not so sick we thought we might could lose him?....well if he was no signs of it this morning.

Up and ready to go to you guessed it Toys R Us.

Dont know yet if that will happen but so good to see him up and jumping around like a happy boy! No fever, no lingering anything he is just raring to go.

Now if I could just cover those gray hairs this whole experience has caused!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Very Thankful and a few gray hairs

Braden's procedure started out fine they came out and told me everything was going as scheduled. 20 minutes later there was a code on my pressure boy. His heart and blood pressure had bottomed due to crossing over a pathway in the brain that controls the heart when they were removing the mass. He recovered (he is a fighter) and now I just want to hug him and hold him FOREVER. His EKG afterwards and MRI both looked good. I just want to crawl in bed and hold him but I think I have been smothering him since he woke up. He has no clue how close we came and I am glad for that. His first coherent words were "I want to go to Toys R Us for my prize". So we have yet another wonderful blessing to celebrate....and I also think I have a few gray hairs from the not so good parts of this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A little fun in the water before tommorow

We made it to Texas, we are right across from the hospital. We decided to sneak in some fun before our early morning call to surgery with Braden. I will update when I can!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I should be...

Packing that is what needs done along with about 15 other things on the to do list.

But I dont want to!

I am avoiding!

We leave tommorow at noon for Braden's procedure. Will also get to visit with some family so that is good.

Now if I could just get motivated to get things done....but its not happening. I am usually such an organized person but I tell you here lately it is just not happening.

I am thinking of chunking it all for tonight and waiting till tommorow morning and throwing it all together.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Up Up and Away

Little History...Braden is having a procedure done next Thursday on his brain. I had mentioned to my friend Laurie (she just got out of the air force reserves) that Braden loves airplanes. She set up two special treats for us and we did the first one today. Brittney, Braden and I (Matt had a meeting he couldn't get out of) got to go up in an airplane for a city tour. Braden even got to take the controls which Brittney sweats is what made her stomach upset! Here are some pics from our adventures. Monday night is the next treat where Braden will be VIP at the airforce base for night flights, get to sit in the simulator and much more.

Braden and our pilot Laurie's friend Stephen whose call name is "Cletus"
Arieal view of the kids school
Arieal virew of our housing district we are in the top row thrid house from the left.
Brittney ready to take off
Braden in the co pilot seat
Braden ready to go.
Brittney and Braden before take off
Braden ready to go!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I got this from "Anne's Blog". I have been in a blogging funk so I needed something to do.

10 Favorites…
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Band/Singer: Faith Hill/Tim McGraw
Favorite Hobby: Reading
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road
Favorite Time of Day: Morning

9 Currents…
Current Mood: Tired
Current Clothes: Jeans and a gray disney tshirt
Current Underwear Color: Pink
Current Desktop Picture: Island Scene
Current Nail Color: None
Current Time: 6:38 p.m.
Current Surroundings: my bedroom
Current Annoyances: Finally got cable back on about 10 minutes ago because more houses are being built behind us and once again they cut the cable with their digging!
Current Thoughts: I have to get to WalMart tommorow

8 Firsts…
First Best Friend: DeeDee
First Screen Name: kelcole
First Pet: Daisy an Australlian Sheppard
First Tattoo: No tattoos
First Crush: Jose in 2nd grade
First Music Group: I think it was Kool and the Gang WAY BACK
First Car: 1990 Grand Am Blue

7 lasts
Last Cigerette: Never smoked
Last Drink: Don't drink
Last Time on Drugs: Never
Last Kiss: About 3 hours ago
Last Movie Watched: Herbie
Last CD Played: Gretchen Wilson's new one
Last thing bought: Marshmellows

6 Have You Evers…
Have you ever dated one of your best friends? Yes
Have you ever broken the law? Yes (speeding in case you were wondering which law...I know bad me)
Have you ever been arrested? No
Have you ever skinny dipped? Yes
Have you ever been on television? Yes
Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know? No

5 Places You’ve Been…
Pheonix, AZ
San Antonio, TX
Bindloch, Germany
Fort Riley, Kansas
Philadelphia, PA

4 People You Can Tell Anything To…

3 things you can hear right now:
Hubby and son making sword fighting noises
clicking of my keyboard

3 things you can’t live without:

3 things you do when you’re bored:

2 Choices…
Black or white: black
Hot or cold: hot

1 Thing You Want To Do Before You Die…
Go on a cruise!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tank tops for Thanksgiving?

It is 84 degrees. We have been out working in the yard in shorts!

It is NOVEMBER! What is with this weather?

I have a really cute Thanksgiving sweater but if this keeps up I may have to check into festive Thanksgiving tank tops!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Do Si Do

Hold hands, bow to your partner, to the left.......

Square dancing....Never have we done this before.

Today our daugther's friend turned 8 and the mom planned a ho down in a barn. They taught the kids square dances. After the kids attention span had been stretched the guy decided to grab some parents and teach some square dancing. It was actually quite fun.

Of course both hubby and I kept getting our right and left hands mixed up and that is quite important in square dancing.

Luckily the video cameras had been put up, there are a few pics of the teaching but all in all it was fun for the kids and adults and hey we tried something new so that is always a plus!

Below is a pic of the kids in their party garb.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Getting Flak

I am getting flak from dear hubby for not updating my blog. Apparently he has FAR more time than I have had lately!

It was an extremely busy week, which is what I get for not being able to say no when people ask me to do something. Too many things to do and not enough hours to do them.

This weekend we have gotten several little house projects done so that makes me feel better.

I am looking forward to tommorow though, am going to take the kids to school, then run some errands and do some Christmas shopping (Toys R Us sales ad came out today), then back to the school for parties with both kids classes. I will have my Knight and my Rock Star tommorow (pics will be posted!). Rain is suppose to be here for Halloween so we will be indoors at the Hallelujiah night that the area churches put on in the elementary cafeteria.

So now hubby can quit giving me a hard time because blog is updated! Hopefully something blogworthy will happen soon and I can be more entertaining but this blog was simply to shut up dear hubby (love you sweetie!)!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

She's 8!

Brittney is now 8 years old. As you can tell from the above she LOVES to pose for pics. Here are some more pics from various times of our celebration of 8 years old!!
Braden and his big sister!!!!!
Saturday morning birthday girl wanted to go get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch before decending on Toys R Us to spend birthday money.
Party Friday night the boys joining in on the Karoke fun (Tyler, Braden and Noah)
Birthday girl Brittney with her good friends Morgan and Kelsey (far right) we had a joint party with Kelsey (her birthday is the 23rd and Brittney's the 22nd so we combined the fun for a party Friday night.
Brittney showing off for her Luau Birthday Party!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Computer junkie

I am computer junkie I totally admit it. I will check my email sometimes 4 or 5 times a day take a quick peak at blogs, ect. I may just take 5 or 10 minutes to check but I just have to do it. A friend of mine takes her smoke breaks at work, for me when I take a break it is a computer break.

Well this week has been busier than usual yesterday I didnt get to check my email or even turn the computer on until 8pm...this is not good. Today same thing. I sure dont like this. Life can be busy but I have to have my email breaks!

Hopefully tommorow I can get on the computer before late evening.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

2 totally different kids

I asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas.

Brittney: Mom I want to buy something for kids that are poor and wont get a Chirstmas.

I told her that was very nice.

Brittney: Mom you dont even have to buy me very much I just want to help some kids. I dont need anything.

Braden: (who has been sitting quietly) WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY? (to his sister), I will just give you a list mom.

Oh boy my kids, Braden isnt as selfish as it sounds but he is definetly not my charity driven child either. 2 different spectrums with these two.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I just love tidbits o finformation that I didnt know before...and wow having a way to share my tidbits even better..LOL.

Most probably have heard of this but I hadnt.


If you have a cell phone you are suppose to put in your directory ICE (In Case of Emergency) then the phone number you put there is who you want contacted if something happens in an accident and you are unconcious, ect.

Apparently medics, police and hospital personnel are being trained to automatically look for this on your cell phone.

I thought this was interesting and actually a good idea. I knew to have an ID card taped under the kids car seats but I didnt know about the ICE.

Apparently there are even places on the internet where you can buy stickers that say ICE to put on the back of your phone.

So I guess I will have hubby (have I mentioned I am technology impaired) add that to my cell phone directory.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Going back to 25th Post!

The Rules:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 25th post.
3. Find the third sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Encourage other people to do the same.

Mine was............

The doctors "think" it may be seizures coming from deep in the brain, but as one looked me in the eye and said, "We dont know what it is but we know something is causing a problem".

That pretty much sums up our medical experience with Braden, the docs knowing that something is wrong but not knowing what that is. Things have gotten better but it still gets very frustrating at times.

What was yours???

Friday, October 07, 2005

No more baby room

I was going to post before pics of Britt's room but that would require digging through the ever growing unorganized picture box and frankly I was afraid so instead you get the after pics only.

No more baby room. Now we have a "Cool" room.

Now Brittney's trophies are proudly shown on her purple wall, you can also see the jewels I used as a border around the room.

A view from the halldoor you can see her toybox that I put a rug on so that she can use as a window bench too. You can also see the beaded curtains.
A view of her bedding, her cool lamp, and retro rainbow colored alarm clock.
This is one of my favorite parts it is a white wipe on wipe off board as well as cork board in purple and pink for pics, ribbons, etc.
A view of Brittney's room showing the headboard, some of her porcelin dolls, her collection of snow globes.

Another view of the beaded curtains.
The Bratz poster and showing the jewels around top.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not as tough as I wanted to be

I had laproscopic surgery this morning outpatient. I had to be there at 5:30 we were out by 10:00, which was good. I did indeed have endometriosis which is why I was having so much pain. They removed the pockets is how they referred to it from both ovaries. I go in Friday to talk about meds, if it comes back then no choice but to have a hysterectomy.

Anyway I have planned this for about 6 weeks. thinking I would be up and going directly after. Not so. I did do good, but I have slept all day, then got up when the kids came in then slept some more.

I had this idea that I was going to be supertough about all this and be able to clean house, not true a little slower than I thought I would be. But I am planning on doing stuff tommorow...well see...but I am just not a whiner and I thought I would just breeze through it but I have to admit I have whined a little today.

My sweet hubby took off today, I was like I dont need you too, but oh I am so glad he did. I hate admitting I dont have super powers and that I am human darn it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Done once again

Brittney's room is clean...again.

Not only is it clean it is now redecorated as well.

No more little babish girl room. Brittney said "that pink baby room makes me feel like I am five". Keep in mind she is only 7 (will be 8 on 3 weeks).

We went from pink sponge painted walls with a heart border, pink bedspread all pale and sweet looking...that look is no more.

Now we have...

One hot pink wall, one green wall, one yellow wall, and one purple wall. I used colored gems in a random pattern at the top of the wall for a border. She has a bratz poster framed in a silver frame, one wall has a puzzle board on it with pink and purple cork board and white wipe on wipe off board pieces. We have bright beaded curtains on the windows.

We picked Brittney up from my parents and didn't tell her about the room. When she walked in she let out an excited little yell. She said it is awesome and so cool and had declared that it is not a baby room. My hubby thinks it looks like a teenager room. Definetly a change. Our baby girl is growing up way too fast.

I tried to take some pics but the sun was glaring at the wrong angle so will have to do that later.

Everything looks really good and it is all clean and organized! I had gotten some stuff out for a yard sale and then today I went in with the black trash it is clean! It wont stay that way long but today with the redecorating done and it all clean it sure is nice to savor.

Next on the home list is painting the living room, entry way and hallway. Braden's room will be done closer to Christmas time and he has requested camaflouge (misspelled?) and I am already getting lots of fun ideas.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Knights and Rock Stars

I am a planner (or obsessive complusive if my husband was telling the story..LOL).

I have been worrying Halloween was next month we had to decide on costumes.

Brittney wants to be a Rock Star, I can handle that, been picking up ultra funky stuff here and there.

Braden is my child that I know I will contribute my gray hairs too. Braden is the complete opposite personality of my planning, he is SO laid back. I was like what about a pirate, "I'll think about it", well think harder we are at the Disney store now. No moving him forward. So onward we shopped.

Well my son is just too smart, because we entered a toy store we had never been to and there it was the perfect costume. It was a Knight (he loves castles and knights). It is so neat with light weight black material covered with a silvery mesh, it is not one piece which is a must when a 6 year old wears it to school and must go to the potty. It is just so cute. I will have to post pics closer to time.

So I guess I am glad my son isnt as obsessive as his mom otherwise we would have been boring Captian Hook but now we are an ultra cool Knight!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No sleep for me

I can't sleep. It is driving me crazy.

I once tried Ambien...not a good ends with the stripes of my comforter coming to life, the ceiling fan coming to get me. My doctor had experienced a similiar reaction. So that way to get to sleep was out.

Lunesta, Sonata...don't work for me.

I got the whole list of "sleep hygenie"...practiced that (don't do bills in bed, before bed, make your bedroom relaxing environment, etc...). No help.

Melotonin...this helps this is the only thing but I still have these nights where I take the Melotonin...but 2 hours later I am wide awake...ugh.

My doctors recommendation just go with it for awhile, he says my body will eventually get tired of 3 and 4 hours of sleep a night and get into a pattern. Oh yeah this will be a fun pattern to get to....I can see me functioning for a week on 3 hours of sleep a night. He also said that my body may not need a full 8 hours or may not be capable of it...well then why the heck does it crave the sleep.....he couldn't answer that one.

So instead of sleep...blogging here I am, next is email, and if I still can't get to sleep online shopping...oh boy...of course that will just get me excited and keep me awake...but hey Christmas is coming I can use my lack of sleep to get busy on shopping. So I guess there is a plus side to this...even though hubby and checkbook might disagree...LOL.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Time is flying by.

During the summer it was crazy mostly because we were away from home more than we were here. I thought once school starts things will slow down. Then I thought well once we get settled into the school routine things will slow down.

No slowing down....hyper speed it seems.

Everything seems to be going so fast, the kids are growing up...I bought Brittney size 10's this weekend she is that tall now, Braden's 6's are highwaters now (of course the waist is still huge)...they are growing up so fast in the things they are saying and wanting to do. It amazes me.

The pace of things is so fast, I seem to have a things to do list with a minimum of 20 things a day.

This weekend flew by. Friday night Matt and I had a date night which was awesome (watched Fever Pitch it was cute). Saturday went out with my parents for awhile, did some housecleaning, and poof the day was gone.

So where is all the time going? I dont know but I am sure something has flown by in the time it has taken to update this blog so I better go get busy.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The teacher has changed her life

1-800-.......... written on Brittney's wipe on wipe off board in her room. She is always writing down the 800 number for something we need.

Me: Brittney, what is this number for?

Britt: Mom, I HAVE to call it, it is a number to tell them about a teacher that has changed your life.

Me: How has Mrs. Steele changed your life? (school started 4 weeks ago, and she is a good teacher but I was curious as to what Britt would say)

Britt: (exasperated that I even question) Mom, last year I had to ask 10 times a day to go get a drink from the fountain, Mrs. Steele lets us have water bottles at our desk and it has totally changed my life mom, totally.

Me hiding my grin. The next day I told Mrs. Steele and she got a big kick out of it. I printed off the form online so Brittney could nominate her teacher....I will try to add something more than the wonderful wisdom of letting them have water bottles before I let her send it off.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Camping Out

We camped out Friday night at the Tulsa Zoo Starry Night.

I was impressed it was a very fun family outing.

It was not at all crowded only about 20 to 25 families. The zoo closed at 5:00 and at 6:00 the campers (us) started arriving. You could walk around the zoo to your content until 11pm. During that time they had a buffett dinner, crafts for kids, zoo talks, marshmellow roasting and more. We camped by the monkeys. I was surprised there were not a lot of late night noises, the rooster from the children's zoo was nice and loud about 5:30 am.

My complaint though is I am too old for camping out. I ached and pained all was awful. I have a little extra padding (lol) but it was not near enough to make sleeping in the tent more comfortable. Not much sleep was had and I think every joint in my body ached.

We will probably camp out next year, but let me tell you we will be investing in one of those air matresses with the built in air compressor in it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meet Our New Addition

The name has changed about 10 times this weekend, but this is our new baby. 2 pound ball of fluff.

Started with Rover, then went to Fuzz, then Fluffy and now it is Nipper, I think Nipper will stick. Of course hubby is calling it "worthless" but the kids and I out vote him.

Of course at 2am the night before it was "The Puppy"...when Brittney came in our bed saying "That new puppy took a dump in my bed" was not what mom and dad wanted woke up to at 2am, but the way she said it was actually quite funny. But then he did great one night with the pads right by the bed and Brittney just set him down and he went and Brittney lifted him back up and they both went back to sleep. It would be easier to train him using the crate method I think but I hate to take that sleeping with her puppy away from Brittney.

So now potty training has started for new puppy and I went and got all the "baby" stuff today too.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Little Miser

I was talking to the kids about the awful situation with the flooding.

My kind hearted daughter said "Mommy lets send all my money I have saved so they can buy some stuff they need." I was touched and said well why dont we send $10 of your money.

I then asked Braden if he wanted to send some of his money to the people that are without homes and so on. He said "I will just pray and keep my money"....I am glad his first inclination was to pray but little miser wont part with a dime.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Rhyming Words

This evening I was trying to do some typing for my aunt, my dad happened to be over at the same time so he took over helping Braden with his homework.

The homework was provide two rhyming words for each word.

The words were.....

And what words did Papa use to help Braden rhymn....

Me Pee Bee
Go Ho Moe (In Dad's defense he said Braden misspelled Ho that he meant the Hoe)
Cub Hub Bub

Anyone else see any problems with a first grader writing these rhyming words.

I rehelped Braden and now his paper reads....

Me Bee Tree
Go Toe So
Cub Tub Rub

We deleted out Pee, Ho, Moe, Hub and Bub....

How did I make it out of school if that is how my dad helped me? I dont think I will be asking Papa to help with homework for awhile.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Stop the world I want to get off.

I need a break. I know I just had a wonderful weekend away with hubby, but back to real world and it is spinning out of control.

First off....

Inlaws anyone want mine? I doubt you do since they are certifiable. That is not just regular I don't get along with my inlaw talk it is they are certifiable crazy for real. Father in law is fine, but Mother in law and especially brother in law and sister in law are just awful. They have decided why work lets just get on government assistant. Nothing against government assistance but the way they are doing this is just ridiculous.

Health issues, ugh...I am sick of them. Apparently my body did not get the memo that I am too busy to be sick or to have any health concerns.

School...Braden has gotten an awful cough, thing is it didn't start till school started, well low and behold the classroom vents are so full of dust and dirt and the floor is getting soft and it seems there is mold. UGH...why not just fix it, no that would be too easy. This school is also giving my friend with a handicapped daughter a very hard time poor little girl has to sit in the library because all her classes aren't accessible to her. I know there is tons of red tape, I am learning that more and more now that Matt is on school board but I just don't see how they are getting away with not taking care of the kids. Very frustrating. When Braden gets sick he is at high risk for seizures he has come so far with the treatments we have done and he cannot stay sick like this they have to do something. I am so frustrated, can you tell?

Work...I do freelance paralegal and for months I have been scraping to get enough hours now when I am busy with PTA I am getting tons of work, enough that I am sharing with a friend, but even with her help I still have to oversee it since I am certified and she is not.

Van is having problems, as if the cost of gas isnt enough looks like the van will be going to Firestone tommorow.

So this blog is a gripe blog tonight. Maybe tomorrow will get better, but as much as my to do list is growing it does not seem promising.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Do I normally look that bad?

317 times

That is how many times hubby made a comment last night such as "You look good", "Wow you look great", on and on.

Matt and I were going out to a nice dinner and to walk around and I had some extra time to get ready since he was in the seminar.

I did take some extra time last night and wear and outfit that was a great departure from my OU Sooners Tshirt, jean shorts and flip flops but still, I started wondering gosh how bad do I normally look to rate all this attention. But I did enjoy the attention...immensly.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Oklahoma City

Matt and I left last night for our weekend in Oklahoma City. He is attending the school board seminar and I am tagging along. I had a minor breakdown by the time we got here wishing we would have brought the kids instead of them staying at my parents. Of course the kids are thrilled to be at nana and papa's but I was having a hard time. I spoke to them this morning as papa was taking them to school and they were doing great and already getting spoiled. So I guess I can make it, last night my dad was willing to meet me halfway to get them in the morning, but I think I can make it. Dad said the kids were fine but he was worried about his baby ( I told Matt I will just spoil them with a few prizes.

Last night was came into the hotel and basically crashed. The hotel is right across the street from the one I stayed in for the PTA conference so at least I feel somewhat familiar with my surroundings and getting around.

The hotel is nice, but man oh man is it expensive. The school is picking up the tab for the room, but whoa everything in it has a price. Mini bar with $2.00 can sodas, $3.50 for a KitKat...needless to say I will be making a run to target today for snacks. The theme seems to be Buffalo, there is a stuffed buffalo that has a tag that says "I am the Oklahoma Buffalo, take me home for $16.95". I dont ever recall Oklahoma being known for the Buffalo, but okay whatever.

Matt and I were hungry last night and spent WAY too much on a plate of cheese and fruit (unripe watermelon, and bad strawberries, but the cantelope and cheese was good). But we were hungry and didn't want to get out of the hotel after making it in.

Tonight we plan on dressing nice and going out to dinner. I am just bumming in the hotel this morning, then this afternoon may go do some shopping. I am hoping to get a little Christmas shopping done.

So we are here, I am having withdrawels from the kids, Matt is in the conference and I am using the expensive internet connection....only getting it for 24 hours I think...the hotels we usually stay at have free internet, not here $12.95 a I said nice hotel but everything is extra.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A New Love

I told hubby he has been replaced as the love of my life....replaced by a oh my what a donut.

I have always liked Krispy Kreme donuts, but today was my first taste of the donut of the month...a filled strawberry/cream donut....YUMMY.

I put all my groceries in the trunk and thought I want to try one of those donuts, well OH MY YUMMY! I ended up pulling over on the side of the interstate to get a 2nd one out of the was worth the risk of getting hit by an 18 wheeler (yes that good)!

So now 3 more of the original 6 are tempting me from the kitchen. Ahhh my new love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Brittney: Is Daddy on crack?

Me: What?

Brittney: Dad said today was Monday, but it's Tuesday, isn't that crazy? Is he in on crack?

Me: Laughing because Matt is constantly saying "She/He is on crack" whenever someone does something stupid or crazy.

So I promptly came home from picking the kids up from school and asked Matt if he was on crack?

He said oh no she got that from me. I was like yep she sure did. So we had a talk about using words that can mean different things and that crack was a bad drug and that daddy just said it to mean people were doing something crazy.

I will still be laughing about that one for awhile though, and I bet Matt watches what he says for awhile too. I told him superintendent will get a phone call from the teachers about a school board member (hubby) being on crack.

Crack and drugs are not a funny thing but this particular interest of my 7 year old asking if her straight as an arrow and so not ever into that kind of thing really struck me as funny.

Monday, August 22, 2005

PTA Officially Begins

Tonight was our first PTA meeting.

This is my second year as president. Last year I was brand new I had been kind of drafted in to a meeting and nominated as president. But now I have a year behind me and have some knowledge of what to do.

We had a great turn out tonight in relation to turn out for last year. We had some meetings last year where we had only 8 total people. Tonight we had approximately 35 which was great.

But still sad that we have 45 members out of a school of 428 students.

Luckily I have dragged my close group of moms into PTA too. They got involved last year but this year they are even more involved.

I also got aggrivated because apparently PTA had offended a few teachers by offering an incentive to be a member. Whatever. The two or three that were griping about it have never joined PTA, never mentioned anything to anyone in PTA. This was brought to our attention by another teacher, but if you aren't going to get involved....quit griping.

So now have to get busy busy on PTA, lots to do getting ready for a silent auction and a booth at the town festival soon...lots to do...good thing because we know I am usually so bored with nothing to do...HAHA.

Painting plans

I just noticed this is my 101 post. My hubby started me on the blogging and it took me awhile to get into it, but now I am so hooked.

This weekend was nice, didn't do much which was the nice part about it.

Hubby and I will be traveling to Oklahoma City next weekend without the kids (I will be nervous, but they will be with my parents). Matt has a school board conference and wants me to tag along. It will be nice to get away the two of us.

When we get back the work will start. I want a lot of painting done.

Brittney has been begging for a bedroom makeover. In her words "It looks like a 5 year old lives in here".....(remember she is only 7)...but I am itching to make it over too. She wants the bright bold colors, and I think it will be a fun room when we are done. I will have to remember to post before and after shots.

I asked Braden what he wanted his room done in next he replied "I will just keep it just like it is" boy does not like change. So that is fine. He is like his daddy in that way, while Brittney and I like to change things and keep things different.

The living room and entry way will be getting a new coat of paint along with all the trim and baseboards. I am itching to do the kitchen but I dont want to get to far ahead of myself.

But remember I did get Matt that fancy power painter for our anniversary (I know I am so generous) so it should make the work for us (him) easier.

Friday, August 19, 2005

A break from the week..yeah

"Wedding Date" and "Who's There" are sitting on the kitchen table just waiting for the time to be watched....and that time is drawing near.

My parents called last night and wanted the children....I already had the bags packed and kids on the curb before I realized they were talking about Friday

Hubby and I are going to fix nachos (something the kids don't like well) and watch the movies.

Kids will get even more spoiled rotten at Nana and Papa's house and hubby and I get a break.
Sounds like a good plan to me.

This has been one of those weeks.

To sum it up quickly.....I broke a tooth, temporary crown put on tooth, friend of mine with a daughter in a wheelchair is suing the school district (which she should because what they are doing is awful), then Matt on school board, new school activities, PTA, work for the attorneys I work for, doctor appts with Braden, speech therapy, starting some new programs with Braden...and more.

The break sounds so good.

I hope the movies are good but if not I will look to hubby to entertain me:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Rain rain rain

No it's not raining water it is raining chaos.

Yesterday started with me at the law office attempting to do a few hours of work before I picked the kids up from school. In the door comes crazy SIL, saying she is leaving my BIL and that he got terminated from his job. They are both nuts. So ended up dealing with her most of the day, she went back to him but I figure this is just winding down to end their marriage. It has been rocky for sometime now. Anyway, my failure to be able to say sorry not my problem I have stuff to do always gets me into things. Ugh.

That was yesterday. Today I had the day all planned, I was suppose to watch my nephews for crazy SIL because she is having ANOTHER exploratory surgery because she keeps telling them she is having pain but they can find nothing wrong. But since BIL was out of work now I assumed he would watch them, well wrong assumption. But before they could come over FIL calls and needs taken to the hospital he has crohns disease and was having a flair up. Ugh so had to do that.

It's not just the inlaws my brother and his girlfriend have broken up again, he is not wanting to work.....dont I wish it was just an easy choice like that, ugh. My aunt is thinking of making a major change in her life and she is leaning on me.

Okay that is it, I quit being nice, next person wants me to do something I am going to tell them to go fly a kite......well it sounds good to say I will anyway, but I think my friends and hubby know me better than that. Chaos will continue to rain as I hate to not help when someone asks me. So maybe I can use a hot bath like an umbrella to keep the chaos from my mind for awhile...there's an idea.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I have sat and cried tonight watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I have always liked the show, but I have had this particular one on my calendar since June so I wouldn't forget.

It is a story that I myself have followed for 10 years. The story of missing Morgan Nick. It happened in the town we llive next to.

I remember the news that night when the little 6 year old went missing. I have seen the mom in WalMart wearing her pin with Morgan's picture on it. Everytime I take the kids to the doctor I see all the pics of Morgan as her pediatrician is the same one we use and they have a wall dedicated to her. So it is a story that I strongly feel a connection to.

We know several people who worked on the house so we have heard all about this since it happened in June (the 10 year anniversary of Morgan's disappearance). I watch and I see the town I know, the pain in Colleen (the mom).

It just breaks my heart. Morgan was 6 years old when she went missing. The Nick's were at a little league game and Morgan was playing 50 yards away catching fire flies. When she was kidnapped by a stranger.

The song Kathy Matea song had me crying. It makes you think about keeping your kids safe and trying all you can. I think back to the blog I wrote awhile back about the little 4 year old being left outside of WalMart grocery why his mom shopped. People must be made more aware.

Just wanted to share what a wonderful show this was. I hope that someday some closure is brought to the Nick family and the town. I hope that it makes parents take pictures of their kids, fingerprint them, and try their best to keep them safer. I know that sometimes things will happen no matter what but as parents we must do our best to make sure our children are watched.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


How many vertices does each shape have? How many sides?

(Triangle, Rectangle, and Circle)

This was the first question on Brittney's homework yesterday. Six pages of homework. First question I was like what the heck is a vertices. I had no clue.

Brittney had already answered the sides question but she didnt know what a vertices was either.

My guess was where a point was made, but I wasn't sure.

So to the dictionary I went......
(in mathematics) the point where two lines meet to form an angle, or the point that is opposite the base of a shape.

So I got my answer, but what does it say about the rest of the year that I had to dig out the dictionary on day one of second grade.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I resign

Open house was last night at the school. We had a PTA booth. It went well I bullied one of my friends into being in charge of membership. I definetly chose the right person she was great with the booth last night.

The kids got to meet their teachers they both got the ones we had requested so hopefully that will go well.

As for the title of this blog and my is in regards to hubby being on the school board. Ugh. Every problem last night a parent hunted me down, tell Matt this, or what do I need to do about this, or can I call Matt on his cell, or just telling me this or this. Ugh it was awful.

I am like okay Matt is on school board not me. So I told Matt I was resigning as a school board members wife. But somehow I dont see me getting away with this so I guess I will just keep nodding my head and saying uh huh. Then gripe to Matt about it later.

Count down is on for Matt to get back home...Sunday is the day.

Kids are starting school today. I have a 1st and 2nd grader now and it just doesnt feel like I should. Time has flown.

I will attempt to get them up and around in about an hour. I have threatened Braden if he doesn't take his medicine he will be going to school in his underwear. We shall see if my threat works, otherwise I will be loading him in the car in his underwear to drive home my point.

Brittney on the other hand is so ready to start school. Hopefully that attitude holds, if I can just get Braden to quit planning sore throats a week in advance.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I miss my hubby. Good thing business trips are just every 3 months.

I feel like life is on fast forward this week.

School starts Friday. As PTA president I am working on open house that is tonight.

I had a meeting with the school yesterday setting up special things for Braden and his needs. I get so aggrivated Matt is on school board so the witchy principle kisses his butt, but with Matt out of town I get the hateful witchy attitude. Ugh aggrivates me to no end.

Braden asked yesterday when school started and I told him on Friday. His response was "I think I will have a sore throat on Friday".....oh boy it starts already this year.

Brittney on the other hand is counting the hours till she gets to go back to school.

Definetly have two sides of a coin with these two.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Target Practice

Hubby left for his business trip this morning. I always clean like a mad woman while he is gone especially while he is flying. Gets my mind off of it I guess.

Anyway, he left this morning and the kids and I came home and I cleaned and cleaned. I scrubed the bathrooms and put a new 2000 flushes bleach thing in the toilet it attaches to the side.

I walked by the bathroom and I saw Braden in there just peeing away making such a mess he was peeing all over the side of the toilet. I was like what are you doing? He said "trying to hit that thing all over". I was like "why? that is to clean the potty". He looks at me and says "Oh I thought it was a target".

So needless to say I recleaned my bathroom and explained to Braden that it is not a target that I want him to hit the water inside the potty not anywhere else...we shall see if that works.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to Reality

We made it in from Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon, kids gave me hugs, kisses and promptly asked for their prizes.

Braden must have been wore out from his weekend with hubby and sissy because he was out by 6:30. I wasnt too far behind him. I was exhausted.

This morning had to run to the law office, where the secretary and attorney were at each others throats which made me quickly decide that this would be a day to just pick up my work and do it at home later. Ran errands to Home Depot and WalMart.

Came home to a phone call from crazy SIL needing me to watch the kids. I never do this but I did today, ugh I feel so bad for the kids. Poor Rye is 3 and I counted 10 rotted teeth. Ugh one of those situations that I just hate. Both boys were good for me. Crazy SIL and BIL picked them up a few hours later. Both SIL and BIL had went to ER for seperate pains that needed a shot and meds, I fear they are addicted, I just feel sorry for the kids.

Then Braden had speech, chiro, and footbath. Made dinner, tried to make key lime pie bars....of course I was trying to do too many things at once and flip flopped a direction but hopefully they will turn out.

So back to reality with tons of stuff to do and dont want to do any of it.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Alternate Universe

I have to say this weekend in Oklahoma City is like being in a different world. I havent had to yell at the other two moms to quit fighting, I havent had to clean up after them (although part of me wants, I havent had to say look me in the eye and tell me the truth.

It has been fun, one more night and then back to reality. Tuesday hubby has to leave town for a week in PA so reality will really intrude. Kids start back to school Friday as well.

I havent got much sleep this weekend but lots of laughs and we even managed to learn a thing or two about PTA at the conference.

The hotel has improved it just seemed we got stuck with bad luck that first night.

The other moms are still sleeping so time to get them up and around.....I still have to do that even without the kids...Im the early bird and the other two are the kick out of bed and drag downstairs ones.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hotel Hell?

Too early to tell but so far this hotel is not getting 5 stars.

Even though our reservation clearly stated nonsmoking we were put in a smoking room.

Two trips downstairs before our key would work.

The toilet handle was hanging off, and toilet wouldn't flush.

No light bulb in the lamp.

Internet access $9.95 a day.

So far not ranking too high, but on the upside I have laughed and laughed. I currently have a glass of wine in my hand and am listening to the others.

Running Away

I am running's a planned runaway....I am leaving this evening with two other moms to attend a PTA conference in Oklahoma City. I will be gone 3 nights.

Yesterday Brittney was glued to my side. This morning it is Braden. They are not sure at all about mom leaving. They are used to dad having to attend business trips but not me.

I am getting a little more apprehensive about it too. I want to go for several reasons one actually being to help learn more to do better as PTA president this next year. The other reasons are selfish I have been really looking forward to hanging out with Adria and Christy, eating dinner, shopping on our off time, just some time away.

Now that the day is here and I know I am leaving this evening I am getting more and more apprehensive. I will miss the kids and hubby, I worry about something happening with Braden while I am gone, or Brittney getting upset, I worry about so many things....I am an obsessive person with planning, worrying or whatever it is so this trip has given me lots of areas to be an obsessive nut!

Off to finish packing, worrying, cleaning, worrying, getting things organized, and worrying some more before heading out this evening.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

10:30 and no slumber

So far it is just a party no slumber to it.

We started with 14 I knew some were going to leave early. Had a few more unplanned calls to mom. Now we have 9. Braden and his little friend Noah fell asleep in Braden's room watching Pokemon movies. Brittney and her 7 giggly friends are still awake watching Princess Diaries II.

6 pizzas, a tub of cheeseballs, 2 packs of cookies, bag of gummy bears and more drinks than I can count have been consumed.

Flip flops were decorated and there were all kinds of combinations of colors and styles. I had bought balloons and bought bandanas and cut the bandanas in strips and then tied them in knots around flip flops. Some of the kids did some different combos and others did some really cute ones.

One mother kind of ticked me off and that kid wasnt one that Brittney really wanted anyway I had invited her because the kid kept asking me but then the kid was rude and mom was rude so she wont be getting another invite.

Just had a call and one left a doll and mom is having to come after it.

Oh the fun of slumber parties considering Brittney is only 7 and loves to do this at least 3 times a year I am thinking I still have several more to endure...oh joy...and I am sure my darling hubby who has been so wonderful helping tonight is really thinking oh joy...his patience is wearing.

Off to shush the kids.

Language Barrier

Apparently there is a language barrier between me and my kids. It occurs most often in early morning and most always when there is somewhere we need to be.

Why is this?

I say "Come on guys we have to leave in 15 minutes" they hear "Go ahead sit there and play with your food, and fiddle with the tablecloth".

Of course if I have nothing to do and we can stay home then they are up and dressing themselves without being asked, eating and so on. So this language barrier only pops up when I have something I have to get out of the house to go do.

I think it is a conspiracy.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Laid back weekend

Not really much this weekend which was quite nice.

Saturday included lunch out, a little clearance shopping. My daughter wanting underwear that are way to sexy to make in little girls sizes. My husband spazing about the underwear. A compromise which includes my 7 year old owning sexier underwear than I do but still not as sexy as some that were in the store. Of course she doesn't think of them as sexy they are just "So Cool" to her. Nevertheless we had the no one is suppose to see your underwear yadda yadda lecture.

Saturday night kids went to my parents, Matt and I got into a tiff which was both our faults but still managed to put a damper on the evening, luckily waking up to the house with no kids we were able to make up for it!

Today have gotten a few things done, not enough of course but ready for the week.

This weeks plans include a slumber party Tuesday night for a total of 12 kids at my house under the age of 8....doesnt that make you want to come visit me?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stay At Home Mom

Today was one of those rare days when I actually got to stay at home.

Between therapies, doctors, home based work, children's activities and regular errands such as bank and so on it seems I am never at home. Believe me I have often thought that the person that coined the phrase "Stay At Home Mom" was crazy.

Today I didn't have to run was so nice. I cleaned the house up and not just the surface so people dont think we live like pics clean it was a deep clean that shows we really aren't pigs!

The kids and I rode bikes....well I ran beside Brittney but hopefully the no training wheel thing will catch on quick.

I even channeled Betty Crocker and cooked a huge sit down meal turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, green beans, rolls and dessert. Yum.

Tommorow I already have 3 errands lined up so it is back to doing my part to add to fuel emmissions.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sno-cones made of gold!

This post was delayed due to Braden being sick, but now he is better and I can tell you about our circus trip.

Tickets were purchased weeks in advance. We took the middle priced seats which were $20.00 per person.

The pre show was an hour before the show and it was wonderful. Brittney was picked to go down front for tug of war with Hercules. I really enjoyed the light show.

Of course there were people selling things everywhere. We purchsed a light toy as we were told the kids would need them to interact with part of the show. At $15.00 each we were already getting into my yard sale money I had made but oh well it was a special day and it was a souvenier they could take home.

We were going to be at the civic center a total of 3 hours. 1 hour preshow and 2 hour show so we anticipated hitting the concession stand and then planned on lunch afterwards.

The only drinks they sold were in plastic circus cups. They said you get the cup free. Well you should because are you ready for the price of a sno-cone.......

$10.00 each

Yes that is right. My hubby went and got a cotton candy, 2 snowcones, 1 lemonade, and a small bag of peanuts for a grand total of.....


Yes I fainted when he told me, then he had to revive me so I could enjoy the rest of the show. Needless to say that put a quick stop to the concession stand even though we did end up getting a box of $5.00 popcorn before it was over.

All in all it was a good time, an expensive good time, but still a good time. I still can't get over a $10.00 sno-cone, because face it syrup and ice is not that high so unless I see that the sno-cones are indeed made of gold and not just priced that way we will not purchase another $10.00 sno-cone.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Flip a coin

Yesterday Braden woke up tired and running a low grade fever. I didnt think much of it because he had a big day Saturday. We went to the circus (I was going to blog on the high prices of snowcones but alas that will have to wait till next time). Anyway, sometimes he gets a lowgrade fever if he has been overexcited or too tired. I didnt think much about it.

By 7pm we had a 103 fever and were starting to have fibromal seizures (associated with fever he has them in the past but it has been 9 months since he has had them). Along with this he starts complaining of his right side hurting so I immediately go to ER with him.

Reached ER with seizing and right at 105 fever. He was given Motrin IV, they did ultrasound to rule out appendix (clear), Urine test (clear), blood work (clear), chest xray (clear), and strep (clear). So the doctor is proplexed why the high fever by now the Motrin has worked and Braden is ready to go.

Actually his words were "Mom grab the medicine we need and lets sneak out of here".

So the doctor says I am going to give you a prescrip for antibiotic just for precaution. So basically we dont know why he spiked the fever but now it is gone and the seizure aspect is undercontrol. He does mention that his sugar level was high and that we need to get in for a glucose test.

He wakes up fine, by 10 we again have a fever. To shorten this story basically fever comes and goes, doctors have no clue but have prescribed two different antibiotics just in case. I think they left the room to flip a coin to come up with a treatment.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Yard Sale is OVER

Yard sale is done. Weeks of planning, finding stuff, pricing, setting up, getting up at 5:30 so it could be set up by 6:30 and now it is over. Good news is we made a very good amount of money and got rid of ALOT. All I have left is one rubbermaid container so that was good.

The heat got unbearable this afternoon and we knew it would so about 12:30 we closed it up. It is currently 102 and 112 with heat index and it is 7pm. So it has been HOT.

The yard sale went well it always amazes me the different people that come to yard sales from the ones dressed to the nines in the fanciest cars that try to talk you down by half or the ones that look that they dont have a nickle that seem thrilled to pay your prices.

As I have blogged about before my SIL is just nutty (good thing she doesnt know about this blog), anyway she is insane well now we have more proof. She brought over some stuff for the yard sale last night. She had asked me and I had told her no I was doing it with a few friends and it would be too much then she called again and got hubby and sobbed storied him. Anyway she brought over some box was little figures snowmen, wisemen, angel so on. Well she had one wiseman looking figure for $30.00 I kid you not, $30.00, it was not porcelin or any fancy brand at all. Besides that she brought over crouchless panties (which I kept in the box in the garage because I refused to set them out). She told me I could go down on certain things but not on the others so I did, well then she called questioning everything. Needless to say she will NEVER again put stuff in my yard sale.

My two friends did well in the yard sale too, but I had to brag I made the most by a long shot...haha. But I guess I shouldnt brag just means I had more junk!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Doesnt she watch the news...

The kids had a play date today. We met for a picnic at the park. The park is a large one with 4 different play areas, woods, train track and a walking trail around it all.

My friend Terri and I were watching the kids as we heard the mom say "Okay Sara watch your brother". The mom then proceeded to leave the park she left the two kids Sara looked about 3 maybe 4 years old and the brother was in a diaper and wasnt walking well but was walking I would guess about 15 months.

Off the mom goes walking around the track. There are several areas on the trial you cant even see the play areas. We were stunned.

We stayed for about 20 more minutes and the entire time the kids were left alone. The baby got very cranky and was crying the girl just played in the sand. Another set of moms were there as well and I heard them talking about calling the cops, but as we were debating on leaving the mom got done with her walk and retrieved the kids.

What kind of mother would do this? Does she not watch the news? It would have been so easy for anyone to just grab those kids. Add to this there is construction going on in the area, a salvation army close, and a blood plasma center. Just several aspects that make a mom even more watchful.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sell It

Been trying to get the house gone through and ready for a yard sale this Saturday.

The kids always are hesitant to get rid of anything.

This time though Brittney has been quite good and actually has gotten rid of a lot of things that needed gone through and gotten rid of.

I cleaned Braden's room while he was out yesterday and did pretty good. But there were a few things I had asked him about the answer on if to sell or not was always "Not".

We were cleaning in Brittney's room and she had one of those learning lap tops and she wanted to sell it. I asked Braden if he wanted it and he said "yes". I said okay great it is for you to learn with.

He said "It is for learning, forget it sell it". The one thing he wants to sell....figures why do I have visions of him ditching school in 1st grade....ugh...going to have to drag him through school I can already see it.

I guess he will keep us on our toes!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

10 years and a day!

We officially passed the 10 year mark of marriage.

Insomnia has me up at 4 am...too much food and excitement last night I think.

Here is the edited version of our anniversary....

Matt woke me up with a sweet card, we had already exchanged gifts (as blogged before this). The morning was uneventful as far as anniversary went had errands and all that to run.

My dad picked the kids up early afternoon. Giving me time to soak in a bath and primp for my date. Even forgoing the usual comfy undies for something with a little more snazziness! We left the house early and stopped by his dads and even WalMart (what can I say even on a special occassion I can always squeeze in a WalMart visit).

Dinner was a surprise at Red Barn where we had celebrated our engagement 10 1/2 years ago. The resteraunt is so neat but kind of out of the way so not something we normally think about. It has individual stalls for optimal privacy. It was VERY nice and the food was wonderful.

Then it was home...I will keep the rest of the evening up to your imagination but it was a wonderful evening, and as I told my sweet hubby yes I would marry him all over again and I look forward to many more anniversaries.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

10 year anniversary gifts

Hubby and I celebrate 10 years of marraige tommorow. But since neither of us are good at hiding our surprises the gift exchange was early.

This is what I got.....................

I love it.....10 stones 1/2 total carat not too flashy but really pretty excatly what I have been wanting for so long. This is what hubby got....

Yep a Wagner Power Paint Pro....being the generous wife I am I also got 6 gallons of paint to go with it! I know I was almost too generous.

....something tells me I am going to have to be really sweet when the kids are away tommorow night to make things even...maybe even make good on pool promise from awhile back!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Not quite what I had planned

My parents called last night and asked if the kids wanted to spend the night. "Yes yes yes" and that was just my response the kids were even more excited.

So I planned tonight out in my head. I stopped and rented hubby and I movies not a Disney movie in sight! It was looking good. I planned to make quesadillas (sp?) anyway that was the plan.

The plan started going downhill at 4 pm when mom called and said "Why don't you and Matt go out to dinner with us and then we will take the kids"...ugh...didn't want to but my mom is a master of guilt so okay. I called hubby told him change of plans we would eat at a little catfish place in town and then the kids would go with nana and papa.

Plan continues down hill.....

Kids wanted to go to Fire Mountain and Papa cant say no so we ended up going a little farther than just here in our small town. Then of course since we were going to town Mom said just ride with us...mistake mistake...somehow dinner out took two hours and included a stop at KMart and Home Depot.

Finally home and Braden who had changed his mind and didn't want to go at dinner had decided that he did want to so cool all systems go evening still able to be salvaged. No Brittney decides she doesn't want to go and crys and Braden does want to go and crys...ugh back and forth. Of course then my mom has to add in that I am not handling the situation correctly.

The evening has now taken a nose dive.

Ugh...Mom and dad end up going home. With a promise to take both kids next Friday night. Yes they will even if it includes hog tying them....because that night Matt and I will be celebrating 10 years. So I have already told kids both will go next Friday.

We ended up salvaging the evening we played out in the pool some good family time. Of course my original plan included hubby and me alone out there but alas that will wait for another night.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Of course I am

After weeks of trying to convince dear hubby that we did indeed need an above ground pool he finally relented. I even had to fill his head with images of the two of us sneaking out there after the kids were in bed. He grumbled a little but relented, we bought it and put it up this weekend.

It isn't anything fancy one of those with the blue inflatable tops but it is 18 feet across and 4 feet deep.

Well tonight was our first night as a family in it. I have to say it was wonderful as this seems to be a bit more stressful week than usual. Also it is wonderful for Braden's physical therapy. About 5 times Matt said "wow this is really nice", "this is a great idea", and so on. I grinned and said "I was right wasn't I...huh huh"? He agreed.

Now if I could just get it through Matt's head that I am always right then things would be perfect...HAHA.