Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yeah! Yippee! Woohoo and all those other excitment words!

After 8 years of driving to speech therapy a minimum of 2 times a week, sometimes it was 3. Braden is done!

Now he does still have a slight issue but thankfully it is something we can continue to work on and that will work itself out with age.

He is so proud of himself. I am so proud of him. 8 years and I don't even want to count up the money but all so so worth it he is so proud that store clerks understand him now. He still has to think and slow himself down but wow oh wow he is doing so good and passed the tests to be done with flying colors!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

longest time ever at home

I have not left the house in 6 days! At all not once. I think it is a record. Of course it is a forced stay at home. I had knee surgery last Wednesday and it is kicking me harder than I thought it would. I start physical therapy this Friday and I am hoping improvement shows quicker after that.

So my base is the recliner in the living room. Fun at times but for the most part going stir crazy.

Today the kids each had a friend over and we had a fun home school project. If you count poop as fun...LOL. I had bought (yes paid money for which is astounding) owl pellets! Today the kids dissected them. They had a good time. I was just glad I have a sinus cold and can't smell.

They set up at the living room coffee table and I directed and took pics from the recliner. For some reason I can't get my pics to show up in blogger but lots of them in flickr. You know you want to see what owl poop looks like and what you find inside it!

Funny enough the one that was grossed out and didn't like it was Braden who would have been the last one I thought would be bothered by it. Brittney did well with it and she was who I thought would be hating it. Never know.