Thursday, October 13, 2005

2 totally different kids

I asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas.

Brittney: Mom I want to buy something for kids that are poor and wont get a Chirstmas.

I told her that was very nice.

Brittney: Mom you dont even have to buy me very much I just want to help some kids. I dont need anything.

Braden: (who has been sitting quietly) WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY? (to his sister), I will just give you a list mom.

Oh boy my kids, Braden isnt as selfish as it sounds but he is definetly not my charity driven child either. 2 different spectrums with these two.


dakotablueeyes said...

He's just still at that age where he may not understand that everyone doesn't have as much as he does. I keep trying to tell Kaylie that some kids don't have even one toy and that we should just give them toys that she doesn't play with. lol Not sinking in though.

Jody said...

My kids are like that to a certain degree but then mine are only 5 and 3 LOL. My 5 year old when he was 3 helped me go through some of his toy's to send to a family that wasn't going to have much of a Christmas and on his 5th birthday this year he got some money and instead of buying himself something he insisted that he had to buy his brother a bike (even though we were going to)so he can ride his new bike with his little brother riding his new bike too. Now my 3 year old now thinks everything is his LOL. We were at a store and this other kid had a gameboy like his (same color) and he looks at the kid and say's hey that's my gameboy lol. It wasn't his but he didn't like another kid playing with "his" game boy LOL. Maybe they will grow out of it or maybe they are just different kids LOL. Not bad just different

byHisgrace said...

LOL! TOO funny! I loved Brittney's room. Awesome job!!