Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun Fathers Day Dessert

Super easy I just made brownie mix and cooked them in muffin tins after cool crumbled up butter fingers (coals) then black icing piped (grill) then carmels (steaks), hot tamales (hotdogs), gummy life savers on toothpick (kabobs) dab of black icing for grill marks

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wrapping up vacation

Tomorrow we head for home! Been a wonderful vacation. I just don't think you can beat a Disney Cruise for value and service. I have went on Carnival and twice on Disney and Disney is just far and above. Even if it was just Matt and I with no kids I think we would still do a Disney cruise. Very good.

The trip started rough with Braden getting stung by a jelly fish while we were at Beach but thankfully he recovered quickly and we boarded the ship as planned the next day.

I will post more pics they are all on flickr (on side bar) here is a fav of us 4 from Pirate night