Saturday, May 31, 2008


Thankful for my phone with internet.

Oh and camping with drizzling rain is even more fun. (add sarcasm when read!)

3 miles and more camping

I haven't said much about it but I have been walking/running every morning in my constant goal to get healthier and lose some weight. Yesterday I reached the goal of 3 miles. I was so excited. Of course now it is 5:40 the morning after and I am about to have to do it again and I am like owwowwoww. But still feels good.

After my run we will be heading to camping...oh joy (sarcasm implied)..LOL. It shouldn't be quite so bad this time we shall see. Both kids are so excited as is hubby so I will be a happy camper for

Friday, May 30, 2008


It has actually been awhile since I had a post with that title. But it has hit me tonight. Which actually maybe okay as it will allow me to get some stuff done.

The kids have spent sometime with my mom this week as she has been off work all week. I had lots of plans on getting things done but of course I didn't get to half of it.

Tuesday night we went to the rodeo I haven't been in years. Little known fact about me is I barrel raced in high school. I so enjoyed watching it after all these years brought back the memories of our first year moving here and my grandpa setting up the barrels and teaching me. I didn't stick with it but it was fun and some very nice memories. Braden wasn't crazy about the rodeo, Britt however absoluetly loved it.

Last night the kids got in the pool for the first time. I stuck it out for a little bit but it was still pretty chilly for me.

Camping is on the agenda again for this weekend. This time I am not quite as bad dreading it as hubby will be there. So I am thinking I wont dislike this time quite as bad as last time...or at least I am hoping that I wont.

Now I better put this insomnia to good use and get somethings accomplished.

Monday, May 26, 2008


We didn't do a lot of activities this weekend but it was a nice weekend. Hubby was on call this weekend.

Saturday we had a cookout at our house, MIL was a no show and kind of ticked hubby off but I think he is starting to just ignore her which is good, because it makes me furious when she upsets him and I don't let go of things quite as I should sometimes.

Sunday was church and grabbing some food on the way home.

We have basically just had family time which is nice. We all four got to ride our bikes together yesterday. Brae was so cute, he can't start on his own going uphill yet but he can going down so he says "you guys start and I will be right there" so he turns his bike opposite ours and starts downhill then turns and goes uphill with the rest of us. It is cute he is doing so good. He had to show off his skills to Nana and Papa on Saturday as well.

Busy preparing and researching for our trip to Austin with the new doctors. Learning all I can about the world of aspergers autism. I was disappointed that the closest awareness walk to us is about 3 hours away this year. Hmmm may have to work on that next year, because we all know I need more to do..LOL. But I do see a need for more support functions etc for autism in the area. Toys R Us definetly has my business as they are such a huge supporter of autism as is Nascar. I am thankful Braden is so extremely high functioning but the more I learn the more I see that he deals with somethings that he doesn't express.

Well this Memorial Day has us getting some rain. Hubby and I went out to walk a mile and he wimped out on me after one lap, he did rejoin me on the third lap but it gives me something to tease him about. The rest of the day will includes games and being together sounds like a great day to me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pioneer Projects

We are studying Oklahoma History over the summer. We started with some fun projects today while talking about early settlers.

We made a tomahawk and a quill pen. Kids loved these projects.

Day at home and curriculium purchased!

I keep thinking okay after this things will slow down. Nope just something else time consuming takes it's place. Ugh. Oh well. Good news is today is a stay home day. These are few and far between so we will enjoy it to the fullest. We are going to do some fun school stuff in regards to Oklahoma History, and the kids are wanting to bake something other than those things and cleaning house not much planned. I am sure we will bike ride as that has become a daily thing.

On the home school front I now have all my curriculium for next year. I have never changed things up so much or used from so many different sources but I think both the kids and I will enjoy it. For those that don't home school you don't know the relief of finally having curriculium picked and bought. For both kids we are doing Science Apologia this year is Botany, Story of the World for History, Reason for Spelling and Cursive Connections for handwriting. Britt is using Teaching Textbooks for Math, Abeka for English, Abeka for Reading, Write on Target for Creative Writing, and an art that I know what I want just haven't went back and got it yet. Brae is using Horizons math, Language Practice for English, Write a Story for Creative Writing, and the Scardy Car Program for Reading. Also with Britt doing Rosetta stone for Spanish. Brae will continue to work on his speech excercises as well so it looks like she has a lot more than him but really it evens out. Of course Britt would do 10 more classes if I let her, Brae on the other hand would do nothing if I would let him, those two are night and day!

I am off to get the house cleaning done and enjoy the day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Made it

I camped for two nights. I made it through but I am so not going back.

Actually it wasn't that bad just really not my thing.

Britt had a blast as did the other girls. I had fun visiting with the other moms and canoing. I was glad to get home shower and take a nap.

Hubby is taking the kids to see Narnia and I plan to curl up and read a book and be glad I am not camping out tonight.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying to work up enthusiasm. *update

Trying to get excited about camping but lets see bugs, mud, hot sticky air, tents, enthusiasim is hard to come by for this girl. I may live outside the city but I am a definiety city girl. I have always dreaded camping even in an RV so not my thing. But who can resist a little girl who is counting on her mom leading her girl scout troop. Definitly not me. So this afternoon I will load the vehicle down with everything on the list. Also the contraband ice chest...I usually only drink water but I am thinking this camping trip calls for something a little stronger so I am statshing a seperate ice chest with Dr. Pepper and chocolate.

Hopefully you will hear from me Saturday evening...we shall see if I survive 2 nights camping. Britt is chomping at the bit excited me I am chomping at the bit to get it over. Awww the things we do for our kids.

* about an hour before we leave my family is making fun of me for painting my fingernails and toenails. Hubby also couldn't believe I was taking makeup...if nothing else this should be an interesting trip.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forced to slow down

I have been on high stress level for a few days now. Well yesterday I got knocked down, migraine. My body's way of saying slow down or I will do it for you. Not a nice way to have to take a break. I had to call hubby why I was driving and told him to talk to me so I could concentrate and make it home. It was bad and getting worse. Ended up at home with meds, ice and a short nap. I had a committment in the evening I couldn't get out of but hubby drove me. I made it good through it but by the time I was back home I was hurting again. So more meds and a night sleep. Feeling better this morning but have that post migraine hangover. Ugh so taking it slower today as well.

Good news though, some of you know we have been trying like crazy people to get Brae into a group of doctors in Texas. I think I could have become and FBI agent easier than getting him in here. But all worth it he is in! Now we have some other things to worry about but hey he is in so we can worry about the rest after a few days of celebrating the fact that he is in.

Monday, May 12, 2008

At this point I just shake my head

Britt and Brae were having a tiff over the fact that Britt wanted Brae to play with her, she had set stuff up etc. Brae didn't want to. I went over my sister and brother forever blah blah speech and that he could play for 30 minutes his response:

"Mom if we are going to be together forever what does it hurt to put off this playing for 30 minutes it sounds like we are going to have lots of time later".

That boy, I tell you if I just had a video camera on him and uploaded the videos several times a day he could keep everyone giggling. His expression was just priceless.

I told him play he still had to play and the response to that: "not fair since we have to be around each other forever, we will need stuff to do later".

I am telling you so far I have no gray hair but it can't be far away with that boy and his answers for everything.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No rest

Good thing rest was not on my want list for Mother's Day, because that did not happen this weekend.

What did happen was lots of fun.

Saturday morning we started out with a little birthday gathering at Chuckee Cheese (this isn't the fun part..LOL). From there we attended the Renaissance Festival held at the castle in Muskogee. I am not a big mid evil history buff, and was only half heartedly into it. However hubby had been wanting to go and we needed to go towards Muskogee anyway so decided to go to the festival too.
I was pleasantly surprised. Brae of course loved it because he is so into swords and weapons. We all enjoyed it and the rain held off until we were leaving the parking lot.

Sunday morning I was woke up with two dozen peach roses and breakfast in bed. Britt made my omelet herself. Also got the movie 27 dresses. The kids had went to Dairy Queen on Saturday morning and got to decorate an ice cream cake themselves. Which has prompted Britt to decide her first job when she turns 16 is going to be cake decorating at Dairy Queen.On to mom and dad's for a huge lunch. Kids drove the tractor, played with the animals, and had some Nana and Papa time. I was in for yet another surprise when I found out hubby had made reservations at the Japanese Steakhouse. The kids had never been before, I was worried that they would not like it at all. I don't think the food is something they would ask for often but they did love to see the cooking done.

So we had fun, and ate a lot of food this weekend. Lots of pics in flickr.

Friday, May 09, 2008

FInishing up the school year

We are finishing up the last of things I want to finish for this school year. We will then take a little break and start back again in mid to end of June in all our new books.

Today we finished up our Apologia Science (my favorite favorite science book). All this year we have studied Astronomy. Our last project was to build a model of the International Space Station. Not even close to the picture we had of it but we had lots of fun today.

Of course Brae thinks since we are done with Astronomy we should be done with everything for the whole summer. Not going to happen I told him. He said "Well I had to try to get out of school mom or I wouldn't be me". How true that is.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Determined to catch up.

Silly as it may seem I have still not completely caught up from being gone two weeks. Yesterday I was like things have gotten out of my control (work, house, etc). So starting this morning getting it all back together. New chore charts are listed, I got up early going to put an hour or so into work. I have got to get back where I feel in control at least somewhat of things. Ugh vacation was wonderful but it seems we are running crazy since.

It doesn't help that there are things going on every single weekend in May. Lots of stuff not on weekends as well.

Next weekend I will be Those that know me well know camping is SO NOT my thing. It's for girl scouts and since I am a co leader I sorta have to be there...eek. Brae on the other hand is looking forward to me and his sister going camping. He said "Dad and I are going to party!"...I was joking around and I said "No you are just going to sit around and miss me"...He said "I can miss you while I am playing video games"..that boy!

Monday, May 05, 2008


All in all a good birthday I believe. He said it was. Currently they are out in the tent in the backyard. We started the day with yummy blueberry pancakes, and Braden got to see his room and present, then off to pic up his friend and sister, then to the park. From the park it was Chuckee Cheese to meet a home school friend and her kids along with the ones that were already with me. After picking up his cookie we came home. Hubby had the tent already set up. Ended up having a few more people drop in. We ate junk food (which is a huge treat for Brae as we usually try to keep things fairly healthy). He ended up getting lots of fun stuff and some cards, and money that I will take him out to spend on Wednesday. I told him he was growing up so fast he said: "Don't worry mom I will always be your baby, just don't call me a baby in front of people, okay"'s a deal. Here are a few pics from the day and of his room.
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I want time to slow down, you are growing up so very fast.
I remember the day I had you and how scared I was for you and how hard so many people prayed for you.
I remember waiting 7 days before I could touch your skin through the little hole in the NICU bed.
I remember the pure joy of the day we got to bring you home, the first of many times you would beat the odds given to you by medical doctors.
I remember that we use to sign language I love you to each other but you loved to be a little stinker and instead of saying I love you and pointing to me you would point to the chair and then laugh and laugh. Yes you started out young giving Mom a hard time.
You will probably never know how many times I have to turn my head and bite the inside of my jaw so I don't laugh out loud at you (because it shouldn't be funny but it usually is so funny). You make me laugh, your dimpled smile makes my day brighter.
I admire your strength, you are so strong and you face problems that would bring adults to their knees, but not you. Of course you will face just about anything if a prize is offered at the end!
You are my boy and I love you so much! To the moon and back and back and back...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I got lots of hugs

I got back home about 4 today and was hugged and hugged by the kiddos. I was only away one night but they aren't use to it so they missed me. Of course the hugs may have been a way to try to peak into the bags to look for surprises.

I tried to convince Braden that the home school books I bought from the convention were his surprise but he didn't go for that.

My friend and I had a good time. I got some stuff for the next grades, and ideas of what I want to order and will get all that done hopefully in a week or so. We got to see the movie Made of Honor, it was very cute. I really enjoyed it.

Now home and tired and have a kid hugged up to my side, oh well for now I will take the extra loving.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am sure partying is planned..LOL

Kids and Matt are on their own tomorrow and Saturday. Matt brought in several bags of chips for snacks....I just cringe at the thought of all the junk they will consume, but oh well I am sure they will have lots of fun with daddy time.

I am on my way to the Oklahoma Homeschool Convention. Just me and another mom. We also plan to hit up a Target, you know that is a have too since we don't have one here.

I am wanting to check out lots of different curriculium and make some decisions for next year. It will be nice to have girl time. Also planning on seeing the new movie "Maid of Honor" since we are pretty sure our husbands won't object to missing that one..LOL.