Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up!

The house is still a mess, toys still everywherre today we just took it easy and enjoyed our new toys. I have lost my husband to the xbox, the kids to their many games and toys, but that is okay it gives me time to play with my new camera, on the computer or playing with my new Kindle..FUN.


We had a white Christmas first one in our area since 1975 so Braden proclaimed it a Christmas miracle.

Braden examining his new toys.

Family snapshot

Hubby and I

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine

We made our first trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas this weekend. It definetly won't be our last trip. It was so much fun. A grat family get away to just enjoy each other. We got there on Friday and we didn't leave till Sunday. It was so nice being in one place not having to drive. We were never bored. They had a game that was called Magiquest that went all thru eight floors of the hotel kids and Matt loved it. The waterpark was really good and had two family waterslides that we all went on together. The kids and I will never get on one of them again...even Braden who is my dare devil said it was super scary. Food was good, fun was wonderful, service was above and beyond, family time was beyond great!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Fun

Got together for a Christmas party today. I will be posting some fun Christmas foods soon. Had to share the pic of the kids in their hats. More pics in my flickr including some of the fun "santa suit game" which the kids all took turns being santa and getting their suit stuffed with balloons.

Monday, December 07, 2009

I can't even blame anyone else

When Braden was younger he hated loud noises, loud toys because of his sensory issues so we didn't get them often. He has gotten over that but for the most part we just don't have a lot of annoying toys, etc. Well this weekend while Britt and I were in Branson we found a penguin it plays Chistmas Carols, waddles and says Merry Christmas. Braden loves penguins (hence the pajamas he is wearing). We brought it home and oh is it annoying so so annoying and he loves loves loves it. No sensory issues showing here as we heard it again and again and again last night. Just when it is about on my last nerve and I am 2 seconds from telling him to quit playing it he smiles like he did in this picture and I just down my tylenol an let the fun continue. My husband has also pointed out that I am the one that bought it...several times.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

My kids are super excited about December 1st. The reason being they get to start their calendars!
We love advent calendars. The top two have a bible verse and chocolate each day. Braden's has a playmobil pirate calendar each day opens a new toy or accessory for his pirate scene, Brittney has the new littlest pet calendar.
Makes counting down to Christmas lots and lots of fun. We also have one with candy canes in the kitchen, and one with numbers in the living room....Christmas won't get by us we are counting down day by day!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Early early early morning shopping

Up at 1:30 this morning did some online shopping, then headed to WalMart. This was the first year I let Britt go. Really didn't have that much to go after. It was one of the easiest Black Friday's ever for us. But it is a tradition so out we went. People are nuts, I know I am nuts for just going but the real nuts are the ones who were fighting over the $2.00 towels. All in all we got what we went for and it was fun.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a few of the things I am thankful for: my family (especially wonderful husband and kids), good friends, my church, my faith, my home, home schooling, good doctors and therapists that care about Braden, so many more people and things that are in my life and last and not lease Black Friday Sales...Yeah....3am tomorrow!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Easy sewing craft for Christmas gift

Brittney is just getting into sewing. With that she wants to make everyone something. That can get time consuming and expensive so we came up with fun project that shows everyone that she is thinking of them at Christmas but can be done quickly and not too expensive.

Supplies: Heat protecting quilting pad (I bought a roll of it at Hobby Lobby for$10 and it made approximately 12 potholders this is with using it doubled for more protection and stronger potholders)
Fabric I either purchased 1/4 yard or 1/2 yards of fabric she liked for certain people, or she was able to find some great deals with scraps and remnants on the clearance racks.

First you cut squares out. They can be whatever size you want just remember you are going to sew around them and turn them inside out so it will be smaller than what you originally cut.

You will have 4 squares the sme size (2 of quiltin pad and 2 of fabric)
you place them in order like the picture below quilting pad, fabric, fabric (make sure your good sides are facing each other) and another layer of quilting.

Then sew around the edges going in enough to make sure you capture all 4 layers. Leave about 2 inch gap. Turn it inside out and close up the gap you left. Basically it is done. However Brittney went thru with embrodery floss in the middle, and sides just tieing little nots to add more to hers.

Here is one she made for my cousin who is known in the family for bringing cupcakes to every gathering. She has made 12 of these for Christmas presents and it is easy to put couples names on them as well.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun Food

I have posted this before, but I figured I would post it again.

I make a centerpiece with my food for Thanksgiving.

Cornicopia ---- THis is really simplier than it looks and is always a talked about item. Instead of a boring veggie plate...take aluminum foil and shape it to a cornicopia, fill it with balled up aluminum foil so it will keep it's shape. Then spray it with cooking spray and using breadsticks wrap around the foil, bake in the oven on 400 till lightly browned. Let cool fill with fresh veggies and put some dip on the side.

Bread Bowl with dip --- Take a round loaf of bread and hollow out place for dip bowl. Then take a small roll attach with toothpick at front for head. Slice a roll for wings (attach with toothpicks) the feathers are zuchini and yellow squash anf carrots cut in feather shapes, for the waddle I cut a piece of red bell pepper, and raisin eyes.

Turkey Cheese Ball - Make my cheese ball as normal, pretzels for the feet, on the back I used pretzel sticks and put on cheese cube, tomato and olive but it might be easier to use long tooth picks or cut down kabob sticks. For the feather appearance half almonds stuck in all over cheeseball, The head is a little trickier you have to cut the craker down and the cut a shape of red bell pepper. I just used black decorating icing for eyes because no one eats that cracker anyway.

Turkey Cookies - I use choc almond bark to attach pieces. I used a almond drop candy for the body (easily found around holidays) attach candy corns to feathers and head.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home from camping

We cut camping short by one night....2 nights was enough! It was cold...brrrr. All in all a good time. The kids had taken scooters and on day 2 we had a scooter accident with Brittney so she was in a sling some of the trip. I don't think it is broken but we will be taking her in tomorrow just to check because she is really favoring the wrist. But we really did have fun. She had her birthday cake Thursday night. She got her hat for her birthday and the next day I got all the kids one of them. So they all had their warm slightly goofy hats on!

This is the view from my chair...LOL...hey at least I had cool rain boots for the trip.

Lots more pics on flickr.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday!!

My girl is 12!

Growing up so fast. I know she loves these birthday posts so even though I have been slacking on the blogging I had to give a post to my girl!

I am loving this age, I hate it because she is growing up so fast but I love going to lunch with her and FINALLY she is into shopping! She loves crafts and she can talk your ear off. Caring does not even begin to describe her and watch out if you make fun of her brother's speech problem or something...ohhhh it is bad...which I love that she stands up for him.

1. She is the best big sister anybody could ever have.
2. She is the best daughter.
3. She willingly helps me around the house without being asked.
4. She is very studious.
5. She wants to learn.
6. Very pretty.
7. Sensitive and caring.
8. Great artist very creative.
9. Doesn't care that other girls her age may not like American Girl anymore she does and that is what she says counts! And yeah for that!
10. Very polite.
11. Not shy...I don't like asking people in the store questions...not her she just goes and does it for me!
12. Learns all about pokemon and bakugan, super heroes etc just so she can play whatever her brother is into.

Of course she chose to go camping for 3 days for her birthday so I told her I wanted a dna test because I wasn't sure she was mine...but if you see us side by side I can't deny it...LOL. So just for her I will go camping for 3 days and freeze my tail one else would I do that for as I detest camping but for Britt I will.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I think I may wait

Received my electric bill in the mail today. I just glanced and had to glance again because it says:
Total Amount Due by 01/02/2090
Hmmmm think they would let me wait till it is due in 80 plus years to pay it...LOL.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Taylor Swift!

I still can't get pictures on blogger but I put lots on flickr.

What a great mom daughter outing.

Taylor Swift concert was wonderful we had great seats, then they started putting a rope up and I thought she is going to walk by us we were at an end of an aisle. She did and Brittney got to touch her hand. She has said she is never washing her hand again!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not cooperating

I have been trying to add pictures but blogger is not being cooperative.

We had a fun outing with friends on Friday to an apple orchard. Pics are in flickr if you click on the flickr box to the right.

Tomorrow morning Britt and I leave for girl fun! Taylor Swift concert tomorrow night. She is so excited and so am I. We are leaving in the morning going to have lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a little shopping before the concert. We are staying the night in Tulsa and will head back some time on Monday. Hopefully blogger will let me post pics tomorrow night. I am looking more forward to this concert than the previous Cheetah Girls, and Hannah Montana concerts that we have went to.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Drama King

I don't really have a drama queen Britt has her moments but she is not NEAR as dramatic as her brother.

This morning we are studying monks in history and we were making a traditional lentil soup from that time.

Braden all of a sudden drops to his knees and hands raised goes "Why Why Why"
I am like what are you doing?
He looks at me and says "I was asking God why I am allergic to so many things but I can't be allergic to this soup!".

I am making him eat the soup or at least 4 bites of it as that is the rule around here but he is just so amusing!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trying to do less

I have been missing in action.

It has been on my mental to do list to throw a post up but the mental list has been a swirl of things.

I had a crying meltdown over just having too much this past weekend. I actually felt better after it. I have given up girl scout leader position. After talking to Brittney she didn't really care about it either, talked to her best friend she didn't care either so why was I killing myself. So that is off the list now. That helps.

I have also cut down a little on the free lance paralegal work I have one attorney that pays very well and I get the most work for him but then I have another attorney who doesn't pay as well but he was one of the ones to start my free lance work and has always been there so I felt obligation to him. However it was just becoming to overwhelming so I went into talk to him. Of course started crying and he was like why didn't you say something sooner no problem. So we worked out a compromise he wants me to do certain tasks because he has known me 15 years and trusts me but other tasks are being delegated out. Which leaves the other attorney who pays well but is harder to work for. I am just going to have to put boundaries with that work.

I have lots of upcoming appointments for Brae I have bypassed some doctors and am just doing what I feel needs to be done. I know I will step on some toes but have decided it has to be done. So hopefully will have some answers soon. If you follow me on facebook you know about the weird episodes he has been having here and there with his heart rate dropping. It has now been 7 days since he had an episode so who knows.

Our home school coop has started and I do enjoy being director of that and I think I have it organized enough that the next 5 weeks should go smoothly so I don't get too overwhelmed. Home school is going good. I have started a new program with Brae working with his auditory and visual disorders I will let you know further into it how it goes. So far so good. We are actually seeing a vision therapist tomorrow interested to see what she has to say.

I have lots of recipes and crafts to share just have to have time to get them typed out and put up. Also going to share some of our favorite new books this school year. We are loving our art book and I need to share pics and more about some of the latest painters we have tried.

So basically I hope to get things into general order soon leaving mroe time to do things I enjoy like posting. Learning to say no to some things it is either that or really lose my mind.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Crock Pot Kinda week

I have 4 days this week I am using the crock pot for dinner.

I am loving layered dinners in the crock pot. Yum. Last night we had steak, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob all in the crockpot done at the same time and the steak was so tender. Tonight is a summer soup.

I get tons of recipes from crockpot365

She goes into details on the layered cooking as a bonus her recipes are gluten free, and if you don't have to eat gluten free then you just substitute your regular pasta, etc.

I do still take the lazy way out and buy the crock pot liners from Reynolds not cost efficient but makes clean up SO easy.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

studying michelangelo

We started our book "Discovering Great Artists" today. We read about Michelangelo and his painting of the chapel ceiling, etc.

After reading about it I used masking tape and taped large paper under a table in the garage and let the kids lay on their backs and paint. They had fun and I think will remember more about Michelangelo than they would have just by reading it.

Ignore the messy garage in the background of the pics community yard sales are this weekend so trying to get ready for that.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Too much juggling

I have had several balls in the air lately. My freelance paralegal work is booming which money wise that is great time wise not so great since I end up doing most of my work at 4 am and then running it by the offices after the kids are done with school.

Adding to that Brae's appointments, Britt's basketball, horseback lessons, girl scouts, Brae's soccer, being co-op director, and school for both I was dropping balls left and right.

I had asked Britt about girl scouts and she was like I don't mind if we do it or not yet I still kept being the leader. Finally as I was in tears last week I knew something had to go. Girl Scout meetings themselves weren't too time consuming but prep for them, and organization of all the paperwork the organization requires was just too much. I realized I was keeping it up because I felt I needed to and yet my own child didn't even care about it. I asked other moms to step up and everyone was to busy and I understand that but I also realize I am too busy to. So no more girl scouts. That frees up some time and stress. Maybe that will help somewhat.

I know work won't stay this busy I just have to get the case load manageable again. Co-op director is a big job for the home school group but I really enjoy it and my kids benefit greatly so that is staying. Trying to find horseback riding closer to eliminate that taking 3 hours at a chunk. Basketball will just stay crazy but she loves it and it is good for her. Same with soccer. Of course school stays even though Braden tried to convince me that they could take a break from school "for a year or two"...his words. Obviously not going to happen but he is cute when he is trying to get out of school...which means he is cute all the time!

A pic from this weekends first soccer game. I didn't get any pics of Braden being goalie...oops.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New week..

Here is hoping this week isn't as crazy as last week.

Eeek Brittney and I spent every afternoon at basketball camp last week. We left our house at 2 and camp was from 3-7 so it was 8 before we got home. Made for a long week and a sore girl. She loved it though. It is going to be a tough competitive team and she is going to have to up her game even more but she loves the sport so much and her height gives her a good starting point and then she pushes herself so I think she will do fine. She is the young one on the team though but as she likes to point out she may be youngest but she isn't the shortest...LOL. She measured at 5'7 the other day...remember she is only 11.

I started school with the kids last week. Which may not have been my smartest decision but maybe it got us eased into it a little bit. I am already unhappy with the English I had picked out and I am not even going to continue it I ordered a new program last night. I said I know I don't like it and it wasn't cheap but we will all be miserable if I try to make it work so out with Switched on Schoolhouse Language and in with Easy Grammar.

Brae started soccer up. Hubby is coaching. He went to a coaches clinic Saturday and came home realizing how out of shape he was. So we will all be using the gym membership and we will both be working with the kids on their sports so maybe we can all get healthier.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School!

Starting school today. School room is not exactly how I want it, things aren't as planned as I wanted but much to Braden's chargin we are starting today!

Pics of the kiddos the first day...none of the teacher because she was still in her pajamas...LOL

My 6th Grader and my 4th Grader!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

Vacation is coming to an end. It has been so much fun. Tomorrow we leave Colorado Springs heading to Amarillo TX to visit family and then on home on Saturday.

Today we road the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak, and went horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods. The kids got to see Big Horn Sheep going up Pikes Peak I think that was the highlight. Braden has had a rougher time last night and today but I think he is doing better. Time to get back home and on schedule with him.

I have put LOTS of pics on my flickr.

Monday, August 10, 2009

having fun!

Vacation is going great. We are loving it.

South Dakota is beautiful.

I have been loading lots of pics on flickr.

We are on the go and we are having lots of fun!

Friday, August 07, 2009

On the road again....

Road Trip!

Family Vacation!


We started out yesterday.

If you want your laugh of the day this is what happened to yours truly.

We were rushing getting around yesterday morning kids were loaded I was last one out the door, getting everything ready for MIL who is housesitting for us, we got on the road. About 3 hours later we stopped for gas and a break. I start looking under the seat everywhere.....I had not worn shoes...I had left my house walked to the car barefoot and had no shoes. So now hubby is calling me hillbilly!

The bright side new shoes!! I did have a pair of tennis shoes in the suitcase for horseback riding later on in the trip but I couldn't wear them the whole time.

Yesterday we went to Fort Riley, KS the military base I group up at. What a fun trip down memory lane. I took pics of my old house, the kids got to look at lots of tanks. It has grown so much...I guess that is expected after 20 plus years but still it was so neat to see. Security much tighter than it was over 20 years ago too!

We are going to do a few things here in Topeka this morning then onto Omaha, NE. The hotel there has an indoor waterpark. FUN!

Here is a pic from Fort Riley

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smart Alleck Response #4368

I have about lost count LOL...on my Brae's smartalleck but still cute comebacks.

This afternoon:

Me: I am so tired.

Brae: Mom why don't you take a nap, I will play quiet.

Me: Brae that is so sweet thinking of me like that.

Brae: Well Mom I was actually thinking of myself because you have been getting kinda cranky this afternoon.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kids rooms

Britt is away at summer camp (first time ever and she is loving it, thankful that my friends are counselors and her best friend is in her bunk).

While she was away I wanted to do a few things to her room. Well I had a very stressful Monday and I needed to burn off the stress so the few things turned into repainting and more...LOL. Her room fits her personality so well. Brae gave me the puppy dog face so he got a few new things in his room too not as exciting as sissy's but he is thrilled because I let him have Bakugan stuff we just threw up a quick border using a handbook. Brae was most thrilled with the curtains I guess he has just always had mini blinds but he was fascinated with the curtains..LOL.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great book for art and kids

Working on lesson plans for the Fall. I am so impressed with a book I picked up for fun. We are going to do art each Friday (or that is the plan anyway we shall see how it goes). It would be fun for homeschooling or just an add in. Anyway I love this book:

This book is hands on art. Each page gives you a brief biography of the artist and time period. Then it gives you a practical way to recreate the painting style. I highly recommend it and we are looking so forward to using this book.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

14 years ago!

14 years ago today I truly found and married my other half. We have laughed, cried, went through things that we didn't understand, we have fought, made up and loved so much. Happy Anniversary Matt!

We look so young! I am sure I will be thinking the same thing down the road (hopefully a long long long way down) when Britt or Brae gets married.
(I promise I know the date of my anniversary the camera date was set wrong but I still love this pic)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Helpful hint

My kids especially Britt want to take everything they own when we go to someone's house. Grandparents, friends, it doesn't matter everything must go. Well instead of arguing I have a new rule. We have to make a list to make sure everything comes home. The list must be neat handwriting Britt's case it must be cursive. Having to write it out really makes her think about what she really wants to take and with checking the list before she comes home she remembers all her stuff. The extra handwriting practice is great too!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Busy busy...

Life is at high speed right now. I keep thinking if I can make it the next 5 weeks I will be okay. Just so much going on. Trying to get organized for things too that are happening in August, then try to plan school. We finally just gave up on the school and took the summer off. We are doing some things on line at Time for Learning so I don't feel too bad. But not keeping a set lesson plan over the Summer.

We have vacation coming up in about 5 weeks. Just so much to do before we leave. Because as soon as we return school will start. Then about 10 other things begin too...LOL.

My new obsession is my Iphone...oh it is so fun. First I wasn't sure if I would like it or not but now I love it and the apps are so much fun.

Both kids lounged around today in their pajamas Braden said "this is how I need to dress everyday and do nothing too".....he would if I let him.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Insmonia and catching up

I have been up since 2. Oh well it allows me to get a few things marked off the to do list. I will be dragging this afternoon.

I celebrated my 35th birthday in Texas. Wow 35, I remember thinking that was SO old. Of course here lately my body is reminding me it is getting old. I did something I had wanted to do forever. I got a tattoo. We went with my aunt and uncle to the big expo that Texas had. If you could have taken a pic of me there it would have been what here does not belong. I had never seen some of those things in my life wow different. I got my simple very special to me 3 hearts on my ankle.
Most are surprised I got one but I wanted one way back in college but then it was just a butterfly now this is something that is a special thing to me. I have caught some flak for it already and I am sure I will catch some more but on this issue it is for me and let those that want to judge do so but I am not going to regret this.

We were in Texas two weeks so the next two weeks will be spent catching up and by that point Britt will be on her way to camp for the first baby. Then she will be back a few days and the kids and I will be off to Texas again.

Before we leave again I plan to do a yard sale (yes I may be crazy)...LOL...but I know that after we get back from Texas we are home a day and then leave for a two week trip, then come back from that and I want to start school so I need to have the house clean before Texas trip. Busy busy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My little smart alleck

We went out with my cousin and her family to a thai resteraunt. Hubby has eaten thai before but not the kids or I. Britt being my picky eater we had talked about trying new foods the whole way.

We get there start looking at the menus before my cousins family gets there. Britt is starting to snarl about the foods. I say "Brittney I don't want any attitude from you on this". Without missing a beat Brae looks up and says "Oh is attitude on the menu"...Oh he is so quick and such a smart alleck but so cute about

For the record I didn't like thai food, neither did the kids. Hubby loved it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kids boredom

I am recycling an old post. Crazy around here right now. I have things to blog about but not enough time to sort them out in my mind and put them down. So here is a tip I have for kids being bored.

We have a box of 3 x 5 cards. Probably 100 cards in the box. This is the "I'm bored" box or the "I'm done with my school and my sibling isn't" box.
Each card has something writing on it. Examples: Play board game, play Lego's, make a matchbox city, do a craft with pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks, read a book, make up a silly code and write a message, put together a puzzle....ideas are endless.
It makes it easier to have them written down. I give them out different ways, sometimes pick 6 and put them face down on the table for them to choose one (this way I know what activities I want to take place as some are messy, some are not, etc.) Sometimes I just say grab the first one, other times they look through and pick out of all of them. I am constantly adding ideas to the box, and little things add up to big fun on the cards as well.
Somehow having it come from the cards, and not just me saying go do this or that makes all the difference!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Easy Fun Summer Cake

We had a pool party to attend this evening. I knew I would be gone all day but that the kids would expect a fun cake. This was so easy SUPER EASY and the kids all loved it.

Pretty self explanatory. Round cake, I mixed a drop of red and yellow to make the peach icing, I used white lifesaver mints for the eyes and just put a blue candy on top of the round hole, I bought the scuba set at the Dollar General store and just took the strap off the mask (so it is still usable), icing for the mouth, and black licorice hair.

Catching Up

I blink and it has been over a week since I have posted.

Staying busy and I know Summer won't be any different. Those that keep up with Brae's blog know how frazzled life has been.

I do have my curriculum for the next school year so I do feel better about that. Of course I have not done anything past purchasing it, no lesson plans or adding to it so far. I plan on keeping some stuff going thru the summer but I have not yet decided when will be the official start of the new school year. Probably when I finally get around to looking thru the new curriculum. I got to go to two different home school conferences this year. I have new stuff and I am excited about it. I will work on posting what I will be using for next year soon. I also got to go to a Scholastic Book warehouse sale...oh the book lover in a kids book warehouse at 50% off...needless to say the kids have lots of books!

I need to find my pics from the rodeo. Britt got her a western belt. She had got boots for Christmas and jeans soon after that when she began horseback riding lessons, now she the belt so she is pretty much a real cowgirl now!

Trying to get the summer planned out. Next week our friends from Fort Worth will be in so that will be a fun and busy week.

I always intend to try to keep up with my blog more but you know how it goes!

Monday, May 25, 2009


A boring weekend....yeah just the way I liked it.

We didn't do a whole lot. We loved it. Today everyone got to pick something for us all to do together. Britt picked playing Monopoly...ugh game went forever she won so she was happy. Brae picked watching a pokemon movie. Just nice and laid back. I even took time to read a book this weekend.

So boring weekends makes for a boring blog but for a happy me!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun family time

After a week of doctors appointments and travel we needed some fun time before heading home so to Sea World we went. We always enjoy going and are blessed to get free year long passes each year. It also gave me a chance to play with the waterproof digital camera I had gotten for Christmas. It was nice having the convenience of digital and not having to worry about it getting wet and I love the underwater shots.

I love these pics of Brae crawling across the lily pads and hippos because they float as you touch them and you get knocked off. Britt couldn't make it past the first one Brae shimmied all the way across. Good self esteem booster for him to do something that she couldn't easily. He gave me the thumbs up pic when he was done.

In the wave pool

Lazy River (you can see the storm clouds starting to build in the background)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Next time she will use waterproof markers

We got up to go to Texas this morning and well I had to blink several times before I figured out what I was looking at in the bathroom mirror.

See I had a perfect flower on my cheek, blue hair, blue arm. My darling daughter had made me a beautiful pillowcase for mothers day. She wrote #1 Mom on it, flowers and used lots of her favorite color blue! It didn't dawn on me that she wouldn't have used the permenant fabric markers. But no she didn't so when I went to bed with my hair wet I woke up to a mess. It was actually funny and I didn't want Britt to feel bad. She is making me a new pillowcase with the right markers. Of course the markers that came off so easy during the night sure didn't want to come off this morning.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

Pirates took over our house today for the big 10 party!

First my little pirate...

We had two cakes...
This one was a last minute decision because I was worried about the ship cake not being enough.

Blowing out the candles

The pirate gang...