Sunday, March 30, 2008

The weekend

Home from OKC, we had a great time and we all really liked my cousin's fiance. We ate way too much food but we also walked alot (Botanical Gardens, mall, etc) so maybe it all evened out. Here are some pics from the weekend and lots more in flickr. Now to get ready for big vacation that is in like 9 days...eek.
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Silver Tounged

I think some people are just born to be salespersons.
I met one of those born to be salespersons.
I had decided to tan a little for the trip. I am not a tanning person indoor or outdoor just never have been. However I am white white and this trip I thought okay a little color. I looked up online the places in town picked one, told hubby that it was some kind of super bed and how much 3 sessions were. I called made the appointment.
I tell you I walked in told them who I was talked to the guy and it is all just a blur. I literally left the counter walked into the waiting area and was like "what did I just do". I don't even know I just know he talked and it was the best deal in the world and before I knew it I was entering my pin number, purchased some expensive lotion and bought 10 sessions!! Ten, I was suppose to buy 3. I called hubby, he must have heard my dismay because he thought it was all funny. I told him I seriously do not know why I just agreed okay whatever, good thing it wasn't like a car place or something. So no going to sign up for things alone because obviously I am a sucker for a good salespitch.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I took Britt with me yesterday evening shopping for some things I desperately need for vacation.
We were laughing and cracking jokes in the dressing room I tried on a dress and I asked her if she liked it and she said yes. So I did a little dance thing and said "Yep it makes me look young and hip".
Her reply (complete with eye roll): Well it did before you did that move and said the word hip, because that is so not cool"...LOL.
I also got told on several occasions what my clothes told me sometimes it wasn't very flattering "Mom that looks like something your granny wouldn't wear" or "Mom that says I am not able to dress myself and my husband picked it out"...that one actually cracked me up.
I hate that time is passing by so fast but I am loving this new stage too where her and I can go shopping and have fun. Brae was very grateful that he didn't have to go shopping and I was grateful I didn't have to watch him continuosly put his hands around his neck and tell me he was dying because of shopping..LOL.

Monday, March 24, 2008

This and that

Britt and I are battling yet another cold. Of course with it being 34 one day and 72 a day later I think that explains it.

Saturday we hosted everyone here. I had woke up with a sore throat but it wasn't too bad yet. I made a turkey, in-laws came as well as my family, aunt and uncle too. The kids got to hunt eggs in the back yard it wasn't quite as mushy as the front yard. Dinner was good after everyone left we decided to go for a walk, hubby tried to walk Brae's dog but that dog will have nothing to do with a leash he will lay there and lay there. I have even tried just putting it on him in the back yard and leaving it on, he will just lay there. So anyway Matt got to hold a dog and walk.

Both Britt and I were pretty under the weather on Sunday so we did not get to attend church as we had planned. However we did have some wonderful times at home. Saturday we had started making our resurection cookies so we finished those off Sunday as well as an egg hunt using the resurection eggs in the living room. Their baskets were filled with goodies. Hubby made up a scavenger hunt for their Easter present from us. Britt got the set of 3 American Girl movies, the one I have seen so far Molly was good, and I hope to get more of these type movies for her.

15 days till we leave on our vacation and yikes I am starting to panic. Have to get work all caught up and ready to go before I leave, show another girl how to handle major crisis things while I am away. We have lots and lots to do before we go. I am going to have to do some very creative packing to get everything shoved in the suitcases.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

They are staying at Nana and Papa's!

My mom and dad got the kids something for Easter. I opened the door and saw them and was like NO WAY, it was quickly explained to me that they are for Nana and Papa's house. So with that meet Snowflake (with Brae) and Floppy (with Britt).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost had to build an ark

It has rained and rained, my front yard looks like I could go fishing.

Hopefully it will stay dry a few days with some sun and let us dry out.

A friend of mine is still stuck at home because she lives out in the country and her roads were literally washed away and the one that wasnt is still under water.

Our egg hunt will be in the house this year, otherwise we will be up to our ankles in mud.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Her painting

My computer is totally not working as far as using a usb so I am borrowing hubby's laptop which I despise. I at least wanted to throw up a few pics but even that is not working. I did not get good ones of Brae so I will have to hit up some people that I know took pics. Also have to get some pics of Brittney's puppet show that I thought was so cute. Britt loved learning about puppets in her coop class. At least one pic Britt with her first place art painting.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maybe I can get a breath soon

What a week.

I made it through my first time as home school coop director. What an experience, mostly all good, a few times I got my feelings hurt, and one or two situations that I was like eek. All in all a good experience, of course a couple of the kids were like we wish coop went for longer. Me not so much, but I do think I will be excited again for Fall coop. I also survived speaking in front of around 160 people...eek.

I have some pics of course to share but my computer is still acting up, but soon I will get some pics up.

Big Britt news she won the 1st prize in the home school art fair for 3rd-5th grade. She was very excited she got a cash prize and her painting will be displayed at the main library at some point. So she was pretty excited.

Had a field trip to Kopper Kettle Candies and got to see them making peanut brittle and truffles, I think I gained 5 pounds walking through the place.

Last night mom and dad kept the kids and Matt and I went to a town about 45 minutes from her so I could shop at a Target. Found some super cute Easter stuff for Britt, not so much for Brae he is so much harder to buy for.

A busy week, and I have to have to get caught up on my freelance paralegal work this weekend as I am about to drown but hoping that once I get that caught up and now that coop is done I will be able to breathe. Of course vacation is coming and that will be a nice breath of air!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easter Party Fun

Today we had a Easter party with 3 other home school moms. It was so fun it is such a great group of moms and kids. I got to make the fun food which you know I love to do!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Well my picture thing is still messed up, hopefully I can share pics soon of the snow, and of the basketball all star ceremony.

Hubby made it home on Friday, 3 hours later than expected because of snow, but at least he made it home. I was so sick I could barely drive to the airport to get him. I had an awful stomach virus. Which now hubby has as his welcome home!

Saturday night we went to town as Britt was chosen from her team as the all star and they held a ceremony. She didn't win the overall all star, she did win a 3rd place medal that she is very proud of. They gave all the all star girls bags of goodies too. Matt escorted her onto the stage and let me just tell you she wanted off that stage as fast as she got on it.

Sunday we did get some stuff accomplished. Apparently also my hubby has developed an allergy to something in crab cakes, he has eaten them before but this time he broke out, lips started swelling, this on top of the stomach bug he caught from me and he went to bed early tonight.

This time change will keep me messed up for a few days. Busy week ahead, I know that is normal, but still this one seems busier than usual. I am hoping after this week I will be able to breathe a little more. We shall see.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow snow snow

Glad we got to go outside for the 72 degree weather on Saturday since we got snow today. It is still coming down it is beautiful but I am sure hoping it does not interfere with my hubby coming home tomorrow.

The kids and I ended up with a snow day, didn't have to go anywhere, played in the snow, snowball fight. We had also set our bowls on the back patio table as soon as it started snowing so we got to make snow ice cream. Kids loved it. They had to save some for hubby (sorry sweetie not so sure how it tastes after you have to freeze it, but you have some waiting for you!).

I did get Brae's room cleaned good, and all his clothes gone through. So that was a major thing marked off the list.

Now going to find out when this snow is suppose to end, but of course the news channel has changed their mind 10 times so I don't really think they know.

Oh I tried to post pics and something is wrong with my usb port, so couldn't get them to work. Maybe later.

Made it through crazy day

Okay we made it through our day yesterday, Britt and I didn't get to bed till midnight so we are dragging this morning, because Brae had to be dropped off from my parents at 6:00 this morning.

Britt and I saw the Broadway Musical Hairspray last night. I have to say I really enjoyed it. However, there were several very adult lines that made me cringe in the fact that Britt was watching it. She asked a question about one, but then got distracted and the others seemed to go over her head. I had never seen the movie so I didn't even know the storyline. There were tons of kids there so I wasn't the only mom that probably cringed a few times. All in all though we had a great time and both really enjoyed the show.

Today not as crazy but I just found out apparently weather forecast has changed and now they are saying a big deal of snow for this afternoon? I had no clue it was nice yesterday afternoon tis par for the course around here.

Hubby comes back tomorrow and we are all ready. Except I need to do some housecleaning before he makes it back, I did good at the beginning of the week but I am slacking now.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pajamas to Crazy

Yesterday was pajama day fairly relaxing until I ended up babysitting last night 2 extras and having to get them around this morning. But anyway if yesterday was pajama day then today must be deemed crazy day. Here is a synopsis of the day:
9:00 out the door
9:30-11:30 bible study/kids bible groups
11:30-12:15 lunch with group
12:30 Brae Speech
1:00 run a sack of books to bookshoppe (not enough time to run home)
1:45 Brae eye doctor (normal time is 2 hours there)
3:45ish out of there get kids a snack, run to Walgreens, eye glass place, return an item to WalMart and to Pennys (has to go back today because otherwise it will be past the 3 month mark)
5:00 drop Brae at my dads
5:15 Britt and I will run into the office I work so we can change clothes in the bathroom
5:30 meet friend for dinner and then head to watch the traveling broadway play Hairspray
7:00 play starts
So I am thinking we will get home around 10:30 or 11:00, Brae is staying at my parents, and they will drop him off tomorrow morning. So all in all a long crazy day. Thursday doesn't look much better, but it is somewhat better.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Does that mean we are on the go too much?

I inform the kids this morning that we have nowhere to go today. Both ask "not even one place?" I inform them no, nowhere at all. This is met with whooping and hollering and a cheer/dance around the house. Hmmm....maybe we are on the go too much. Anyway, with hubby away on business, and the kids and I with no where to go we have declared it pajama day! Yeah for pajama day! I think we need this day to regroup.

On a side note here is a layer of snow on the ground, quite a contrast from our 72 degree sunny Saturday ugh this weather.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Do I remember that far back?

I was tagged by Jody so now I have to try to remember what was going on years ago.

20 Years Ago I... I was almost 14 years old and my dad was preparing to retire from the army after over 20 years of service. Moving to a small town where my grandparents owned a dairy farm was not high on the excitement list. I was used to big huge schools with hundreds of kids in a grade, not a 140 total for the whole school.

10 Years Ago I... was living in Pennsylvania with hubby and Brittney who was just a few months old. I cried a lot it was so hard to live there and hubby nor I liked it. Hubby was working 13-16 hour days and commuting over an hour, he would work 10 hours at his regular job and then do a part time job because cost of living was so outrageous and we didn't want me to work full time. I remember doing lots of part time things, I babysat so I could take Britt, I typed rebates for a mail processing center. However at this time God was working and allowed hubby to begin working as a remote employee and allowed us to move closer to family (what was I thinking..LOL).

5 Years Ago I... was praying so hard daily for someone to tell me what was going on with Braden. It wasn't long after that we made the long trip to Arizona and began to find some of the answers, others we still pray and seek. We had built and moved into our house.

1 Year Ago I... I had just finished my first year of home schooling. Hubby and I decided that home schooling was definitely what we would continue to do as it is just not a school issue it is a life style change and one we welcomed.

So Far This Year... We have had some bouts with sickness, we have done our schooling, we have struggled over abeka math with Britt, Brae has finally began being a very proficient reader (with his speech disorder reading and phonics are made more difficult), we have been planning our big vacation.

Tomorrow....we will attend church, hubby will fly out for a business trip, the kids and I will plan our week.

This Year I Shall... continue to work on my relationship with God, continue my bible study, keep having quiet with hubby after the kids are in bed, encourage my children, encourage their friendship as brother and sister, try to slow down and most of all I am going to work on censoring what comes out of my mouth as far as volunteering for things.