Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Craziness!

I did good on blogging for about a week but as my husband recently reminded me it's been over a month!...My excuse....HOLIDAYS! Just crazy, I finally think I am done with all the shopping and I think of something else that would just be perfect with this or that or for this person or that person. Add to that the baking, the school parties, the 4H parties, the work and family obligations and my November and December are blurs of activity! The unfortunate thing is I dont see it slowing down much already next week my daughter is having a slumber party, I am babysitting for a friend, and New Years Eve is lurking too be planned! Maybe soon it will calm down, the kids are out of school till the 3rd and so at least I wont have teachers saying..."Oh Mrs. Cole do you mind doing.....so and so.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Lots and Lots of Treats!

We finally closed the door and turned off the porch lights. We took the kids to a few houses in the neighborhood then took the kids to the Halleluijah night that the local churches put on at the school it is so neat it is all free the kids got the neatest lunch boxes with a little prayer on them all the kids got those and then both got a bag full of goodies all the games pop and popcorn are free so they had a blast. There are now two huge bowls of candy and snacks on my table and lots of little junkie toys around! Came home and passed out candy. While we were gone I had left a bowl on the porch with a sign saying take some and when we came home it was almost empty so then we started handing out I ended up using chips from the kids lunches too..lol.

Last year Braden was 4 and Brittney 6 and she was a cute little care bear and Braden was a skunk that was just adorable well no more cutesy costumes for my too. Brittney had purple and blue hair and makeup and an outfit that made her daddy think too much about what we will be dealing with in the years to come...haha..and Braden has been punching people all night!
Now its time to get my Punk Rocker and Power Ranger ready for bed.


Sunday, October 24, 2004


I got up at 4am this morning I have had an awful cold and it is making sleeping hard. I keep waiting for it to go away but so far it is lingering. And of course this is just the start of cold season. Too add to not feeling well this time of year seems especially hectic, with Brittney turning 7 yesterday, Matt coming home from a business trip, holidays around the corner. Seems I am juggling more balls in the air than usual. I do have most of the birthday loot put away now. Last night was a 4H Fall party and I had several moms ask if there was anything left to buy Brittney for Christmas. My reply was not much after that birthday!
This week will be crazy as well because I have to take my son Braden who is 5 to Little Rock for a 8 hour EEG, for ongoing ruling out of health issues.
Well I should try to get some other stuff done since i am up at this wonderful hour.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Birthday Party Madness

Yesterday my little girl turned 7! I think I also got a minimum of 7 gray hairs just from running around like a crazy person. This year I decided I was going to do simple....yeah right...anyone who knows me knows this is an impossibility. I started about two months in advance we decided to do a magic theme and hire a magician and since she is getting older and wanting to invite more people we decided to go rent a room at the Park Community Center. Somehow even with all my organization a notebook, planning ahead still 3 hours before time I am dashing from here to yonder like a chicken with my head cut off. But at last I can look back and say it was a good party both kids and adults seemed to really enjoy the magician. My daughter was spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it. So now I can start on my son's 6th birthday...which is in May...and I have no doubt that even though I start early I will still be running around like a crazy person 3 hours prior! Tis the way birthday madness goes!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Handeling things while hubby's away

I always miss Matt when he is gone on business trips but this past week I have felt like a swimmer about to be dragged under. Before Matt left on Tuesday our son Braden started getting sick...when he has fever he has fibromal seizures so this started on Tuesday with Matt due to leave out Wednesday. Braden did have some seizures and missed all week of school. Brittney started getting sick on Saturday and me on Monday. Tommorow is Thursday and Matt will be back home. In the midst of all of us being sick inlaws decide to add some things for me to deal with. As well as receiving some news regarding Braden's health and some upcoming doctors visits. So I ask why does everything seem to fall apart when Matt is away. One good thing it always makes me see how much he really does, because I tell you I am hopping when he is away. Tommorow he will be home and I will be soooo glad.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Getting into the blogging.

When my husband first started the blogging he was like Kel you have to start this you would love it. And it does sound like something I would love, but I just to this date have not gotten into the habit. I love reading them, my husbands blogs are great and sometimes I even learn things I didnt know like why there was bird litter all over the garage! I also read some that he has on his list and I enjoy keeping up with them. So why does it seem like keeping mine up is a chore, I think some of it may be that it was my hubby that started the idea and not an idea I had on my own. Not that I dont love his ideas but since it wasnt something I started it seems harder to keep up. Makes no sense I am sure but I am going to try to keep it up more, because I do think I will enjoy once I really get into it and keep it up.

The main things that have been going on around here is taking Braden my son off dairy products and seeing the tremendous change, but still having to argue with our regular pediatrician because to her nothing out of the main scope of medicine is worth trying. Very frustrating.

Brittney is in first grade and is so boy crazy she says "mom I kissed Daniel today"..I am like sweetheart you shouldnt be kissing boys...to which she replies "Dont worry mom we go behind the trees where no one can see us"...UGH..that was suppose to make me feel better as far as she was concerned. She has been excepted into the GATE Gifted and Talented Education program and we went to our first meeting last week and it seems like it will be a fun program with lots of activities. She is wanting to start playing basketball this winter so we got a little break from tball being over but it is all about to start again with basketball.


Monday, August 09, 2004

School starts back

I am not very good at keeping my post up...as my husband reminds me often.

Just a little about my great weekend, my parents took the kids to Texas with them for my cousin's wedding. So Matt and I had time alone, we missed the kids but oh it was SO nice. We got to go out shopping, we went to dinner, ordered pizza with all the toppings not just pepperoni, slept in. It was great, but by Sunday afternoon I was ready for my kids to come home! Now they are home and whining and I am ready to send them back...LOL.

The kids start school Wedensday this is another one of those things where I am glad to see them start but will miss them at the same time. Both kids start school Brittney in 1st and Braden in Kindergarten. I had a meeting at the school today to put emergency procedures in place for Braden (he has special needs and seizures). It went well, but I will admit the elementary principle just really rubs me the wrong way. We have heard this is her last year so we are hopeful. I am PTA president this year so that will be different.

Tommorow night the kids will go to bed early, we already have clothes laid out as we made little tags to go over their hangers for everyday of the week.


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Missing Matt

My dear hubby is away on a business trip for one week. He just left yesterday but I already miss him. I will say this though when he is away it gives me a great respect for all he does do around the house. I am very blessed in that he does a lot of the household chores when he sees that I am busy or soemthing needs done. Anyway, also gives me a greater respect for single parents as well just a week of being only caregiver and I am exhausted!

While he was in flight yesterday I cleaned like a madwoman, nervous energy I guess but I get a lot of deep cleaning done while he is gone.

Last night his first night away I ended up with 2 kids and 3 dogs in bed with me so needless to say rest was not that easy!

Hopefully the week will go by relatively fast.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Busy busy busy

This is one of those weeks where I will look back and ask myself how we got it all done.
Taking my son to speech 5 days a week, preparing to cater a wedding on Saturday and leave right after for one week away from home a mixed medical trip/vacation trip. My son has a procedure appointment at Austin CHidlrens this will be his last one so that is WONDERFUL news. We also plan some fun going to Schliterban in New Braunsfel Texas and Sea World in San Antonio and some outlet mall shopping on the way home. I had been hired to cater the wedding months ago and didnt know we would have to have Braden in Austin on the Monday so it just all happened to hit at once. Today I will be starting my cooking and doing the last of the shopping, running errrands and getting stuff ready frot he trip and hopefully getting packed tonight. So I will be ready for some rest next week for sure.

Friday, July 02, 2004

New Carpet!

After having some really bad cheap carpet that the contractors had put down we were finally able to get new carpet it was one of those deals that just worked out we werent looking for it but it was just there! So now our house has all new carpet and I just love it and feels so good too.

We are preparing for a trip to go to SanAntonio on July 10th so have to get the planning moving ahead on that my son is going to have to go to Austin Childrens Hospital for a short appointment. We are also making the trip fun too not just medical. We plan on going to Schliterban a big water park in New Braunsfel and to Sea World.


Sunday, June 27, 2004

My sweet husband

I have a very SWEET husband and family. I had a great 30th birthday yesterday.Started with the kids and Matt letting me sleep in and then bringing me breakfast in bed. I then got my presents which included season 7 of friends, two movies, some earings and a pedometer for tracking calories and steps when walking. My absolute favorite thing was he wrote "30 Things I Love About You" it was the sweetest thing I just got misty eyed and then I embarressed him because I showed it but I was so proud of him and it was so sweet. Then I got time to relax why they cleaned house and set up the back yard...I knew something was up and I figured my parents, aunt and two of our friends Adria and Erich and Leia and Glenn were coming over but I had no idea the extent of the plans. At 4 lots of friends showed the ones I mentioned plus several other families it was wonderful my dad cooked a huge barbeque everyone took home food and there was still food. We played teather ball let the kids swim. The last couple didnt leave till 10. It was wonderful. My aunt and mom did a basket of all 30 stuff...30 bags of microwave popcorn, 30 candles, 30 bottles of nail polish, 30 hair scrunchies, 30 gladioli bulbs, and on and on..it was very cute. They had 30 baloons and a big cookie from the cookie company and cupcakes. I was very suprised and it was great!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Turning 30

Today I turn 30!...Not quite sure how I am handeling it yet. Bless my husband he has went all out for my 30th birthday. Just something about turning 30..no longer in my 20's. My husband and kids let me sleep in this morning and then brought me breakfast in bed and my husband wrote "30 Things I Love About You"...I will cherish it, reading it brought a tear to my eyes it was wonderful and thoughtful. He has been hush hush planning all week and I still dont know what is going on at 4 today only that something is and that there sure are a lot of chairs in our back yard! The suspense is driving me crazy as I am one of those that must always know what is going on and plan things to a T.

I am going to try to be updating my blog more and sharing more about my life and experiences...turning 30, raising kids, having a child with developmental delays, being with my husband, working, balancing, and doing all that I love to do.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Returning Home After Vacation

Vacation...I have been planning for weeks, anticipating loved it when I got there but when it came time to come home I couldnt wait to get home. We had thought about stopping halfway home, but no I was ready to be home. We just returned home from a few days in St. Louis, MO my husband nor I had ever been. So we took the kids and met a friend of mine and her family there. We had a great time we went inside the arch, rode the riverboat, went to the zoo, shopped, went to the Magic House. All in all a lot of fun. Now we are catching up on laundry. This is my first blog so I am not sure how to do it or what I will be writing about. My son Braden will encompass al ot of my posts I am sure as with his special needs he encompasses a lot of time, my daughter Brittney is always saying something that I will want to share, and as she enters first grade I know that will only increase.