Thursday, August 11, 2005


I miss my hubby. Good thing business trips are just every 3 months.

I feel like life is on fast forward this week.

School starts Friday. As PTA president I am working on open house that is tonight.

I had a meeting with the school yesterday setting up special things for Braden and his needs. I get so aggrivated Matt is on school board so the witchy principle kisses his butt, but with Matt out of town I get the hateful witchy attitude. Ugh aggrivates me to no end.

Braden asked yesterday when school started and I told him on Friday. His response was "I think I will have a sore throat on Friday".....oh boy it starts already this year.

Brittney on the other hand is counting the hours till she gets to go back to school.

Definetly have two sides of a coin with these two.


Mark said...

Hi Kel. This is more a response to your comment left for me regarding creationism v. evolution. You suggested I check out a site and support both theories, instead of saying one is a scientific theory, and the other is not.

I did check out the site. I have to say I'm impressed by the amount of work they put into that.

As for supporting both, I'm afraid I can't do that as of yet. I'm still agnostic, so I won't personally support creationism, until I see some proof of it (besides writings in the bible). That being said, I don't hold any grudges against those who do believe it as a part of their religion.

Finally, you said I shouldn't say that creationism isn't a scientific theory. This is confusing to me because it clearly is not a scientific theory. Its a religious belief. Stating that it is a scientific theory would be lying, and thats something that I won't do. I'm sorry if that goes against your beliefs.

dakotablueeyes said...

Kaylie's excited about school starting too.

kel said...

Sorry Mark, but I think you meant to comment on my husbands site MiddleAmerica....he is into debate and all of that with creationism v. evolition and so on.

Middle_America said...

Sounds like a busy week for you honey. Miss you like crazy.

Yes, I accidently posted under your name regarding Mark's post. I have corrected it on his blog.

I must had done it when I revised your blog. Sorry about that honey.

Jody said...

Sounds like you have a busy week. Sorry your hubby is away but hope he is home soon and I really hope you get to relax soon!!