Sunday, September 11, 2005

Camping Out

We camped out Friday night at the Tulsa Zoo Starry Night.

I was impressed it was a very fun family outing.

It was not at all crowded only about 20 to 25 families. The zoo closed at 5:00 and at 6:00 the campers (us) started arriving. You could walk around the zoo to your content until 11pm. During that time they had a buffett dinner, crafts for kids, zoo talks, marshmellow roasting and more. We camped by the monkeys. I was surprised there were not a lot of late night noises, the rooster from the children's zoo was nice and loud about 5:30 am.

My complaint though is I am too old for camping out. I ached and pained all was awful. I have a little extra padding (lol) but it was not near enough to make sleeping in the tent more comfortable. Not much sleep was had and I think every joint in my body ached.

We will probably camp out next year, but let me tell you we will be investing in one of those air matresses with the built in air compressor in it.


Jody said...

LOL I refuse to camp unless it's in a camper with a bed in it LOL. I have enough time getting comfortable in our own bed without aches and pains without sleeping on the ground LOL. You are much braver than I am LOL!!