Thursday, September 15, 2005

The teacher has changed her life

1-800-.......... written on Brittney's wipe on wipe off board in her room. She is always writing down the 800 number for something we need.

Me: Brittney, what is this number for?

Britt: Mom, I HAVE to call it, it is a number to tell them about a teacher that has changed your life.

Me: How has Mrs. Steele changed your life? (school started 4 weeks ago, and she is a good teacher but I was curious as to what Britt would say)

Britt: (exasperated that I even question) Mom, last year I had to ask 10 times a day to go get a drink from the fountain, Mrs. Steele lets us have water bottles at our desk and it has totally changed my life mom, totally.

Me hiding my grin. The next day I told Mrs. Steele and she got a big kick out of it. I printed off the form online so Brittney could nominate her teacher....I will try to add something more than the wonderful wisdom of letting them have water bottles before I let her send it off.


Jody said...

Aww LOL too cute!! The things kids say huh? LOL.

manababies said...

Water bottles at their desk?? Now that is an awesome teacher! But then, does that mean they need to take extra potty breaks? :)

kel said...

I love it because the teacher says they get so many germs from sharing the water fountain so that she likes the kids having their own bottles at their desk they keep gallons of drinking water in the nurses refrigerator for refills. I guess it does mean more potty breaks though.