Sunday, September 18, 2005


Time is flying by.

During the summer it was crazy mostly because we were away from home more than we were here. I thought once school starts things will slow down. Then I thought well once we get settled into the school routine things will slow down.

No slowing down....hyper speed it seems.

Everything seems to be going so fast, the kids are growing up...I bought Brittney size 10's this weekend she is that tall now, Braden's 6's are highwaters now (of course the waist is still huge)...they are growing up so fast in the things they are saying and wanting to do. It amazes me.

The pace of things is so fast, I seem to have a things to do list with a minimum of 20 things a day.

This weekend flew by. Friday night Matt and I had a date night which was awesome (watched Fever Pitch it was cute). Saturday went out with my parents for awhile, did some housecleaning, and poof the day was gone.

So where is all the time going? I dont know but I am sure something has flown by in the time it has taken to update this blog so I better go get busy.


Jody said...

ugh I know what you mean. Lately for me too it seems like it's go go go!! I know I am homeschooling but that doesn't take a big chunck of my time but yet it still fly's by and left wondering where did the time go? And the clothes thing I completely understand too going through that with my two boy's too. I hope you can catch some time soon LOL. and glad you got in a date with your hubby sounds nice!!

byHisgrace said...

Boy, can I relate to this!! Last year I thought once it was summer things would slow down...NOPE...then I thought, when the kids go back to school.....NOPE,LOL!