Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another busy week

Been a busy week, but then again that is nothing new.

We found out this week we will have to take Braden back to the clinic in Arizona in May. We had to get special permission to take the kids out of school 2 weeks early. We will leave May 6th and come back around June 12th. So trying to get everything done and organized now, that includes getting all PTA done, things for home bills and so on for the trip. Our neighbor will take care of our dogs and cats.

We also had to get rid of our bird this week. Braden's bird, poor thing ended up having an allergy to it. It was a slight allergy but we just cant risk it. He has had it over a year. I was surprised that he is not allergic to dogs or cats. So we still have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

I have to drive to Muskogee tommorow a little over an hour one way to take Braden to an appointment. We do this once a week from now till May.

He is also on meds every hour from 7am till 9pm so we are definetly keeping busy. Braden is such a little trooper hardly ever complains. We are hoping for big results after we are able to spend the 5 weeks in Arizona and actually complete a treatment program.

Brittney is working on a project for her extra program called G.A.T.E (Gifted and Talented Education). It is a board program on Pennsylvania so we are getting lots of things together on that.

We had a little more drama from the so called grown woman in PTA. But my hubby had a talk with her and told her that I had enough on my plate to lay off....(My hero...thanks hubby)!
Basically she just wanted to throw herself a pity party and when we didnt respond she decided to have a fit and that didn't work either.

That is a short synopsis on my week so far. Having a yard sale Saturday hopefully it will stay pretty.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Rainy Easter

Behind the couch cushions, in the folds of curtains, sitting behind my lighthouses....eggs...eggs...and more plastic eggs. As seems to be a tradition it is pouring rain this easter weekend. So the egg hunting has moved into the living room. Not near as many places to be inventive on hiding. But oh well at least the kids are getting the treats and to them that is what counts. This morning I made them listen to the true meaning of easter before I let them go get their baskets that had been filled overnight by the mysterious bunny. I hope it sank in. Trying to keep them cleaned and spiffied up until time to leave for church. Now we get to go outside and try to keep Brittney's white shoes white through the rain and mud. Just another fun rainy Easter!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some parents don't deserve kids!

This morning I stopped at the WalMart Neighborhood Grocery, when walking in I noticed a little boy playing on the mechanical vehicle outside the store. No parents in site, I thought well maybe they are checking out and he ran out, I still thought he was too young, but I went on inside.

I shopped about 20 minutes and checked out. On my way out the door the little boy is sitting in the little mechanical van crying. I looked around and saw a WalMart employee gathering carts so I motioned for him.

I go over and ask the little boy what is wrong. He replies "I used all the quarters up that mommy gave me to play with while she was in the store". I asked him his age and he proudly held up 4 fingers. Four years old and mom gives him quarters to play on a toy that is outside of the store while she shopped!

I was livid, the WalMart guy was upset as well, he is like I will take him in and alert the manager. I thought about it all day I was like that cute little boy out there all by himself at the mercy of anyone that could have came along. I am mad at myself for not saying something when I was walking in. I mean I thought it was odd and I would never ever let my kids do it but I thought well maybe they are right in at the registers or something.

Anyway so I have been on my "There should be a test before you can be a parent" kick all day!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

A great time

This has been a tough week. I haven't blogged much about it, but basically things aren't progressing the way we had hoped with Braden's medical issues and some decisions need to be made. Financial concerns of course weigh in heavily with the decisions. There has been more drama from the 29 year old woman in PTA that acts like an eighth grader. Lots of things going on with PTA that I am in charge of, busy here at home, you get the picture just a busy week emotionally and physically.

So when mom and dad wanted to take the kids to spend the night since they hadn't got to spend much time with them over spring break, I didn't argue. The kids love to spend the night at nana and papa's and I was really looking forward to some time with hubby. We discussed what we wanted to do all day and finally decided to splurge and go to the Japanese steakhouse for dinner.

Well hubby made it even more special.

I was totally surprised when they led us to the big table and the lady said you have to sit on that side (I was like okay there are 8 chairs and we were the first ones there so usually you sit where you want). Then I noticed the dozen red roses with my name on the card. Just because from Matt. It was so sweet. My mind only went to oh no what charge card did he use for a minute, then I was back to enjoying our stress free fun night out.

It was a fun night, dinner was wonderful the flowers were a great surprise, we enjoyed talking and laughing. We still discussed the stressful issues but it was just more relaxed. I called my daughter after dinner to tell her daddy surprised me with flowers, only to be told "I knew it mom"...oh well excuse daughter is a princess and she knows it and if you don't know it when you talk to her she will let you know it.

After dinner we were stuffed, we made it to the car after hearing how pretty my roses were from everyone (I loved them can you tell..LOL). The next part of the evening was not probably what most would do on an evening alone but hey you have to do things when you to home depot we went. Found the perfect swingset for the kids...going to get it for Braden's birthday. It was nice to walk the store and look at things, discuss ideas, without the "I want to go now" chorus being sung.

Then it was home to the quiet house and some wonderful time together!

So I had to brag on my hubby. He can read this post and remember it for when I gripe about him later on...because I am sure that will happen as well..LOL.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Where is the break?

This week is Spring Break. I was thinking time to take the kids to the park, time to take them for some spring clothes shopping, a break in general.

But no break, this week is as busy as ever even busier because kids are out of school so I can get them to more appointments and more so. Tommorow continues with taking Braden to the eye doctor, speech and grocery shopping.

Maybe after the kids start back to school I will get my break. I can dream at least!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Sun is shining! Hubby is home from his business trip it is a great day!

It is 77 degrees here today, sun is bright, wind is blowing clean air into the open windows of the house. We have been outside most of the day. Actually got to come inside and lay down for a nap (I will admit I was the only one who fell asleep good thing hubby is home). Just a nice relaxing sunny day. Going to set up our new Kroquet (sp?) set in the back yard in a few minutes and play a game with the kids before dinner.

It is suppose to be sunny and high 70's again tommorow. But the weatherman is trying to dampen our sunshine by warning us of cold weather returning next week and rain rain rain. But until then I am headed outside to enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I think I actually felt my heartbreak last night. As you know if you know us or have read my blog my son Braden is 5 and has had serious medical issues and has a significant delay with his speech. While being tested he is so smart it is the articulation or pronunciation that comes out somewhat garbled.

Anyway to last night.

I am sitting watching cartoons with the kids and Braden crawls on my lap and says "Mom I am weird". I said no your not. Brittney then pipes up and says "Mom I told him to talk to you because he said he is weird cause he cant talk good"...(have I mentioned before my 1st grader is way too smart). I thanked Brittney for telling him to talk to me and I took Braden in the office to sit on the couch in there. His eyes look like he is about to cry. I asked him why he thought he was weird. He said "Colton says I cant talk so I am weird". I wanted to cry, yes he is very hard to understand especially if you are not around him, for example he doesnt say the t sound so pick up truck is pick up uck and so on and on with other letters too.

I tried to explain to him that he wasnt weird but that he was special because of how sick he used to be and how much better he is getting. I tried to tell him that he was so smart and that he was getting better and talking everyday.

He seemed happier when we were done, but I sat there a while longer after he went back to his cartoons just thinking. I know kids are cruel I knew in my head that this time would be coming as he got into school but my heart wasnt ready to see those tears and try to ease his hurt.

I cant explain to him that he is 5 and that he has beaten the odds since he was born 11 weeks early, he has beaten them when a mass was found in the brain, then not just one mass but 4 and all removed, he has beaten them by being one of the smartest and brightest kids in his class while having 30 to 50 staring out seizures each day. He has beaten them by being happy and his dimple smile that melts hearts. But he is 5 and doesnt understand this all he understands is another 5 year old boy says he was weird. Yes my heart definitely broke a little with this conversation.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Beep...beep....beep....since 2:30 this morning. As if I am not a bad enough sleeper when my hubby is gone anyway this morning 2:30 our security alarm decides to malfunction. Since 2:30 am it has beeped every 2 minutes. I got up and reset it and I turned it off and back on. Nothing it says 04 is open well we only have 3 doors so I dont know what it is talking about. The only way to get to talk to someone is to set the thing off and wait a minute until they call, which waking the kids up as well as myself didn't sound appealing. So instead I am awake and have been since 2:30 when it is wake up time where hubby is in PA I am going to call and see if he knows what is going on with this stupid thing. I was already going to have a busy tiring day without being up since 2:30, I am sure I will be in a delightful mood today...not.

Monday, March 07, 2005


When my kids started school I was so excited to get out of the house more and meet other moms.

Last year I got involved in PTA and was voted president, I have loved it. But as with any group I guess there is that one person...well tonight was elections for next year offices. I was elected president again and am excited about it. The vice president office changed, well you would think we were back in highschool and not a group of grown women.

It became a drama, a talk behind back, a try to get something started and a aren't you my friend night. Ugh these are grown women not teenagers. I was so shocked about the behavior. I was thinking I actually wanted to get out more and get more involved and this is the outcome. I thought highschool was well behind me.

Tommorow night is a yearbook planning meeting at my house and the drama queen is expected to be here, so we shall see but for tonight I have had enough drama. I will now go spend some time with my 7 year old who is still awake and at this point acts more mature than the 29 year old woman did tonight.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

junk junk and more junk

Matt left for his week long business trip.

The kids and I went to a birthday party this afternoon. It was a skating party. Very cute watching the kids skate (well if you count hanging onto the wall for dear life) but they did make it around the rink once. I opted out of skating this time, I did last time they had a party but I was tired already today.

The kids are in the living room having a sleepover and I have started my cleaning. I always clean when Matt's gone. I started in his office and closet (he is probably reading this say oh my god what did she My husband is the biggest pack rat I have always said this, but I will say now that I am afraid he is rubbing off on me. I still ended up with a black trash bag full but I have to admit that I kept a lot more than I used to. Did we need it? No it is probably just junk, but what if? or what about? my cleaning is going but I am noticing that I am not getting as much out of the house as I thought I would. I have to say that Matt's desk looks better just being dusted and I can actually walk into his walk in closet in the office.

Back to getting rid of my junk!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday night

My exciting Friday night has consisted of packing my husbands clothes as he is leaving for a week in Pennsylvania on business, counting money for a PTA fundraiser and making banana splits with hubby and kids.

Matt leaves in the morning for a week in Pennsylvania and I am already dreading it. It never seems to fail that everything that I am keeping juggling in the air somehow crashes down while he is away. Several times a sickness either the kids or myself, other time car problems, something at the house...always seems to be something happens. I told my sons aide at school today that Matt was leaving tomorrow, and she was like no he can't. She knows to the way everything seems to go haywire.

We plan on getting up and going for a big breakfast at Golden Corral and then taking Matt to the airport. Tomorrow the kids have a birthday party to go to. Hopefully the week will pass fast and uneventful. I do tend to get more cleaning done while he is away so that is a plus.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Why does everyone ask me?

I do paralegal work, I have done it for years, got my certification years ago. I sometimes think if I knew how many people would ask me legal questions (instead of forking over the cost of a lawyer consult) I might have changed my mind. I do freelance work for several attorneys and am in the process of adding a few things where I can do more homebased work. Anyway, because I do have some legal knowledge it apparently makes me free target. That added with the fact that I have an my inability to say no to people (my hubby says I don't have a problem saying no to him so I should work on it with other people...hahaha).

This week is one of those weeks, a friend of mine who has a daughter in a wheelchair got sued for a medical bill, well it was not a justified lawsuit and I know they can't afford a lawyer so I did a few letters and took care of it. I was not even done with doing that and the neighbor across the street, whom I just think the world of is having a I spend about 5 hours this week trying to help them. Friends ask me to do things but actually this week helping both with such big issues is rare.

Family on the other hand drives me insane. Without going into too much detail my brother has been in and out of trouble since he was 15. Big trouble at times little trouble at most others. My parents constantly bail him out (figuratively and literally). It is a spot of contention for me. Last night I get a call he has lost his drivers license again. He probably doesn't need one anyway since he has had two wrecks in a week in my dad's new truck (which dad should no better than to loan him, but hey I am just the daughter what do I know). But low and behold my mom the queen of guilt calls and wants me to appeal the license suspension. UGH...if I do it I feel like I am bailing my brother out which I don't think he needs, if I don't do it then I guilt the mom supreme guilt trip.

I told hubby last night I don't want to be a paralegal anymore, give me a part time job where no one has any interest in what I do that I can still do from home, and in no way can what I do be of service to them. Does that sound selfish? I am really not a selfish person but I feel that Matt and I have so much going on with Braden's health and Brittney, school, PTA, just making our own ends meet, getting our own time together, so and on and so forth that all this "help" people are asking for is pulling me in too many directions. I know I should just say no, but if you knew me you would know that is probably the hardest thing in the world for me. I hate to disappoint, I hate to let down, I hate not to help.

So I guess I will do like I did this morning get up at 4:30 am to add some more time to the day. Of course I probably could have done some of my to do list in the time that I have blogged but as I commented in another blog this morning, it is much more fun to blog.