Sunday, November 27, 2005

A giving tradition

Today we went out for some family time.

First stop was the angel tree at the mall. Brittney has said for at least a month that for part of her Christmas she wanted to get an angel off of the tree.

Brittney is my give the shirt off her back kid, Braden is my I will give you 50 cents and only charge you 10 cents in interest.

Imagine my surprise when we were picking an angel off the tree and Braden piped up that he wants to do one too. I told him it would require using some of his money (Matt and I were paying for most of it but thought that Brittney could put $10 of her money in as well). His response "how much of my money". I told him not much and he was okay with it and wanted his own angel.

We picked a 4 year old girl Kristalbell and a 4 year old boy James. We really had fun picking out 2 outfits a piece, package of underwear, socks, shoes and some toys. We didnt spend a whole lot but I think all four of us had fun with it and I hope it instills some of the real Christmas spirit in the kids.

You get to keep the top part of the angel so I wrote the name of our angel on the card part and the year so that maybe we can do this every year and remember the angels the kids have bought for in the past and so on. The kids both proudly took their bags back to the Salvation Army tree and gave to the workers. I hope this to be a memory and tradition to keep. I know it made me feel good and both kids said they loved it as well.

27 days till Christmas. I believe I am all done shopping now....just have to do ALOT of wrapping now.


Middle_America said...

I know I enjoyed it. The ladies receiving the gifts for the Salvation Army Angel tree was very appreciative and excited as well.

It's a shame stores such as Target is banning them.

dakotablueeyes said...

The post office used to have a tree that hubs got names off of and they wanted the packages wrapped and labled with the ornament that was on the tree, well we did that for three or four years til bruce noticed that they were just throwing the gifts around and tearing them open in the process adn some of the ornaments falling off so who knows where the presents got to and even if they made it to the person they were intended for. Sad!!! I do want to start doing that with the kids though, they have a mitten tree at our library that I might check into. It would be local kids that way.

Nixon Casablanca said...

I'll never forget when we did Salvation Army' Angel Tree a few years ago. I got a list for a little boy who wanted "Wrestlin Mens"

I about cried. I went and bought him the coolest WWE action figures I could find.

My wife and I look forward to doing this every year.