Friday, July 22, 2005

Yard Sale is OVER

Yard sale is done. Weeks of planning, finding stuff, pricing, setting up, getting up at 5:30 so it could be set up by 6:30 and now it is over. Good news is we made a very good amount of money and got rid of ALOT. All I have left is one rubbermaid container so that was good.

The heat got unbearable this afternoon and we knew it would so about 12:30 we closed it up. It is currently 102 and 112 with heat index and it is 7pm. So it has been HOT.

The yard sale went well it always amazes me the different people that come to yard sales from the ones dressed to the nines in the fanciest cars that try to talk you down by half or the ones that look that they dont have a nickle that seem thrilled to pay your prices.

As I have blogged about before my SIL is just nutty (good thing she doesnt know about this blog), anyway she is insane well now we have more proof. She brought over some stuff for the yard sale last night. She had asked me and I had told her no I was doing it with a few friends and it would be too much then she called again and got hubby and sobbed storied him. Anyway she brought over some box was little figures snowmen, wisemen, angel so on. Well she had one wiseman looking figure for $30.00 I kid you not, $30.00, it was not porcelin or any fancy brand at all. Besides that she brought over crouchless panties (which I kept in the box in the garage because I refused to set them out). She told me I could go down on certain things but not on the others so I did, well then she called questioning everything. Needless to say she will NEVER again put stuff in my yard sale.

My two friends did well in the yard sale too, but I had to brag I made the most by a long shot...haha. But I guess I shouldnt brag just means I had more junk!


dakotablueeyes said...

lol Your sil is sooooo gone. lol do you see cookoo birds circling her head. lol Great on selling alot of stuff. Sheesh I wish I had just one container lol. Mine are fast filling up since having my sale last month.

Nixon Casablanca said...

We're preparing for a pending yard sale ourselves. We keep catching ourselves acting like the families on "Clean House" when it comes to deciding whether to keep things or get rid of them. Luckily, we're not on National TV doing it.