Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Celebrating four friends birthdays tomorrow and I am bringing the cake. I am happy with the one and not as happy with the other but oh well that is me. Here is the wii controller cake and what is suppose to be a white maltese. It was also my first time ever to mess with fondant. It was different to work with.


Woke up this morning to this

All the schools surrounding us are closed. Of course Brae said that this meant we didn't have school either. At first I told him we only cancel if there is enough snow and ice to stop of us from walking from the bedrooms to the schoolroom.
But after getting around and watching the gloom I lost my desire for school too.

So we had game day. Brae is so glad we had no school...yet we worked with money and grammar.

So all in all a good non-school day. We are staying in and warm today.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild Shootin

My friend was telling me about a play set at Target where you set up targets and shoot at them and the signal makes them bounce up. She was getting one for a class she is teaching on the Wild West and I thought I would get a set so she could borrow it and have two for her class and Brae would have it.

Tonight we got it. He has had so much fun. You have to line it up perfect for it to work. He had to get Britt's cowboy hat on. He has done the whole shoot em up, twirl the gun, blow on the barrel, he squints one eye to shoot, it is all around cute to watch.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know the kids are going to get tougher and the games tougher as Britt gets older. But wow some of those parents are awful. The main director of the club had to threaten to throw out a parent for the season if he didn't calm down. The coach got warned as well. Luckily it was the game before us and not our game but parents were screaming across the court, coach was screaming at the players and other coach...this is 5th & 6th graders.

Tonight was a good game. Britt's team lost but she played well and really rebounded and hustled good. Just have to get her more aggressive. I always liked playing for the less competitive leagues that she did when she was younger but I can tell now that it has hurt her game somewhat. I can tell the kids that have been at this club since 1st grade versus the ones coming from less competitive leagues. But oh well she loves it and is doing great.

A few pics..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today we took the day to study Inauguration process and being the President.

It was fun.

First we did a general study on the Inauguration process, looking at the menu for the lunches, the china, all the fun details using this inauguration site

We also had fun playing the game If You Were President. We also decorated the oval office learning about some of the past presidents as we went.

We did some fun activities on what we would do etc Britt was all about the environment while Brae was ready to get the tank and take over the world. On the scholastic site they had to give money to the budget Brae was all about the army and Britt all about the environment and some to the others. Brae gave no money to education budget..LOL....that boy!

Here is a pic of the craft we did.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Should be an interesting wedding...

End of the month we are headed to Texas for my cousins wedding. Braden is the groomsman. My cousin has went to great lengths to include Braden in all aspects and even throwing his bachelor party at an arcade so Braden could go.

Anyway my son has it in his head that he is not going to wear the tuxedo. This morning he said "I think I would rather stand in front of the church naked than wear a tux"...that boy. So I see bribery coming into play...LOL.

Of course it might rank up there when Brittney was a flower girl age 5 and started making gagging noises when the bride and groom kissed and saying yuck yuck yuck.

I am thinking after a gagging flower girl and a nude groomsman we may not be asked to be in anymore weddings.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy busy busy I don't think that even covers it.

Okay I thought the holiday craziness would be done and January would be busy but not as busy. Oh I was so wrong. I haven't had this much going on in a while.
Of course the freelance work I do for the attorney's picks this month to pick up. For some reason my insomnia that I always suffer from and usually benefit from has went away I have slept in until 6:30 or 7 for over a week...that is SO unlike me. 4:00 am is my usual sleeping in and I functioned fine and got stuff done now I am sleeping in when I need to be up getting stuff done.

Wait I am not done complaining yet...

Then home school co-op because of course me that can't say no is in charge of it and this looks to be the largest one yet considering we had well over 100 kids last time let me just say eek. With the regular school, therapies, doctors, sports, etc makes for a crazy busy mommy.

Oh and don't forget traveling in 2 weeks to a wedding where my little boy gets to be a groomsman. Someone asked him the other day if he was going to be the ring bearer and he said "I am more important than a ring bearer I am the groomsman". Bless my cousin for making him feel so special and for having his bachelor party at a video arcade just so they could include Brae. Of course I have nothing to wear and I have yet to have Britt try on her dresses left over from the cruise to see if she can wear something from there. If not I will be out and about looking for two dresses.

So if I am missing in action you know why thanks to the fact that I just whined for 5 minutes...but it made me feel better..LOL.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Date Night

I don't know how long it had been since hubby and I had a date night but it had been too long. Last night we made up for it. Mom and Dad had the kids. We went out to dinner, looking around some stores, played wii fit (isn't that what everyone does on date night?...LOL). Basically just had a wonderful time together.

Today is mom/daughter time. I won two tickets to an American Girl Tea party so going to go to that. Britt has a basketball ball game but it isn't until later so it all worked out. She has been really needing some mom time so we will have that today.

Then I guess tomorrow why Britt is at basketball practice I will have mom/son time. Of course if I let Brae choose what he wants to do then we will be playing video games and that is fine with me. So everyone will have had their time this weekend....I guess my time is in May when I sneak off to the home school conference with friends...LOL.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My little smart alleck

The setting: School is done, and Brae says he needs something to do.

Me: "Why don't you read one of your new books you got for Christmas?"
Brae: (Lays in the floor holding his stomach laughing) "Good one, mom good joke mom, hey sis did you hear mom's joke it was so funny".

I took that as he wasn't going to get his new book out. Ugh trying to motivate that boy to read will lead to all my gray hair.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year!

2009 New Year, New Resolutions!

I did fairly well with last years resolutions as I am definitely in better shape than I was last year at this time. Of course still have a long way to go too.

We talked to the kids about resolutions. We are all making a few and putting them up on the refrigerator. I told Brae that it would be good for him to read every day he said "I can't do every day but how about 5 out of 7". I told him it was a deal. Of course if I can get him to do that without an argument that will be a miracle in itself...lol.

We had a quiet new years, watched the ball drop and watched lots of Disney channel.

Last night the kids had friends spend the night so they had a blast with that. It is so funny watching them all grow up. The girls were in Kindergarten when they became friends.

Planning a quiet weekend or at least quiet Saturday. Then Sunday Britt's basketball starts back up after the holiday break. Then not a weekend or a Thursday night free until end of March I think...eek.

The wii fit is still a big hit here. We are all loving it. We are all so competitive when one of us breaks a record the others are challenged to break that one and on and on.