Saturday, September 25, 2004

Getting into the blogging.

When my husband first started the blogging he was like Kel you have to start this you would love it. And it does sound like something I would love, but I just to this date have not gotten into the habit. I love reading them, my husbands blogs are great and sometimes I even learn things I didnt know like why there was bird litter all over the garage! I also read some that he has on his list and I enjoy keeping up with them. So why does it seem like keeping mine up is a chore, I think some of it may be that it was my hubby that started the idea and not an idea I had on my own. Not that I dont love his ideas but since it wasnt something I started it seems harder to keep up. Makes no sense I am sure but I am going to try to keep it up more, because I do think I will enjoy once I really get into it and keep it up.

The main things that have been going on around here is taking Braden my son off dairy products and seeing the tremendous change, but still having to argue with our regular pediatrician because to her nothing out of the main scope of medicine is worth trying. Very frustrating.

Brittney is in first grade and is so boy crazy she says "mom I kissed Daniel today"..I am like sweetheart you shouldnt be kissing which she replies "Dont worry mom we go behind the trees where no one can see us"...UGH..that was suppose to make me feel better as far as she was concerned. She has been excepted into the GATE Gifted and Talented Education program and we went to our first meeting last week and it seems like it will be a fun program with lots of activities. She is wanting to start playing basketball this winter so we got a little break from tball being over but it is all about to start again with basketball.