Monday, June 29, 2009

Insmonia and catching up

I have been up since 2. Oh well it allows me to get a few things marked off the to do list. I will be dragging this afternoon.

I celebrated my 35th birthday in Texas. Wow 35, I remember thinking that was SO old. Of course here lately my body is reminding me it is getting old. I did something I had wanted to do forever. I got a tattoo. We went with my aunt and uncle to the big expo that Texas had. If you could have taken a pic of me there it would have been what here does not belong. I had never seen some of those things in my life wow different. I got my simple very special to me 3 hearts on my ankle.
Most are surprised I got one but I wanted one way back in college but then it was just a butterfly now this is something that is a special thing to me. I have caught some flak for it already and I am sure I will catch some more but on this issue it is for me and let those that want to judge do so but I am not going to regret this.

We were in Texas two weeks so the next two weeks will be spent catching up and by that point Britt will be on her way to camp for the first baby. Then she will be back a few days and the kids and I will be off to Texas again.

Before we leave again I plan to do a yard sale (yes I may be crazy)...LOL...but I know that after we get back from Texas we are home a day and then leave for a two week trip, then come back from that and I want to start school so I need to have the house clean before Texas trip. Busy busy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My little smart alleck

We went out with my cousin and her family to a thai resteraunt. Hubby has eaten thai before but not the kids or I. Britt being my picky eater we had talked about trying new foods the whole way.

We get there start looking at the menus before my cousins family gets there. Britt is starting to snarl about the foods. I say "Brittney I don't want any attitude from you on this". Without missing a beat Brae looks up and says "Oh is attitude on the menu"...Oh he is so quick and such a smart alleck but so cute about

For the record I didn't like thai food, neither did the kids. Hubby loved it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kids boredom

I am recycling an old post. Crazy around here right now. I have things to blog about but not enough time to sort them out in my mind and put them down. So here is a tip I have for kids being bored.

We have a box of 3 x 5 cards. Probably 100 cards in the box. This is the "I'm bored" box or the "I'm done with my school and my sibling isn't" box.
Each card has something writing on it. Examples: Play board game, play Lego's, make a matchbox city, do a craft with pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks, read a book, make up a silly code and write a message, put together a puzzle....ideas are endless.
It makes it easier to have them written down. I give them out different ways, sometimes pick 6 and put them face down on the table for them to choose one (this way I know what activities I want to take place as some are messy, some are not, etc.) Sometimes I just say grab the first one, other times they look through and pick out of all of them. I am constantly adding ideas to the box, and little things add up to big fun on the cards as well.
Somehow having it come from the cards, and not just me saying go do this or that makes all the difference!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Easy Fun Summer Cake

We had a pool party to attend this evening. I knew I would be gone all day but that the kids would expect a fun cake. This was so easy SUPER EASY and the kids all loved it.

Pretty self explanatory. Round cake, I mixed a drop of red and yellow to make the peach icing, I used white lifesaver mints for the eyes and just put a blue candy on top of the round hole, I bought the scuba set at the Dollar General store and just took the strap off the mask (so it is still usable), icing for the mouth, and black licorice hair.

Catching Up

I blink and it has been over a week since I have posted.

Staying busy and I know Summer won't be any different. Those that keep up with Brae's blog know how frazzled life has been.

I do have my curriculum for the next school year so I do feel better about that. Of course I have not done anything past purchasing it, no lesson plans or adding to it so far. I plan on keeping some stuff going thru the summer but I have not yet decided when will be the official start of the new school year. Probably when I finally get around to looking thru the new curriculum. I got to go to two different home school conferences this year. I have new stuff and I am excited about it. I will work on posting what I will be using for next year soon. I also got to go to a Scholastic Book warehouse sale...oh the book lover in a kids book warehouse at 50% off...needless to say the kids have lots of books!

I need to find my pics from the rodeo. Britt got her a western belt. She had got boots for Christmas and jeans soon after that when she began horseback riding lessons, now she the belt so she is pretty much a real cowgirl now!

Trying to get the summer planned out. Next week our friends from Fort Worth will be in so that will be a fun and busy week.

I always intend to try to keep up with my blog more but you know how it goes!