Monday, August 31, 2009

Too much juggling

I have had several balls in the air lately. My freelance paralegal work is booming which money wise that is great time wise not so great since I end up doing most of my work at 4 am and then running it by the offices after the kids are done with school.

Adding to that Brae's appointments, Britt's basketball, horseback lessons, girl scouts, Brae's soccer, being co-op director, and school for both I was dropping balls left and right.

I had asked Britt about girl scouts and she was like I don't mind if we do it or not yet I still kept being the leader. Finally as I was in tears last week I knew something had to go. Girl Scout meetings themselves weren't too time consuming but prep for them, and organization of all the paperwork the organization requires was just too much. I realized I was keeping it up because I felt I needed to and yet my own child didn't even care about it. I asked other moms to step up and everyone was to busy and I understand that but I also realize I am too busy to. So no more girl scouts. That frees up some time and stress. Maybe that will help somewhat.

I know work won't stay this busy I just have to get the case load manageable again. Co-op director is a big job for the home school group but I really enjoy it and my kids benefit greatly so that is staying. Trying to find horseback riding closer to eliminate that taking 3 hours at a chunk. Basketball will just stay crazy but she loves it and it is good for her. Same with soccer. Of course school stays even though Braden tried to convince me that they could take a break from school "for a year or two"...his words. Obviously not going to happen but he is cute when he is trying to get out of school...which means he is cute all the time!

A pic from this weekends first soccer game. I didn't get any pics of Braden being goalie...oops.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New week..

Here is hoping this week isn't as crazy as last week.

Eeek Brittney and I spent every afternoon at basketball camp last week. We left our house at 2 and camp was from 3-7 so it was 8 before we got home. Made for a long week and a sore girl. She loved it though. It is going to be a tough competitive team and she is going to have to up her game even more but she loves the sport so much and her height gives her a good starting point and then she pushes herself so I think she will do fine. She is the young one on the team though but as she likes to point out she may be youngest but she isn't the shortest...LOL. She measured at 5'7 the other day...remember she is only 11.

I started school with the kids last week. Which may not have been my smartest decision but maybe it got us eased into it a little bit. I am already unhappy with the English I had picked out and I am not even going to continue it I ordered a new program last night. I said I know I don't like it and it wasn't cheap but we will all be miserable if I try to make it work so out with Switched on Schoolhouse Language and in with Easy Grammar.

Brae started soccer up. Hubby is coaching. He went to a coaches clinic Saturday and came home realizing how out of shape he was. So we will all be using the gym membership and we will both be working with the kids on their sports so maybe we can all get healthier.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School!

Starting school today. School room is not exactly how I want it, things aren't as planned as I wanted but much to Braden's chargin we are starting today!

Pics of the kiddos the first day...none of the teacher because she was still in her pajamas...LOL

My 6th Grader and my 4th Grader!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods

Vacation is coming to an end. It has been so much fun. Tomorrow we leave Colorado Springs heading to Amarillo TX to visit family and then on home on Saturday.

Today we road the Cog Railway to the top of Pikes Peak, and went horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods. The kids got to see Big Horn Sheep going up Pikes Peak I think that was the highlight. Braden has had a rougher time last night and today but I think he is doing better. Time to get back home and on schedule with him.

I have put LOTS of pics on my flickr.

Monday, August 10, 2009

having fun!

Vacation is going great. We are loving it.

South Dakota is beautiful.

I have been loading lots of pics on flickr.

We are on the go and we are having lots of fun!

Friday, August 07, 2009

On the road again....

Road Trip!

Family Vacation!


We started out yesterday.

If you want your laugh of the day this is what happened to yours truly.

We were rushing getting around yesterday morning kids were loaded I was last one out the door, getting everything ready for MIL who is housesitting for us, we got on the road. About 3 hours later we stopped for gas and a break. I start looking under the seat everywhere.....I had not worn shoes...I had left my house walked to the car barefoot and had no shoes. So now hubby is calling me hillbilly!

The bright side new shoes!! I did have a pair of tennis shoes in the suitcase for horseback riding later on in the trip but I couldn't wear them the whole time.

Yesterday we went to Fort Riley, KS the military base I group up at. What a fun trip down memory lane. I took pics of my old house, the kids got to look at lots of tanks. It has grown so much...I guess that is expected after 20 plus years but still it was so neat to see. Security much tighter than it was over 20 years ago too!

We are going to do a few things here in Topeka this morning then onto Omaha, NE. The hotel there has an indoor waterpark. FUN!

Here is a pic from Fort Riley