Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I just love tidbits o finformation that I didnt know before...and wow having a way to share my tidbits even better..LOL.

Most probably have heard of this but I hadnt.


If you have a cell phone you are suppose to put in your directory ICE (In Case of Emergency) then the phone number you put there is who you want contacted if something happens in an accident and you are unconcious, ect.

Apparently medics, police and hospital personnel are being trained to automatically look for this on your cell phone.

I thought this was interesting and actually a good idea. I knew to have an ID card taped under the kids car seats but I didnt know about the ICE.

Apparently there are even places on the internet where you can buy stickers that say ICE to put on the back of your phone.

So I guess I will have hubby (have I mentioned I am technology impaired) add that to my cell phone directory.


dakotablueeyes said...

I had no idea about this. but have added bruce's cell as my ICE number.