Friday, October 07, 2005

No more baby room

I was going to post before pics of Britt's room but that would require digging through the ever growing unorganized picture box and frankly I was afraid so instead you get the after pics only.

No more baby room. Now we have a "Cool" room.

Now Brittney's trophies are proudly shown on her purple wall, you can also see the jewels I used as a border around the room.

A view from the halldoor you can see her toybox that I put a rug on so that she can use as a window bench too. You can also see the beaded curtains.
A view of her bedding, her cool lamp, and retro rainbow colored alarm clock.
This is one of my favorite parts it is a white wipe on wipe off board as well as cork board in purple and pink for pics, ribbons, etc.
A view of Brittney's room showing the headboard, some of her porcelin dolls, her collection of snow globes.

Another view of the beaded curtains.
The Bratz poster and showing the jewels around top.


dakotablueeyes said...

Awesome I will have to show Kaylie later, she's sleepin rightnow.