Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Craziness!

I did good on blogging for about a week but as my husband recently reminded me it's been over a month!...My excuse....HOLIDAYS! Just crazy, I finally think I am done with all the shopping and I think of something else that would just be perfect with this or that or for this person or that person. Add to that the baking, the school parties, the 4H parties, the work and family obligations and my November and December are blurs of activity! The unfortunate thing is I dont see it slowing down much already next week my daughter is having a slumber party, I am babysitting for a friend, and New Years Eve is lurking too be planned! Maybe soon it will calm down, the kids are out of school till the 3rd and so at least I wont have teachers saying..."Oh Mrs. Cole do you mind doing.....so and so.