Sunday, October 02, 2005

Done once again

Brittney's room is clean...again.

Not only is it clean it is now redecorated as well.

No more little babish girl room. Brittney said "that pink baby room makes me feel like I am five". Keep in mind she is only 7 (will be 8 on 3 weeks).

We went from pink sponge painted walls with a heart border, pink bedspread all pale and sweet looking...that look is no more.

Now we have...

One hot pink wall, one green wall, one yellow wall, and one purple wall. I used colored gems in a random pattern at the top of the wall for a border. She has a bratz poster framed in a silver frame, one wall has a puzzle board on it with pink and purple cork board and white wipe on wipe off board pieces. We have bright beaded curtains on the windows.

We picked Brittney up from my parents and didn't tell her about the room. When she walked in she let out an excited little yell. She said it is awesome and so cool and had declared that it is not a baby room. My hubby thinks it looks like a teenager room. Definetly a change. Our baby girl is growing up way too fast.

I tried to take some pics but the sun was glaring at the wrong angle so will have to do that later.

Everything looks really good and it is all clean and organized! I had gotten some stuff out for a yard sale and then today I went in with the black trash it is clean! It wont stay that way long but today with the redecorating done and it all clean it sure is nice to savor.

Next on the home list is painting the living room, entry way and hallway. Braden's room will be done closer to Christmas time and he has requested camaflouge (misspelled?) and I am already getting lots of fun ideas.


dakotablueeyes said...

can't wait to see it

Matt Wisner said...

My wife painted my girls room with 3 walls purple and one wall pink... what is with this different walls different colors. I guess you guys know.

kel said...

The different wall colors seems to be what is in along with wild colors!