Friday, June 29, 2007

Yard Sale is done

Oh what a hot day, no rain so that was good so we could have the yard sale and I made a little more than the goal I had for myself. So all in all good but oh hot hot and humid. And I had to sit with crazy SIL for 2 hours...yikes...but at least made good and got rid of SOOO much stuff. Now for a hopefully laid back relaxing weekend...oops I probably just jinxed myself now.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wasn't just me

Remember my bad swimming lesson experience.

Just got an email from a friend who is doing lessons through the same place, and apparently they are not any better.

I had already given her the supervisor's name and she has already called him.

I wish they had a better experience, but kinda glad that it wasn't just me that had such a bad time with them. I think it all stems to the head lady they have in charge, bad attitude there all the way, she is giving Red Cross a bad rep as far as our local swimming lessons are going.

I am also glad I didn't take them up on their offer for two more weeks of swimming lessons, I did not want to deal with that lady another two weeks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random tid bits

My birthday was great! Braden said "Mom was it the best birthday ever?" I told him it most definetly was. Both kids were very proud in their helping. The Strawberry cake was sooooooo delicious. Yummy. Of course now today, back on the watching what I eat.

Going to have to get very serious on my watching what I eat and excercising. A doctor appointment I had on Monday did not go well. I need to lose 20 pounds. Doesnt sound that hard, but it seems to be for me! We will see if that 20 pounds helps lower this out of control blood pressure, ugh, I am trying to do lots of natural stuff because I hate hate blood pressure meds, especially with other meds that I take.

Suppose to have a yard sale on Friday, but I don't know if the weather will cooperate or not.

The plans for moving, are going, still going very slowly. The yard sale is a good step, we have really been cleaning out. Next month the goal is to get our bedroom and bathroom repainted, going with a nuetral theme. Hubby is in charge of placing some boards in the privacy fence (we decided not to replace the whole fence). Plan is still to put it on the market in January, but we have had someone call a neighbor because they heard we were moving and wanted to look at the house (they don't want to move till January, so it may be perfect we shall see).

Here are a few pics. My new dining room table, it fits better in the area and can easily be put in a breakfast nook in the new house, I really like it also pics of my really good straweberry birthday cake, and the kids playing with their pokemon (i really don't think they have enough of them do you?..LOL, you can barely see their faces buried in the piles of pokemon)

Okay back to getting ready for this yard sale that is probably going to get rained out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

Nope not the kids this me me...yep up and about before 6:30, kids are already up and presents have been given. I was spoiled this year. I already posted below about the early celebrating but this morning I was totally suprised.

My haul from hubby and the kids: A digital picture frame (totally suprised didn't even think that I would get one of those until maybe at Christmas), Lush bath products (the best bath products ever!), a set of books (and the promise that I could sit around and read today!), a keychain with mace for my walking at the park, a Spurs Cell Phone cover (didn't even know they made them but it is so totally cook). One present that the kids made me isn't done yet (pottery) but I will get it soon.

Also they spilled the beans and I won't be having to have McDonalds for my birthday dinner (the kids loved telling me that) instead Red Lobster...yummy.

So I am surrounded by the best family ever and being spoiled rotten can't ask for a better way to celebrate my birthday!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I don't guess I can gripe

I usually gripe that the kids seem to celebrate birthdays for a week not a day. Well I can't complain because this year is my turn. Officially birthday isn't till tommorow the 26th, but it has started early. Friday the lawyer I do some work for gave me a great suprise of cash as well as singing happy birthday to me and that is so not his character that it made me laugh. Saturday my dad cooked dinner for me, we had a not very good cake, but really good homeade ice cream. Today my friends that work at the law office, got me a REALLY good Raspberry Lemon Torte Cake, YUMMY, as well as these VERY pretty purple roses.
Don't know what tommorow will bring, but I know there have been lots of whispering going on between the hubby and kids. When I ask what we are doing for my birthday Brae tells me taking me to McDonalds...He says it with a big grin and laugh so I am hoping that my little trickster is getting his mommy and that McDonald's isn't the plan...LOL...of course if I do end up at McDonald's for my birthday, I will be needing a new husband as well..LOL. No matter what tommorow brings from my family, I have already had a lot of celebrating!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Old Memories...but not that old

Britt found my highschool yearbooks today.

She laughed out loud, and pointed out all the "geeks" and asked why our hair was like that?

I enjoyed looking at them with her, remembering then she says: "Mom I love studying Ancient History".

Ancient? okay several several years ago but I didn't feel ancient, at least not till that comment.


Our central air apparently has a freon leak. Oh joy. Luckily my good friends hubby works on air conditioners. He came over late last night as soon as we realized we had a problem. Apparently the system had froze on the inside. So he wasnt able to add freon or anything. We slept with windows open and fans last night. It wasn't too bad, except my allergies are killing this morning. He is suppose to be here first thing this morning to see about adding more freon to get us through for now, and then he will get us in as soon as his schedule has a break and see about finding and fixing the leak.

So hopefully we will have air again soon. The system is not that old, put in of course when we built this house, but this is the 3rd time we have had major trouble with it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Can't say it is a boring week.

At the store, kids had went on with hubby after lunch. Did the shopping, had my purse in the front part of the cart and I was unloading groceries from the cart into the back of the car. All of a sudden major commotion. A guy trys to get my purse out of the cart, he snags it. Apparently he had already stolen a purse inside the store and security was running right behind him. Him stopping for my purse gave them a few extra seconds and they nabbed him. I got to stay and make a police report. I called hubby right away and was telling him about and he said well more blog material...LOL. Could have been a bad situation, thankfully all went well. The lady in the store got her purse back. I hope the attempt to steal my $12.00 was worth it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unexpected reply

I had blogged about my bad experience swimming lessons. Basically just to vent to you guys. Turns out someone from Red Cross read it. They left me a comment and I followed up on it. I have to say that they are being SO nice. The local director called me today, he has already went down and spoke to the instructor and supervisor. He promised me tommorow I would see a big difference. He also asked me to call him tommorow let him know how it went and what they could do to right the experience. I hate to ask for my money back, because Brae did get a lot out of his lesson. I am not sure what I am going to tell him as far as making it right, but I am looking forward to tommorow. We were rained out today.

Monday, June 18, 2007

New technique?

Kids are in swimming lessons last week and this week. Taking them with a friend of mine and her two kids. We called around these were done by Red Cross thought that would be good.

I was wrong.

First off, there is a red cross lady who is older and probably great, she doesn't teach, all I have seen her do is sit in the snack bar area. There are 3 teenagers (around 15 or 16) and one aide (12) that teach the classes. They are broke up into 2 sections. Brae is in one section and I have to say he is learning and I am pleased pretty much with his class. There are two teachers because it is a larger group.

The parents are in bleachers away from the kids so you can watch it all but not be right in the middle of lessons, which I understand.

Britt's group has 4 kids and one teacher. Not bad ratio. Well it wouldn't be bad if there teacher got in the water. Not once in the water. The other teachers with the other group are in the water moving the kids arms right way, spotting them, etc. Not Britt's teacher. First few days she stood on the side and and made the motions with her arms. Now apparently that was too much so today she pulled a lawn chair out beside the pool and sat in it. Never even takes her flip flops off. Apparently this is a new way to teach swimming that I was unaware of.

Both my friend and I have complained but it isn't doing us a whole lot of good. 3 more days. Now we just take bets between my friend and I weather the teacher will take off flip flops, swimsuit cover, or totally leave the kids as she did for about 5 minutes one day last week. During that time my friend and I didn't care about the no parents around the pool rule and went and stood by the pool. The main lady was not happy but we were not letting our kids be in water that was over their heads with no one right with them.

I can at least be thankful Braden has learned the basics, and Britt has learned some confidence by going off the diving board, and I think she knows how to sit in a lawn chair and get a tan too, I guess that was the bonus instruction.

Tennis Anyone?

The kids have loved tennis camp. We found a college student to give very inexpensive private lessons to the kids ongoing. So we are looking forward to that. He asked how many nights a week we wanted to practice, I told him we aren't looking for Wimbeldon here just some basic tennis. One night a week is plenty I think.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend in review

Can't even remember what we did Friday night, so I don't guess it was too exciting.

Saturday hubby turned 36. Inlaws were inlaws nothing new. Just so disrespectful and not caring of others feelings. Just drama with them, and I am so over caring anymore. Hubby liked his new electronic gadgety thing that the kids and I got him as well as his other goodies. Ate lots and lots of cookie cake so will be doing lots and lots of walking this week!

Sunday called my father and wished him a happy fathers day. He was using his present that I had given him yesterday. Church, then lunch at Logan's. Then we spilt the children. Hubby and Brae went to see Fantastic 4 and Britt and I went to see Nancy Drew. Which was a very cute movie. I enjoyed seeing it with her. Then home where kids have played a video and hubby and I have worked on various projects. Now time to get ready for the week. We have tennis and swimming again this week but I will not do as many after those activities and make time to rest so that Brae doesn't have another episode.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day Hubby!
We love you!

I love that Matt is a hands on dad. Doesn't phase him in the least to take the kids grocery shopping, keep them for however long, do projects with them, help them with school, he craves time with them just as they crave time with him, and for that I am very thankful.

I remember you helping me with Brittney the first few days, when I was still scared to death. You were a great dad before our kids were even born taking care of me for weeks and weeks of bedrest so that the little ones would arrive safe. One of my favorite memories is when Braden was born. My mom wanted to take Brittney home with her for the night, but no you said you had her and you would bring her back in the morning. You had went straight to see Brae in the NICU and a nurse had came in and said she saw you and said you can definetly tell daddy had his girl this morning. Yep you sure could with the mismatched outfit and the barrettes sorta in sorta out of her hair, but she was already turning into a daddy's girl and you didn't flinch to take care of her whatever she needed.

I don't think I could have picked a better dad for my kids had I known just what to look for! The kids love you so much and so do I. Happy Father's Day Sweetheart!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Hubby!

This is the 13th birthday that I have been blessed to be with you on.
I hope you have a very happy birthday and hope that you love your new toy. I would tell everyone what it is but you know me and electronics!
I love you and am so blessed and thankful for our time together. Next month we get to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. I love you honey! Have a happy birthday and don't eat too much cookie cake!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Too much

This week has been so busy. Yesterday I was given a reminder that I can't push Braden as hard. That little reminder that sometimes come when I get to compliant with his medical issues, when I forget that he needs a lot more rest than other kids. Yep the seizure kind of reminder. The 103 fever with no sickness just because he was so tired. It is so hard to watch him suffer. I shouldn't have done tennis and swimming on the same weeks, plus doing so many after activities with our friends who are in for two weeks. Braden's little body just couldn't handle it. Came on very fast yesterday afternoon. We had planned to take them all to see highschool musical the play last night, but hubby stayed home with Braden and that suited Braden just fine. His fever finally went down no big seizures just a few stare outs, he laid on the couch all evening and is still sleeping there this morning. I don't know how he will feel today, but I know it will be a laid back next few days, or as laid back as I can make it anyway. I think sometimes I just get so compliant with the fact that he is doing so well, it's not that I forget just that well he has done so good, and I push it too far and hate hate hate hate the fact that he had to suffer. Won't make up for the suffering of course but I think he will be really happy with his little stack of goodies that Britt and I brought him back from last night. I still have so much to get going and done today, but one way or the other his day is going to be more laid back.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Summer Bag

Participating in Works for Me Wednesday's at Shannons

Summer is busier than ever it also seems to be that time that I am out somewhere and need something. Even if I packed a bag the night before I still inevitably forget something.

So the solution...the Summer Bag.

A plain zippered bag that stays in the car all the time. It's contents are sunscreen, bug spray, sun screen reliever, face sunscreen, children's tylenol, small bottle of wound wash, bandaids, both kids a swimsuit, towels, change of clothes, some non parishable snacks like crackers or fruit snacks. If I use the bag when we are out and about and unexpectidly get invited to swim or something then the bag goes in the house on the middle of the kitchen table and does not get moved till things have been replaced then right back in the back of the car. It works for me!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Her what?

This week has been break neck speed. The kids and I left the house at 8am yesterday morning and returned at 7pm. It is crazy. Today Brittney gave me a chuckle. Remember she is only 9. This evening we got in and she wanted to get on the web and play webkinz with a friend's daughter. Well she called the friend using my cell phone. I waited and waited she talked and talked. Finally I said Britt I have to use my phone. She came back in a few minutes and asked if she could use the phone I said no because mom is expecting a work call. She kinda huffed up and said "That really cuts into my private life".

It was too funny, she is growing up so much, so fast. Still not getting me talked into a cell phone though her "private life" will just have to suffer.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back from the lake

Lots of fun at the lake this weekend, swimming, fishing, playing yahtzee, Uno, and visiting with family. Lots of fun but all very tired.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Too much work

For sleeping outside there sure is a lot to do.

Going camping this weekend. I am not an outdoor kinda gal, but the kids and hubby really enjoy it, so camping I will go.

The ice chest is loaded, fishing poles, licenses bought, food ready and planned, sunscreen, bug stuff, and various other items are ready to go.

Just lots to get together for camping. We are planning on doing more camping, so maybe it will get easier as I see what we use more of etc.

Going to be lots of swimming, fishing and grilling.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

An off week

To qoute Braden's favorite saying "My head is not in the game" or more accurately my head is not in this week. I just can't seem to get this week going, and get into the things I need to get done.

Part of it is just feeling a little under the weather. The other part I don't know guess just one of those down in the dumps weeks.

Of course I could be feeling down because I will be forced to sleep in a tent this weekend...outdoor nature girl is really not my thing...haha. Actually mom and dad are taking the kids camping picking them up Friday morning, and then Saturday hubby and I will go down and spend Saturday night with them all. They will have the camper down there so the roughing it shouldn't be too bad, but hubby and I are taking our tent to sleep in. I am looking forward to Friday night alone with hubby and then hopefully some relaxing family time on Saturday.

Going to have the kids help me clean up house this morning for company tonight. I am cooking German food, that should be fun, I love German food. Guess I just need to get it into my head that I have to get things moving this week and just do it. This is so unlike me.

Of course I am not telling Braden that my head isn't in the game, because when he tells me that during school time I make him stand up and do 20 jumping jacks...and I don't really want to have to do jumping jacks..LOL

Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend can be wrapped up in a word "busy"...another word "sunburn".

Saturday was spent at a homeschool convention. I loved it. Of course they had a scholastica book fair there with all books 50% off, and just let me tell you I love books. I love buying books, that is one thing I dont think my kids can ever have enough of. They can almost always talk me into buying them a book. So I went a little crazy at the 50% off book fair, but it was books, so I can't be wrong about spending money on books!

Sunday was spent at a reunion at the lake. I have a nice wide 4 inch white line across my shoulders and upper arm, the exact place the coppertone no rub sunscreen landed. Unfortunately I didn't spray very good and I also have a 1 inch bright red stripe right by the strap of my tank top.

We were on the go all weekend as the convention was about 1 1/2 from here. Then the reunion about 2 hours. All in all it was a good weekend...well minus my weird stripe thing that is going to make me wear tshirts for a few days.