Friday, July 08, 2005

Not quite what I had planned

My parents called last night and asked if the kids wanted to spend the night. "Yes yes yes" and that was just my response the kids were even more excited.

So I planned tonight out in my head. I stopped and rented hubby and I movies not a Disney movie in sight! It was looking good. I planned to make quesadillas (sp?) anyway that was the plan.

The plan started going downhill at 4 pm when mom called and said "Why don't you and Matt go out to dinner with us and then we will take the kids"...ugh...didn't want to but my mom is a master of guilt so okay. I called hubby told him change of plans we would eat at a little catfish place in town and then the kids would go with nana and papa.

Plan continues down hill.....

Kids wanted to go to Fire Mountain and Papa cant say no so we ended up going a little farther than just here in our small town. Then of course since we were going to town Mom said just ride with us...mistake mistake...somehow dinner out took two hours and included a stop at KMart and Home Depot.

Finally home and Braden who had changed his mind and didn't want to go at dinner had decided that he did want to so cool all systems go evening still able to be salvaged. No Brittney decides she doesn't want to go and crys and Braden does want to go and crys...ugh back and forth. Of course then my mom has to add in that I am not handling the situation correctly.

The evening has now taken a nose dive.

Ugh...Mom and dad end up going home. With a promise to take both kids next Friday night. Yes they will even if it includes hog tying them....because that night Matt and I will be celebrating 10 years. So I have already told kids both will go next Friday.

We ended up salvaging the evening we played out in the pool some good family time. Of course my original plan included hubby and me alone out there but alas that will wait for another night.


dakotablueeyes said...

Ah yes, should have just taken the guilt and ran with it. lol Once the kids see you after being with the grandparents then they want you back. lol I feel for ya but here's to hoping that next weekend its not raining and you can get into that pool alone with hubby, get some tiki lamps and set them around the pool, since you can't sit candles out there lol.