Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to the airport

I had some reservations about how the visit would go. Now I am holding back tears and not wanting them to leave.

The girls have just wrapped themselves around my heart this weekend. They don't want to leave, either does my friend. We know they have to...even though I keep saying the house across the street is for sale.

We are definetly going to make an effort to get together more. Grown very close during the visit and going to miss them terribly.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gonna be sore tommorow

We have had a super fine time with my friend and her girls in from Pennsylvania.
Today was spent at Devils Den State Park, a horse trail ride, and then hiking and exploring caves.

Brae did much better with horseriding than I expected. His horse got off trail a time or two but he listened to the head rider and did what he told him and he was back in control in no time. Due to the fact it has been well over 10 years since I rode, first time ever for hubby, and something the kids have not done before I am thinking it is a good thing we decided to have a stay in and bum day for tommorow!

Also a good thing...I have been in charge of the camera so got to take pics of everyone else instead of having mine taken!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Plan in place

The visit is going very good, I had been slightly dreading, but all is working on great fallen right back into the easy friendship we shared when we lived in Pennsylvania and the kids are getting along great.

We hashed out a plan last night, so now the next few days are planned out: today hanging out in Fort Smith, shopping, lunch and bowling (had to throw something besides shopping in for poor Braden since he is so outnumbered while they are here).
Then Saturday Devils Den State Park exploring the caves and horseback riding. Sunday going to the Diamond Mines, and then Monday will take them to Tulsa for the day and flight is out Tuesday.

That gives me Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for our trip to Texas. We will be there however long depending on how Braden's check up goes.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Off to the airport

Britt and I are about to leave out to go pick up my friend and her girls.

Looking forward to the visit, but also dreading a little bit. Oh well...hopefully it will all go smoothly.

Still don't really have it all planned out which is so unlike me, but oh well it will work out...I hope (I am not good at going without a plan).

Do have tentatively planned hanging out around Fort Smith tommorow, a girls night out tommorow evening with dinner at Logan's, and maybe diamond mining on Saturday. Other than that nothing planned out. Did I mention that this is so unlike me?..LOL.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Removable Bumper Stickers

Works for Me Wednesday at Shannons

I like to support school sports teams, politics, and even like great sayings on my vehicle. What I don't like is bumper stickers that are impossible to remove or leave residue on the vehicle.


By a package of magnetic paper for computers in the office supply section. A package of 5 sheets is about $7.00. This will last for a long time. You just place the bumper sticker that you want directly onto the magnet paper and cut the magnet the right size.

The magnet then sticks to your car. When the elections over, or you just want to change the magnet comes right off, no fight no residue.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Okay...almost ready for company.

We did some yard work last night and more today before it starts the rain that we are expecting anytime.

I have cleaned both bathrooms, and told everyone now we have to go to the gas station up the road so that ours will stay clean...but they aren't listening to me!

The kids have been such helpers, I will be picking them up a suprise treat when I go to town tommorow.

Tommorow I will buy a few of the grocery items I have missed, and I am going to still Anne's idea of the basket on the bed. Have several errands that I need to do tommorow because basically as soon as my friend leaves, then we leave for Texas so I have to be halfway prepared for that too!

The office is still awful, but I think that will be hubby's job to get done.

Anne Tagged Me

Even though I detest these things because it is Anne i'll do it..LOL.

Here goes straight from Anne's blog who got it from somewhere else...

This is a game called Chinese Freeze Tag - What you are about to read are ten - hopefully - interesting facts and/or habits of mine. After you are done reading you will find a list of ten people in no specific order. These are the names of the innocent bystanders whom I have tagged and thus drawn into this game. They will then be forced to write their own blog listing ten interesting facts about themselves, and also select another ten people to tag - No Tag Backs! Very simple, hopefully interesting. Now, sit back, relax, and be amazed.”

1. I obsess over conversations, someone else can have long ago moved on but I will still be replaying conversations in my head what I should ahve said different, what they thought when I said that, on and on and over and over.
2. I read very fast, very fast, I can finish a book very quickly and retain all that I read in it.
3. I am a list maker.
4. I have a great memory (much to the chargin of my hubby!). I can recall word for word conversations, what people were wearing, etc.
5. I am completely tone deaf and cant sing on key for anything, but when I am in the car with my fav tunes I sing anyway!
6. I take pics of every occasion.
7. I am frugal and can stretch money, and find good bargains.
8. I am struggling to fill in this list of 10 things.
9. I have naturally kinky curly hair that I cant stand and pay more money than I should to keep it striaght straight.
10. I can't say no, if a favor is needed I can usually be asked and will totally disrupt my own schedule and duties just to not let down whoever asked me for a favor.

I am just tagging whoever wants to do it!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Great motivation

My friend will be in from Pennsylvania on Thursday....half the house is clean...I mean spotless clean. Nothing like company to motivate that extra deep cleaning!

Still have lots and lots left. I did get the menu done, of course I didn't know till I finished that my friends daughter had developed a Gluten allergy so I had to revamp, but I have worked around allergies before with Braden's dairy so it is doable. I have a huge grocery list to get today. Still have not planned what we are going to do, I have to get that done soon!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fun at the Amusement Park

Yesterday we took the Girl Scout troop to Magic Springs, it was so fun. We had 5 girls and then an additional 6 siblings, friends.

It was so fun. One thing I really liked is that Magic Springs has free fountain drinks, how nice that was! Saved a bunch and you didnt have to buy a souvenier cup or anything like that they were just free!

Braden once again proved to be the dare devil, riding things I wouldn't even ride with him. He did this thing that went round and round and stopped while you were upside down. Him and I did the roller coasters together! Britt is just not a big rider she got on a lot of things...she also got really pale on a lot of things. Matt suprised me by riding a few things...Britt is more like her daddy and Brae more like me.

We just had a lot of fun on the trip, all the kids behaved, it wasnt crowded, wasnt too hot, we followed back my fellow leader and good friend and talked on two way radios the whole way...just all in all a fun time!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Big time plans

Tonight Hubby and Britt head out for a father daughter campout with the homeschool group we belong to. So that leaves Brae and I for Mom/son time. I told him we would do whatever he wanted.

I suggested, movies, going out to dinner, whatever he wanted he could plan.

So what was his plan....

Eat grilled chicken salad (he eats all that goes on it but no and watch TV (Zac and Cody new episode).

I was like is that all?

He said yes mom, and lots of cuddle time....who can argue with that!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

He's right

Conversation with me and Brae:

Me: I am lucky. Do you know why?
Brae: Because you have great kids!

He is right about that, it was cute. This week has been a little topsy turvy as I have been helping out a lawyer friend of mine whose paralegal is on vacation. I have been away from the kiddos more than usual certainly more than I have been since starting homeschool. Both are feeling it, but especially Brae. He said he is ready for me to be done with this working too!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - kids responsibility

Works for Me Wednesday at Shannons

Teaching kids responsibility is an ongoing process. Something that we had a problem with is our kids have gameboys, they have small little games....I was finding these games everywhere.

New rule...

I find a game (also can use this for other items)....then it becomes my game.....if they want it back they have to work for it...I will put a different amount depending on the lack of responsibility. Britt may have to put away all the laundry that day to earn her game back, or she may have to dust my baseboards, etc. I try to make it something that they don't want to do, or I may just make them pay me a $1.00 (or more) which they really don't like.

Bottom line before throwing that game aside or that item aside next time, they think to put it in the right place to save themselves from having to buy their item back.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gotta think of fun things to do...

Gotta make Oklahoma exciting....found out this evening that we will be having company from Pennsylvania. They will be here in a week and stay for 6 days. So gotta think of fun things to do. Will be picking them up in Tulsa at the airport, so might find something to do there, then stuff in this area for a few days. Hmmm....exciting things to do are not high in quantity...thinking maybe going to Arkansas to the diamond mines, and then to the nature center for the canoes. Gotta think some more things. I am very excited about my friend and her two girls coming for a visit! This will be there first visit in this part of the country!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Family Conference

Yesterday afternoon we all headed to Bartlesville Oklahoma for a Family conference held at a large church there. The conference was not that large which made it very nice as you got to talk more one on one with people. The speakers were Dennis Swanberg whom I was not familiar with and Lisa Whelchel who I was so familiar with because I have seen every episode of Facts of Life! Also she is a homeschool mom and I have read a lot on her site since beginning homeschool.

The conference was wonderful, Mr. Swanberg was a funny guy who had a good message. Lisa Whelchel has written many books, on correction, homeschool, etc., she was an inspirational and practical speaker. I loved listening to her.

I had to have a pic taken of me with Lisa Whelchel (who I can't help but still think of as Blair from Facts of Life).

All in all the conference was great, I got a lot of practical child tips, that I plan on implementing and trying out.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A little too much correction

I think have corrected kids speech too often...

Speaking with a group of moms when one said "Ain't that blah blah..." and I didn't even filter my mouth I just blurt "Do not use the word ain't"...I was so embarrassed of course luckily good enough friends that they laughed about it all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - A fun border for preteen/teen girls bedroom

Works for Me Wednesday at Shannons

When I redid Britt's room she didn't want a little girl's room. She loves bright colors. I painted each wall a different color, but I wanted a border, problem was that all the borders I looked at locked in a scheme too much and I wanted something that could be easily changed out with different comforters, etc.

What I did was go to Hobby Lobby and get stick on jewels used for decorations, sweatshirts they come in different shapes and sizes, I took the large round ones bought 4 packages (less than $8.00 for all 4 packages) took some tacky glue and made a random pattern all over the top part of Britt's room. They stay on and don't come off but can be popped off pretty easily to repaint and change out. Quick easy and fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5 hours

It amazes me that they have been covering the Anna Nicole Smith baby daddy story for 5 hours straight on a major news station!

How sad is it that the majority of the day has been devoted to this.

Of course I readily admit I am addicted to useless information and did tune into find out. I tuned in and then tuned out. Enough is enough! Wasnt suprised by the results, but now the next story will be the mama of Anna Nicole Smith trying to sue and say she should get custody. I am sure that will warrant 24/7 coverage!

Monday, April 09, 2007

New week

Well we are all up this morning and even hubby is eating a little so maybe the bug is behind us.

Starting on our homeschool review this week. We officially finished the 1st and 3rd grade and are awaiting our transcript from abeka. I dont want to start the 2nd and 4th until Mid May then we will do a few days a week through the summer and basically go year round. Until then though we are doing some review and starting Oklahoma History. May do some U.S. Geography too as extra.

My to do list is growing by leaps and bounds and unfortunately the cross offs are not growing as fast. I know it will all get done but whew it gets a little overwhelming every once in awhile.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter! *updated with pics*

Happy Easter!

We are still getting over the stomach virus that took hold of Brae first. Hubby was last to get sick and so he is still the worse. We didn't even make it to church this morning which was very disappointing. We did use the Reserection Eggs that we had gotten and let the kids find those and I read the story.

My parents are bringing over dinner, I know hubby wont eat yet, I am going to try to. The kids have bounced completely back. We will let the kids find eggs while my parents and aunt are over.

Hopefully we will start the week on a better note!

Happy Easter!

Hubby is feeling a little better just ate some jell-o. I slept for a few hours and I feel more energetic. Kids loved all the easter treats, not the easter we had planned and certainly didn't plan to stay in pajamas all day but it was a good day none the less.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Onto the next

Well definetly a stomach bug that Brae had....because now Britt has it...and my stomach is quesy so I am thinking I am next. We have been so blessed not to have colds and things this year so I should complain about this 24 hour stomach bug but it is not fun.

On a fun note last night we had a girls night out last night for my friend Kim and Christy for their birthdays. 11 of us at Logan's for two hours lots of laughing and fun!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Presto contest


Five Minutes For Mom is doing a really neat contest. I didn't even know about the gadget. It is a presto printer and it is a gadget for the non-tech-savy relatives. Sounds really cool, check it out and enter before April 9!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

All better

Brae's fever broke and he is eating everything with no problems. I was cuddling with him and told him that I was worried about him. He leaned back and said "Why, mom you know I will always get better and be okay". His attitude is so wonderful. Anyway laundry is almost all caught up and things are pretty much all put away. Plan on watching Charlotte's Web tonight!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Laundry is going.

Most of the stuff is unpacked.

Sick boy laying on the couch. He has been sick all day. He just got some phenergan and hopefully with that he will be able to keep the other meds down.

It is good to be home.

I posted a bunch of pics on flickr but still have a bunch left. I sent a huge order for prints to one hour photo in town so will pick those up tommorow. Have lots of errands tommorow and things to get ready for Easter.

Home bound

Everyone else is still sleeping, but this morning we head on home. We enjoyed our stop in Nashville. The only not great part was about midnight when Braden woke up very sick at his stomach and continued this every hour until 5am where he woke me up to pronounce he felt great! So hopefully just a little bug. But before that everything was beyond great.

I really enjoyed Nashville. Once I got my bearings and learned the main roads we got around fine. The Grand Ole Opry was a highlight for all of us Matt and I really enjoyed it a lot.

I will be loading pics on flickr forever I think! I took so many pics this trip. We did a trolly tour of the city yesterday and it was so neat. I even documented the drenching we received because it was pouring when we came out of the Grand Ole Opry so have lots to post and lots of prints to get.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On the go

We have been busy busy this trip but have fit in so many things.

Last night we ate at an Aquarium Resteraunt here in Nashville. Fun fun! And the good experience helped make up for the awful experience we had at Joe's Crab Shack the night before with Anne.

Here are some pics of the resteraunt. They had a diver going into the tank every hour.

Monday, April 02, 2007


We are still on our trip and I have lots to post about but had to get this up first.

Braden is my try anything boy! Rollercoasters, whatever he will try it. Today we were in a mall outside Nashville and he had to try this bungee jumping thing they had set up. I thought he would be scared (I would have been) he LOVED it! Brittney wouldn't even consider doing it, neither would Matt or I.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Challenge

What a dad will do for his we went to a resteraunt in a GameWorks they had a challenge burger, if you ate the double decker 1 lb burger and fries you got a $10.00 gift card to play games both guys had to take the challenge....

The results...

And the kids loved playing games...of course hubby had to add to the $10 card but I think both guys loved taking the challenge, hubby said the burger was good as well!!