Sunday, July 25, 2004

Missing Matt

My dear hubby is away on a business trip for one week. He just left yesterday but I already miss him. I will say this though when he is away it gives me a great respect for all he does do around the house. I am very blessed in that he does a lot of the household chores when he sees that I am busy or soemthing needs done. Anyway, also gives me a greater respect for single parents as well just a week of being only caregiver and I am exhausted!

While he was in flight yesterday I cleaned like a madwoman, nervous energy I guess but I get a lot of deep cleaning done while he is gone.

Last night his first night away I ended up with 2 kids and 3 dogs in bed with me so needless to say rest was not that easy!

Hopefully the week will go by relatively fast.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Busy busy busy

This is one of those weeks where I will look back and ask myself how we got it all done.
Taking my son to speech 5 days a week, preparing to cater a wedding on Saturday and leave right after for one week away from home a mixed medical trip/vacation trip. My son has a procedure appointment at Austin CHidlrens this will be his last one so that is WONDERFUL news. We also plan some fun going to Schliterban in New Braunsfel Texas and Sea World in San Antonio and some outlet mall shopping on the way home. I had been hired to cater the wedding months ago and didnt know we would have to have Braden in Austin on the Monday so it just all happened to hit at once. Today I will be starting my cooking and doing the last of the shopping, running errrands and getting stuff ready frot he trip and hopefully getting packed tonight. So I will be ready for some rest next week for sure.

Friday, July 02, 2004

New Carpet!

After having some really bad cheap carpet that the contractors had put down we were finally able to get new carpet it was one of those deals that just worked out we werent looking for it but it was just there! So now our house has all new carpet and I just love it and feels so good too.

We are preparing for a trip to go to SanAntonio on July 10th so have to get the planning moving ahead on that my son is going to have to go to Austin Childrens Hospital for a short appointment. We are also making the trip fun too not just medical. We plan on going to Schliterban a big water park in New Braunsfel and to Sea World.