Tuesday, August 02, 2005

10:30 and no slumber

So far it is just a party no slumber to it.

We started with 14 I knew some were going to leave early. Had a few more unplanned calls to mom. Now we have 9. Braden and his little friend Noah fell asleep in Braden's room watching Pokemon movies. Brittney and her 7 giggly friends are still awake watching Princess Diaries II.

6 pizzas, a tub of cheeseballs, 2 packs of cookies, bag of gummy bears and more drinks than I can count have been consumed.

Flip flops were decorated and there were all kinds of combinations of colors and styles. I had bought balloons and bought bandanas and cut the bandanas in strips and then tied them in knots around flip flops. Some of the kids did some different combos and others did some really cute ones.

One mother kind of ticked me off and that kid wasnt one that Brittney really wanted anyway I had invited her because the kid kept asking me but then the kid was rude and mom was rude so she wont be getting another invite.

Just had a call and one left a doll and mom is having to come after it.

Oh the fun of slumber parties considering Brittney is only 7 and loves to do this at least 3 times a year I am thinking I still have several more to endure...oh joy...and I am sure my darling hubby who has been so wonderful helping tonight is really thinking oh joy...his patience is wearing.

Off to shush the kids.


dakotablueeyes said...

Kelli, Kelli, Oh Kelli, are you still with us? LOL just checking after having to go through that all night. What time did the girls drop off anyway?