Friday, February 29, 2008

He doesn't know me at all

Get this you would think my husband doesnt know me at all.

We have our big vacation coming up. Cruise is paid for so we don't have to worry about that but we have several things to get including some pants for Brae, a dress for me, some shoes for certain of us things like that.

Well so I am stressing about finding stuff. I am a planner, I plan stuff weeks in advance. Well yesterday I am talking to hubby and kinda strssing out and my dear hubby says "Dont worry we can just shop for the stuff on the way to Florida"...WHAT??? Oh my I was like no way no way I would seriously be having heart palipitations. In fact I think I had them when he even suggested it. If I had my way I would have our suitcases packed in the next 2 weeks and we don't leave till April 9th.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Future grammy winner?

"I miss you, you miss me. Together were as tight as bark on a tree."

Yep that's the grammy winning line from the new band. Of course the band consists of Britt and her best friend. Some of the lines aren't half bad but the one above just cracked me up. I remember having a band as a kid, of course all I remember is taking hours deciding what we were going to wear to the big concert. Britt on the other hand fills pages and pages of notebooks with songs.

I figure good handwriting and definitely creative. It is a cute phase and I am going to make sure I keep these notebooks.

trying to figure it out

Okay the doctors office took pity upon us and we are getting in next week. Of course it conflicted with another appointment but it was easier to change the one it conflicted with than wait another 3 months.

I know I have to scale down a few things but I honestly don't know where. I did talk to Britt and we are stopping art lessons for awhile, the time was not a good one and required some stretching so I did do that, but other than that I really don't see where.

Of course my big mouth opened up and offered to do yet another thing this morning...eek. It must be a brain disorder that doesn't allow me to say no..LOL.

One big commitment is almost done at least for awhile so that will help. I just look at the things and can't see anything that can go. Of course home school is a big priority, and with that I want to be involved and I have enjoyed the coop coordinator so I don't want to give that up. Girl Scouts is a little trickier situation for me but I feel led to help out there by several variables. However I need to train myself when I should and should not volunteer my time. Kids Tae Kwon Do takes time but it is good for them and hubby mostly takes care of that so it stays. Speech and doctors appointments are crazy in the next two weeks I will have a total of 9 appointments but not like I can get rid of those. Then the legal work I do yes I could quit for one attorney without hurting financially but I have a loyalty factor there in the fact that he has always been very good to me and I have worked on and off for him for 13 years so as long as he needs me to work for him I feel I should. The other attorney is a demanding position but financially it is very helpful. So see it is just crazy and then my big mouth adds more. Oh well I am done whining about it for at least now.

I just have to stay even more organized, I am thinking about figuring out the calendar on my phone so that it could beep me an hour before appts, using that and my calendar should ensure I don't miss something important like I did yesterday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ball dropped

Okay I think I have reached my limit. I am pretty good at juggling a lot. Well not so much today, Brae had a pretty important doctors appointment today one that took us 3 months to get into and I forgot it. Totally just forgot, had it on my weekly scheduler and just dropped it. I know things get forgotten but ugh I can't help just beating myself up over forgetting something this important. Didn't even think of it again until after 5, so will have to call and beg and plead for them not to make us wait 3 more months and try to get him back in. Ugh. So frustrated with myself. I am really feeling it here lately with just too much. Yet I can't quite make myself back off of things either. It is a vicious circle where I am concerned. The juggling is getting too hard something is going to have to give. I am really going to be praying on what things to cut back on and where to simplify.

Still here

I know I haven't posted in a day or two.

We are all finally feeling better. Basically we were sick from February 15-February 25..yuck. Brae gets another chest xray on Friday but hoping it shows that the left lung has cleared up.

Busy busy trying to get caught up from basically being away from everything for over a week. Legal work has piled up, hubby is leaving town on business trip so getting him ready, then the regular school, bible study, coop and so on and so forth.

6 weeks from today we will leave on vacation! Yeah! I am ready in the sense that I am looking forward to it, I am not ready as in the sense I am not all prepared. But I am working on it. We got on the phone last night and got a much better rate on the hotel we were planning on staying at before the cruise. The Nickelodeon resort, so glad we made the phone call it saved quite a bit plus got us a food voucher so I am all for that!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Maybe we are getting over it

Britt was hit with the crud, Brae seemed to get a second dose of it. It has been almost 18 hours without fever....maybe just maybe we are beating it. Hubby has scrubbed the house and is spraying lysol on every surface.

Brae will have to have another chest xray this week, but if the fever stays away then that will be a major positive step. Matt leaves out next week for business usually we get sick while he is gone but I am hoping we will be well and done with all of this while he is gone this time.

Still extremely tired and it has been a major stresser of a week but I am hoping we are all on the mend.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Science Fair

Today was the home school science fair. This was our first year to participate. The kids both enjoyed it. Brit placed 2nd in her age group and Brae 3rd in his. Which I thought was great especially with it being our first year. Next year we know more what to expect.

We had coop classes this afternoon, but Brae and I had used all our strength up. We had to come on home. Britt stayed with a friend so she wouldn't miss class. Brae is doing better but he was completely worn out when we got home and his cough is still pretty bad. Me I am just so tired, but I think we are all on the mend. The doctors office did call on Brae and he will have to have a repeat chest xray in 2 weeks just to make sure his lungs are clear again.

Below are the kids pics by their science projects. Brit experimented finding out what way gives you the best popped microwave popcorn, she froze bags, refrigerated, and room temp stored, the verdict was the most popped kernels were in the room temp. Brae used vinegar and baking soda to blow up a balloon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

doctor appointment

Verdict is bronchitis and ear infection, the fever causes the seizures which is the complication for us.

Braden was so out of it at the doctor but not out of it enough to tell the doctor several times "Thank you for taking care of me but I do not like doctors", he also told the nurses several times "I don't like doctors".

I feel confident he is on the mend now though because he has asked to play wii, and I am really glad to hear that because I much prefer that to the listlessness that has been the last day.

Fevers and a very strong boy *updated

2 am, and we are finally down to a workable fever of 101.2...I am so thankful that is the lowest it has been since late yesterday. We managed to keep him home it was touch and go there for awhile and I was ready to throw him in the car. What kept me from doing that is the knowledge there was nothing more they would have done except start an IV and he was drinking plenty of fluids, the only thing would have been if the diastat wouldn stop the seizures after 7 minutes but that wasnt an issue. The highest it got was 104.5. Bless his heart he was a trooper he kept saying "lets treat it at home" "lets treat it at home" over and over, he did everything we asked he has taken meds, taken baths, rags on the forehead, etc etc. He is drinking water like crazy because he has learned if he gets dehydrated first thing they will do is the iv. Don't even have to ask him to drink he is like I need more cold water. Scary to see him so sick, no matter how many times you deal with it, how worse I have seen it, still scares me each and every time. We will be at the doc's office first thing this morning, hopefully before all the other germs get there so we don't get more on top of this one.

* 7:05 this morning fever finally broke!

Monday, February 18, 2008

makes me think about my own attitude

I have said before I am a cranky sick person. I feel sorry for myself, I think about all I need to do, etc.

Such a contrast taking care of Brae during the night. He kept saying "sorry mom that I am keeping you up", "thanks mom for taking care of me". Very humbling. He is such a good spirit. No matter what he goes through he has a wonderful attitude. I am so lucky as a mom. I so often need to use his attitude to change my own. He takes what he has to with the best attitude even if he doesn't like it.

Good news is no seizures we have kept the fever low enough. He seems to be feeling a little better this morning.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


That's Brae's temp. Ugh. Poor baby. They were going to spend the night at Nana and Papa's tonight. He had called earlier and said he thought he was getting what I had. At that point he didn't want picked up, and he didn't really have symptoms except saying his throat was itchy. Then I get a call from my dad that he was getting a fever and we don't mess with fevers since he is so prone to seizures when he runs a fever. So now I have company in my sick bed and I get to watch a lot of cartoons and get lots of cuddles. He has already asked if he gets a prize out of being sick, I told him we would see....bless his heart he sure is sick, and I know how bad it is because I have had it the last few days.

No good at this

I hate being sick, and most of all I hate not having energy. I am so not a sit idle person. Ugh driving me insane. I have looked up sites for friends while laying in bed having the chills. Too zonked feeling to read a book. Ugh. I am so not a good sick person I am SO cranky.

Had to share a Brae story:
We had went to his doctors office the other day and the doc told him he needed to start wearing tennis shoes instead of his crocs because the crocs were not that great for him. Crocs is the only thing he likes to wear. So anyway we went over to the mall and hallmark had red crocs on sale for $9.99. Braden wanted them and I said "You know what doctor said" and he said "You know what my opinions are about doctors too" and just the way he said it cracked me up. So yep we got red crocs. He has listened to enough docs diagnosis him wrong he wasnt taking their advice on his fav shoes. We are going to compromise and start wearing tennis shoes more though, but that boy he just keeps me going.

Okay back to lay on the couch I got up out of bed at 3:15 so my hacking coughing didnt wake up hubby.

Friday, February 15, 2008

What I so didn't need

Started late last night, I commented that I had a tickle feeling throat, then started coughing.

Woke up this morning my chest hurt, I was coughing, throat sore, and I have been freezing.

I so didn't need this.

Of course when I am sick Brae wants to comfort me and cuddle with me. Of course he is the one that really doesn't need to be sick, but I sure love cuddling even if we are having to watch cartoons.

So I will be in bed most of the day, with lysol being sprayed often, and everyone using lots and lots of germx.

Of course it is suppose to be a busy weekend so maybe if I rest today I can pull off the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Thought

It's the thought that counts...and my hubby had sweet thoughts. Unfortunately the follow through didn't turn out as planned.

We had a super busy week this week so hubby did his Valentine shopping on Monday night. He also had to hide it till this morning. Well he bought a dozen roses and put them (with very little water) in his closet since Monday. So this morning he put them out for me and half of them were dead. I thought it was funny and have teased him about it. He also spoiled me with some other stuff too but now I can tease him that he got me dead roses for Valentines.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Cupcakes

Pics of mini cupcakes I made for a Valentines Party tomorrow. They were a little tedious to make but I think they turned out cute. Used fruit by the foot to make the roses.

Basically all you do is take fruit by the foot, the red ones, they have some that are already wavy or you can cut them with your scissors in half long ways making a wavy pattern. Then you have to roll them up. The easiest way was to take a straw and start wrapping it, then fold the petals back and place it on the mini cupcake, I cut up some green stacker fruit roll ups for the leaves. It was tedious but not hard.

Melanie has lots of tips on her site as she is hosting Works for Me Wednesday.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

This, that and a few pics

Gearing up for a super busy week. Most weeks are busy, this week is crazy busy...quite a bit more packed into this week than a normal busy week.

Picture below of another of the $4 bargain dresses I bought at JCPenny's. I cleaned our Pennys out of sz 14 girls dresses. I think I ended up with 8 dresses for under $30. So had to take a pic of one when she had it on for church. Of course she is my poser!

We went to the new church again, and again we were impressed, looks like this may be where we end up going to.

Also pic below of the kids in their new taekwondo outfits. Both a little big, but they are sized weird and the smaller sizes would have been way too short.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Date night *updated

Nope not date night for me and hubby, but date night for hubby and Britt. Tonight was father daughter banquet from the church we have been trying out. It is being held at the hall at an Italian Restaurant. They have been really looking forward to it. Britt wore her bargain dress I bought the other day for $4.97 at Penny's. I definitely couldn't beat that price. But onto the important stuff...PICTURES...

*They just got home a little bit ago. Both had a great time. They danced to a few songs, had a nice dinner, Brittney won a centerpiece off one of the tables it was a potted rose plant so she was excited about that. Matt also presented her with earings, which she loved. So it was a big success.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dogs and sewing projects

Okay since I did the last post without pics I am making up for it. First pic is of the newest member of the family, his name is Tex and he is a mini Rat Terrier, hubby calls him a rat. He is the smallest of the dogs, but that doesn't stop him from picking on the bigger ones. Next is Boots, this is Braden's dog and the reason I can sleep at night, if Braden starts having issues, like when he used to have seizures then Boots would bark and wake me up. He is a very good dog. After that is the trouble dog Brittney's poodle Nipper, he is a pain but she loves him.

Next a snap shot of the pillow case Britt made on Saturday with her sewing instructor. He is so good with her. This time he was teaching her to measure and make projects not to always rely on a pattern. She did all of this by herself except putting the buttons on it. She is working on a dress now, but Alex had to fix the part that I tried to help her with...seamstress I am not.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

This and that

Taking a much to do. A little catch up of the last few days.

Friday I met some friends and their kids at the movie to see the Hannah Montana concert 3D. Britt I had went to the concert so I didn't know if we would like the 3D movie or not, since we had seen the real thing. But it was fun. Brae who I had to beg and plead to get to go loved it and was waving his hands in the air and all.

Luckily Britt got over her stomach bug. My friend called yesterday and she got it from her daughter. I am sure hoping it doesn't get me as home school coop starts Thursday.

Britt had another sewing lesson yesterday, her instructor gave her homework that I am suppose to help her with...eek. I will have to post pics of the pillowcase she did it looks so neat. Yesterday she learned how to measure and cut your own pattern, how to do alterations. Our homework is to cut out her sundress patter and apply the interfacing. We shall see how that goes.

We got a new dog, or inherited a new dog. My mom called just crying away on Friday because her doctor told her that her allergies were becoming to severe and causing other issues that she had to get rid of her dog. She has a minerature rat terrier. He is about 4 years old. My kids love him too. We already have two dogs, but hubby and I had been talking and I was going to get a shizitzu (I know I misspelled it) for my birthday this summer. Oh well I would rather take this dog and make my mom feel better, and the kids were thrilled. He is a cute dog and a lap dog which is what I wanted. At least this dog is already trained.

Britt is at basketball practice. She is getting so good. Used to I would pull back playing one on one with her not now I have to work for my win, and I used to be able to beat her and Brae when they were playing together and I was by more, this morning they beat me.

This week Britt has art lessons, both kids tae kwon do, Brae speech, I have to run some work to the law office, hubby work, team kids at church, dinner with friends, home school, coop on Thursday, and I think that is it.

Have meatballs cooking on the stove for meatball subs to watch the superbowl...hubby isn't a big football fan so the superbowl is about the only game I really get to sit and watch unless we are at my parents.

I guess that catches everyone up on us the last few days.