Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter Party!

To celebrate the last movie of Harry Potter we decided to have a party. I know my kiddos are getting older and before long wont want these theme filled parties so I enjoy it we had a big party for presidents day, ground hogs give me a hint of a holiday and I can turn it into a party! This was also the first Harry Potter movie Braden had seen in theaters he had been too skittish before and would watch them at home later. Well I finally got him to read Harry Potter (a miracle indeed!) and then we watched all the movies and listened to the last book on cd. He was pumped for Harry Potter so I wanted to celebrate that too! I didn't get many pics of the games we did a creature hunt, muggle quiditch, we had fortune teller drinks, pin sock on dobby qoute and spell contests.

Lots of fun foods

The entry way was the platform 9 3/4 train station wall you have to walk thru to get the hogwarts express

After the party we went to see the movie which was AWESOME of course not as good as the books but still awesome in it's own right!