Sunday, July 31, 2005

Laid back weekend

Not really much this weekend which was quite nice.

Saturday included lunch out, a little clearance shopping. My daughter wanting underwear that are way to sexy to make in little girls sizes. My husband spazing about the underwear. A compromise which includes my 7 year old owning sexier underwear than I do but still not as sexy as some that were in the store. Of course she doesn't think of them as sexy they are just "So Cool" to her. Nevertheless we had the no one is suppose to see your underwear yadda yadda lecture.

Saturday night kids went to my parents, Matt and I got into a tiff which was both our faults but still managed to put a damper on the evening, luckily waking up to the house with no kids we were able to make up for it!

Today have gotten a few things done, not enough of course but ready for the week.

This weeks plans include a slumber party Tuesday night for a total of 12 kids at my house under the age of 8....doesnt that make you want to come visit me?


Jody said...

Makes me glad I only have 2 boy's LOL. I know my hubby would probably never let them go out the door if we did have girls LOL. Glad you guy's compromised though. Good on the no one see's your undewear talk too LOL. Sorry you and hubby argued but glad it worked out. Good luck on the slumber party I think I will stay home though LOL!! I hope you have hair left after all is said and done!!

dakotablueeyes said...

lol oh gosh I hope I don't have to go through that but knowing Kaylie I'm sure I will lol. Oh and can I send two more kids your way lol make it an even 14 lol

Matt Wisner said...

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that conversation. My daughter is only 2 so maybe I have some time to get prepared.

kel said...

Jody- Hubbys are definetly protective of girls. But I remember my dad was that way too. I remember last year when I turned 30 my dad teased me that I was finally old enough to date. He had told me my whole life I could date when I turned 30.

Anne - Oh boy I can see Brittney loving Kaylie being here she doesnt understand why we just cant go over to her house anytime anyway...but i think i will be pulling my hair out with the crew that is coming..LOL.

M-dub - The time goes too fast I was looking at Brittney tonight and I was like WOW she is looking TOO old.