Sunday, July 31, 2005

Laid back weekend

Not really much this weekend which was quite nice.

Saturday included lunch out, a little clearance shopping. My daughter wanting underwear that are way to sexy to make in little girls sizes. My husband spazing about the underwear. A compromise which includes my 7 year old owning sexier underwear than I do but still not as sexy as some that were in the store. Of course she doesn't think of them as sexy they are just "So Cool" to her. Nevertheless we had the no one is suppose to see your underwear yadda yadda lecture.

Saturday night kids went to my parents, Matt and I got into a tiff which was both our faults but still managed to put a damper on the evening, luckily waking up to the house with no kids we were able to make up for it!

Today have gotten a few things done, not enough of course but ready for the week.

This weeks plans include a slumber party Tuesday night for a total of 12 kids at my house under the age of 8....doesnt that make you want to come visit me?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stay At Home Mom

Today was one of those rare days when I actually got to stay at home.

Between therapies, doctors, home based work, children's activities and regular errands such as bank and so on it seems I am never at home. Believe me I have often thought that the person that coined the phrase "Stay At Home Mom" was crazy.

Today I didn't have to run was so nice. I cleaned the house up and not just the surface so people dont think we live like pics clean it was a deep clean that shows we really aren't pigs!

The kids and I rode bikes....well I ran beside Brittney but hopefully the no training wheel thing will catch on quick.

I even channeled Betty Crocker and cooked a huge sit down meal turkey, mashed potatos, stuffing, green beans, rolls and dessert. Yum.

Tommorow I already have 3 errands lined up so it is back to doing my part to add to fuel emmissions.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sno-cones made of gold!

This post was delayed due to Braden being sick, but now he is better and I can tell you about our circus trip.

Tickets were purchased weeks in advance. We took the middle priced seats which were $20.00 per person.

The pre show was an hour before the show and it was wonderful. Brittney was picked to go down front for tug of war with Hercules. I really enjoyed the light show.

Of course there were people selling things everywhere. We purchsed a light toy as we were told the kids would need them to interact with part of the show. At $15.00 each we were already getting into my yard sale money I had made but oh well it was a special day and it was a souvenier they could take home.

We were going to be at the civic center a total of 3 hours. 1 hour preshow and 2 hour show so we anticipated hitting the concession stand and then planned on lunch afterwards.

The only drinks they sold were in plastic circus cups. They said you get the cup free. Well you should because are you ready for the price of a sno-cone.......

$10.00 each

Yes that is right. My hubby went and got a cotton candy, 2 snowcones, 1 lemonade, and a small bag of peanuts for a grand total of.....


Yes I fainted when he told me, then he had to revive me so I could enjoy the rest of the show. Needless to say that put a quick stop to the concession stand even though we did end up getting a box of $5.00 popcorn before it was over.

All in all it was a good time, an expensive good time, but still a good time. I still can't get over a $10.00 sno-cone, because face it syrup and ice is not that high so unless I see that the sno-cones are indeed made of gold and not just priced that way we will not purchase another $10.00 sno-cone.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Flip a coin

Yesterday Braden woke up tired and running a low grade fever. I didnt think much of it because he had a big day Saturday. We went to the circus (I was going to blog on the high prices of snowcones but alas that will have to wait till next time). Anyway, sometimes he gets a lowgrade fever if he has been overexcited or too tired. I didnt think much about it.

By 7pm we had a 103 fever and were starting to have fibromal seizures (associated with fever he has them in the past but it has been 9 months since he has had them). Along with this he starts complaining of his right side hurting so I immediately go to ER with him.

Reached ER with seizing and right at 105 fever. He was given Motrin IV, they did ultrasound to rule out appendix (clear), Urine test (clear), blood work (clear), chest xray (clear), and strep (clear). So the doctor is proplexed why the high fever by now the Motrin has worked and Braden is ready to go.

Actually his words were "Mom grab the medicine we need and lets sneak out of here".

So the doctor says I am going to give you a prescrip for antibiotic just for precaution. So basically we dont know why he spiked the fever but now it is gone and the seizure aspect is undercontrol. He does mention that his sugar level was high and that we need to get in for a glucose test.

He wakes up fine, by 10 we again have a fever. To shorten this story basically fever comes and goes, doctors have no clue but have prescribed two different antibiotics just in case. I think they left the room to flip a coin to come up with a treatment.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Yard Sale is OVER

Yard sale is done. Weeks of planning, finding stuff, pricing, setting up, getting up at 5:30 so it could be set up by 6:30 and now it is over. Good news is we made a very good amount of money and got rid of ALOT. All I have left is one rubbermaid container so that was good.

The heat got unbearable this afternoon and we knew it would so about 12:30 we closed it up. It is currently 102 and 112 with heat index and it is 7pm. So it has been HOT.

The yard sale went well it always amazes me the different people that come to yard sales from the ones dressed to the nines in the fanciest cars that try to talk you down by half or the ones that look that they dont have a nickle that seem thrilled to pay your prices.

As I have blogged about before my SIL is just nutty (good thing she doesnt know about this blog), anyway she is insane well now we have more proof. She brought over some stuff for the yard sale last night. She had asked me and I had told her no I was doing it with a few friends and it would be too much then she called again and got hubby and sobbed storied him. Anyway she brought over some box was little figures snowmen, wisemen, angel so on. Well she had one wiseman looking figure for $30.00 I kid you not, $30.00, it was not porcelin or any fancy brand at all. Besides that she brought over crouchless panties (which I kept in the box in the garage because I refused to set them out). She told me I could go down on certain things but not on the others so I did, well then she called questioning everything. Needless to say she will NEVER again put stuff in my yard sale.

My two friends did well in the yard sale too, but I had to brag I made the most by a long shot...haha. But I guess I shouldnt brag just means I had more junk!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Doesnt she watch the news...

The kids had a play date today. We met for a picnic at the park. The park is a large one with 4 different play areas, woods, train track and a walking trail around it all.

My friend Terri and I were watching the kids as we heard the mom say "Okay Sara watch your brother". The mom then proceeded to leave the park she left the two kids Sara looked about 3 maybe 4 years old and the brother was in a diaper and wasnt walking well but was walking I would guess about 15 months.

Off the mom goes walking around the track. There are several areas on the trial you cant even see the play areas. We were stunned.

We stayed for about 20 more minutes and the entire time the kids were left alone. The baby got very cranky and was crying the girl just played in the sand. Another set of moms were there as well and I heard them talking about calling the cops, but as we were debating on leaving the mom got done with her walk and retrieved the kids.

What kind of mother would do this? Does she not watch the news? It would have been so easy for anyone to just grab those kids. Add to this there is construction going on in the area, a salvation army close, and a blood plasma center. Just several aspects that make a mom even more watchful.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sell It

Been trying to get the house gone through and ready for a yard sale this Saturday.

The kids always are hesitant to get rid of anything.

This time though Brittney has been quite good and actually has gotten rid of a lot of things that needed gone through and gotten rid of.

I cleaned Braden's room while he was out yesterday and did pretty good. But there were a few things I had asked him about the answer on if to sell or not was always "Not".

We were cleaning in Brittney's room and she had one of those learning lap tops and she wanted to sell it. I asked Braden if he wanted it and he said "yes". I said okay great it is for you to learn with.

He said "It is for learning, forget it sell it". The one thing he wants to sell....figures why do I have visions of him ditching school in 1st grade....ugh...going to have to drag him through school I can already see it.

I guess he will keep us on our toes!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

10 years and a day!

We officially passed the 10 year mark of marriage.

Insomnia has me up at 4 am...too much food and excitement last night I think.

Here is the edited version of our anniversary....

Matt woke me up with a sweet card, we had already exchanged gifts (as blogged before this). The morning was uneventful as far as anniversary went had errands and all that to run.

My dad picked the kids up early afternoon. Giving me time to soak in a bath and primp for my date. Even forgoing the usual comfy undies for something with a little more snazziness! We left the house early and stopped by his dads and even WalMart (what can I say even on a special occassion I can always squeeze in a WalMart visit).

Dinner was a surprise at Red Barn where we had celebrated our engagement 10 1/2 years ago. The resteraunt is so neat but kind of out of the way so not something we normally think about. It has individual stalls for optimal privacy. It was VERY nice and the food was wonderful.

Then it was home...I will keep the rest of the evening up to your imagination but it was a wonderful evening, and as I told my sweet hubby yes I would marry him all over again and I look forward to many more anniversaries.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

10 year anniversary gifts

Hubby and I celebrate 10 years of marraige tommorow. But since neither of us are good at hiding our surprises the gift exchange was early.

This is what I got.....................

I love it.....10 stones 1/2 total carat not too flashy but really pretty excatly what I have been wanting for so long. This is what hubby got....

Yep a Wagner Power Paint Pro....being the generous wife I am I also got 6 gallons of paint to go with it! I know I was almost too generous.

....something tells me I am going to have to be really sweet when the kids are away tommorow night to make things even...maybe even make good on pool promise from awhile back!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Not quite what I had planned

My parents called last night and asked if the kids wanted to spend the night. "Yes yes yes" and that was just my response the kids were even more excited.

So I planned tonight out in my head. I stopped and rented hubby and I movies not a Disney movie in sight! It was looking good. I planned to make quesadillas (sp?) anyway that was the plan.

The plan started going downhill at 4 pm when mom called and said "Why don't you and Matt go out to dinner with us and then we will take the kids"...ugh...didn't want to but my mom is a master of guilt so okay. I called hubby told him change of plans we would eat at a little catfish place in town and then the kids would go with nana and papa.

Plan continues down hill.....

Kids wanted to go to Fire Mountain and Papa cant say no so we ended up going a little farther than just here in our small town. Then of course since we were going to town Mom said just ride with us...mistake mistake...somehow dinner out took two hours and included a stop at KMart and Home Depot.

Finally home and Braden who had changed his mind and didn't want to go at dinner had decided that he did want to so cool all systems go evening still able to be salvaged. No Brittney decides she doesn't want to go and crys and Braden does want to go and crys...ugh back and forth. Of course then my mom has to add in that I am not handling the situation correctly.

The evening has now taken a nose dive.

Ugh...Mom and dad end up going home. With a promise to take both kids next Friday night. Yes they will even if it includes hog tying them....because that night Matt and I will be celebrating 10 years. So I have already told kids both will go next Friday.

We ended up salvaging the evening we played out in the pool some good family time. Of course my original plan included hubby and me alone out there but alas that will wait for another night.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Of course I am

After weeks of trying to convince dear hubby that we did indeed need an above ground pool he finally relented. I even had to fill his head with images of the two of us sneaking out there after the kids were in bed. He grumbled a little but relented, we bought it and put it up this weekend.

It isn't anything fancy one of those with the blue inflatable tops but it is 18 feet across and 4 feet deep.

Well tonight was our first night as a family in it. I have to say it was wonderful as this seems to be a bit more stressful week than usual. Also it is wonderful for Braden's physical therapy. About 5 times Matt said "wow this is really nice", "this is a great idea", and so on. I grinned and said "I was right wasn't I...huh huh"? He agreed.

Now if I could just get it through Matt's head that I am always right then things would be perfect...HAHA.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


First time I have been tagged...(thanks goes)

Here are the rules to this meme game:

Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.

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Next: select new friends to add to the pollen count. **No one is obligated to participate & anyone else can play**. If you've already been tagged by this one, sorry! :)

1. Middle America:
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4. Kelli Belly
5. Miss Zoot

What five things do you miss about your childhood?
1. I miss the nonworrying. If I wanted a shirt mom bought me a shirt no big deal. Not the case anymore, I have to calculate okay if I spend that then this or that.
2. I miss playing with abandon.
3. I miss the blanket feeling of safety never even thinking something might happen.
4. I miss my grandparents.
5. I miss the childhood friends that I lost touch with.

What five things don't you miss about your childhood?
1. The structured routine of school
2. The hurt feelings I was soft hearted still am but at least I can hide it now back then if you hurt my feelings you knew it because I couldnt keep my eyes from being teary).
3. The constant need I felt to fit in, now I am who I like to be more than who I want everyone to like (I still like everyone to like me though which makes me say yes to things when I should say no but it is better now...believe or it not I was an even bigger push over as a kid).
4. Having my mom fix my hair....oh I hated that.
5. Having to move whenever dad had to go (He was in the army) and we lived on base so if we werent moving then our neighbors did it seemed.