Thursday, August 04, 2005

Running Away

I am running's a planned runaway....I am leaving this evening with two other moms to attend a PTA conference in Oklahoma City. I will be gone 3 nights.

Yesterday Brittney was glued to my side. This morning it is Braden. They are not sure at all about mom leaving. They are used to dad having to attend business trips but not me.

I am getting a little more apprehensive about it too. I want to go for several reasons one actually being to help learn more to do better as PTA president this next year. The other reasons are selfish I have been really looking forward to hanging out with Adria and Christy, eating dinner, shopping on our off time, just some time away.

Now that the day is here and I know I am leaving this evening I am getting more and more apprehensive. I will miss the kids and hubby, I worry about something happening with Braden while I am gone, or Brittney getting upset, I worry about so many things....I am an obsessive person with planning, worrying or whatever it is so this trip has given me lots of areas to be an obsessive nut!

Off to finish packing, worrying, cleaning, worrying, getting things organized, and worrying some more before heading out this evening.


dakotablueeyes said...

Stop worrying. lol I can say that cause I am not going anywhere but I would be the same way if I were. Enjoy yourself and have a good time.