Saturday, December 17, 2005

How did that slip my mind.

Friday at the class parties I was talking to the kids Sunday school teacher and she reminded me that this Sunday was the kids Christmas program at church and just have them wear Christmas clothes that they werent doing tshirts or anything this year.

I was like okay that is fine Brittney would wear her Christmas dress and Braden black jeans and a dress shirt.

Then this morning I start thinking about getting stuff around for tomorrow, and oops no Christmas dress for Brittney.

How the heck did something that important slip by me.

I had bought her several cute Christmas leggings outfits at Target and a Christmas sweater so I guess I had thought I had done the Christmas clothes shopping. Didn't even dawn on me that I hadn't bought her a Christmas dress. I looked through her closet and not a thing that could be used for Christmas she had a shirt that is shiny and silver but no skirts. I even drug down the keepsake box because I keep all her Christmas dresses but alas she has grown way too much and no way was last years going to fit.

Too WalMart I ran.....that was my second mistake (first being forgetting to get her an appropriate outfit). WalMart was CRAZY! Crazy I tell you it was totally nuts. As for selection in the girls department it was nil and I had no desire to go any further into town on a dress hunt.

End outfit is a pair of cute black dress pants with rhinestone buttons down the front in two rows her silky silver shirt and to jazz it all up I bought several little rhinestone barrettes to go in her hair. Not what I usually do, which normally is all out months in advance, but she will look very pretty and she likes it because it looks like an "older girl" outfit and not a baby outfit.

I wonder what else I have forgot this Christmas season.....scary to even think about it.


Jody said...

Well glad you got something pulled together must have been tough. That is one reason I am happy I have boy's LOL. Don't have to choose too much from when it comes to clothes. Jeans, or pants, t-shirt, dress shirt or sweater LOL. And of course finding the right colors but that's pretty much it for boy's LOL. I am sure she looked lovely though!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Well that's proof that you are good under pressure, sad that she's growing way to fast though. Look at your schedule the past week girl. If it was me I wouldn't even know my name by Saturday. lol You did good!!