Monday, December 05, 2005

Basketball Fun?

Because I dont have enough to do or because I am a gluton for punishment I have decided to coach basketball.

What was suppose to be coaching my daughter's team evolved to me having two teams to coach. Which was fine because that way Braden would be on an age appropriate team (they were going to let him play with Brittney's team) but I figure this would work.

I thought this was going to be fun but already I can see some of these coaches are out for blood.

My assistant coach (I drag my friends with me when I get suckered into something...Im good like that) and I decided to do one practice a week. Forty five minutes for each team. Then our games will be on Saturdays. For a Kindergarten/First grade team and a second grade team I thought that was plenty.

Well another coach calls this morning they are practicing there kids two nights a week for 45 minutes each time and on Saturdays when there is no games.

What gets me is some of these coaches are like drill sargents and are yelling and screaming and things must be this way and they want their teams to play this and that.

It is suppose to be fun....a sport...a way for the kids to learn...but games haven't even started and I think it is going to be a headache.


dakotablueeyes said...

That's not going to motivate the kids to have someone yelling and screaming at them, who can you say something to about that. Bruce stopped coaching a middleschool aged baseball team cause the head coach was like that.
Don't work too hard get rest

Middle_America said...

Hey Dakotablueeyes, she neglected to tell everyone, she dragged her poor old husband along for the ride as well. ; )