Monday, August 22, 2005

PTA Officially Begins

Tonight was our first PTA meeting.

This is my second year as president. Last year I was brand new I had been kind of drafted in to a meeting and nominated as president. But now I have a year behind me and have some knowledge of what to do.

We had a great turn out tonight in relation to turn out for last year. We had some meetings last year where we had only 8 total people. Tonight we had approximately 35 which was great.

But still sad that we have 45 members out of a school of 428 students.

Luckily I have dragged my close group of moms into PTA too. They got involved last year but this year they are even more involved.

I also got aggrivated because apparently PTA had offended a few teachers by offering an incentive to be a member. Whatever. The two or three that were griping about it have never joined PTA, never mentioned anything to anyone in PTA. This was brought to our attention by another teacher, but if you aren't going to get involved....quit griping.

So now have to get busy busy on PTA, lots to do getting ready for a silent auction and a booth at the town festival soon...lots to do...good thing because we know I am usually so bored with nothing to do...HAHA.


dakotablueeyes said...

Do what you have to do to get members why would a teacher complain about that

byHisgrace said...

Your school sounds just like ours. We have around 300 and usually only 5 or 6 show up at the meetings. 35 is awesome!! I've found at our school, some teachers gripe about anything but they are the same ones who never help out with anything too!!