Tuesday, September 20, 2005

No sleep for me

I can't sleep. It is driving me crazy.

I once tried Ambien...not a good experience....it ends with the stripes of my comforter coming to life, the ceiling fan coming to get me. My doctor had experienced a similiar reaction. So that way to get to sleep was out.

Lunesta, Sonata...don't work for me.

I got the whole list of "sleep hygenie"...practiced that (don't do bills in bed, before bed, make your bedroom relaxing environment, etc...). No help.

Melotonin...this helps this is the only thing but I still have these nights where I take the Melotonin...but 2 hours later I am wide awake...ugh.

My doctors recommendation just go with it for awhile, he says my body will eventually get tired of 3 and 4 hours of sleep a night and get into a pattern. Oh yeah this will be a fun pattern to get to....I can see me functioning for a week on 3 hours of sleep a night. He also said that my body may not need a full 8 hours or may not be capable of it...well then why the heck does it crave the sleep.....he couldn't answer that one.

So instead of sleep...blogging here I am, next is email, and if I still can't get to sleep online shopping...oh boy...of course that will just get me excited and keep me awake...but hey Christmas is coming I can use my lack of sleep to get busy on shopping. So I guess there is a plus side to this...even though hubby and checkbook might disagree...LOL.


dakotablueeyes said...

Not to be blunt or anything but have you tried sex sex and more sex. That relaxes me and makes me sleep lol.

Middle_America said...

Here. Here. I say that is a excellent suggestion dakotablueeyes.

kel said...

Haha...hubby...good try using Anne's comment for your own good...LOL...I dont think you are hurting any dear hubby in that department. But no opposite reaction for me I am ready to clean house do something it pumps up my energy!

Middle_America said...

OH baby. I am always hurting for you. LOL

Jody said...

LOL sex relaxes me to LOL but I to have that problem. I have been getting more sleep then you though. I usually can't get to bed feeling tired till about 1am and then up at like 7-7:30am with the boy's and once in a while I get to sleep till 8 am LOL. But that's still more sleep then you are getting. I hope you can get more soon!!!(sleep that is LOL)

Nixon Casablanca said...

Well, I hope "it" is good for both of you!

I've been struggling with sleep lately too. What makes it worse is I am a day sleeper (for most of the week) and even though we've pretty much blacked-out the bedroom, my body still KNOWS it's daytime.

I've also overstretched myself on some church committments, and now I'm losing time to sleep even if I could.