Friday, December 23, 2005

One down....

The festivities started tonight with Matt's dad, his mom, his brother his wife and their 2 kids coming over.

Matt picked up his mom early and she visited for a few hours, his dad was next, BIL and SIL were 45 minutes late which drives me insane but oh well.

It went better than I expected and better than past times have gone. A few comments that I had to bite my tounge but other than that not too bad.

I dread it every time so it is nice that it is behind us.

Tommorow evening is my parents, aunt, brother his girlfriend (who is a lot closer to my mom's age but oh well) and her youngest son (she has one son 5 years younger than my brother!). I have only met her briefly so should be enlightening to say the least. The new girlfriend plus my mom being on edge about the whole situation should make it interesting.

I am most looking forward to tommorow evening after kids have gone to bed and Matt and I exchange gifts and have time to ourselves in front of the tree. I dont think it will be cold enough for a fire but the tree lights should be nice. I am also really looking forward to the kids on Christmas morning!

Well one family gathering down and no blood shed so that is a good start to the holiday festivities.


dakotablueeyes said...

I hope things go well at your parents. Glad things went well with the inlaws. Hmmmmm Under the christmas tree. That my friend, is what I am looking forward to tonight. Seriously lol ;) this is why I wanna leave early. lol