Monday, September 29, 2008

He has such faith in me

Today we were leaving the house so to give the kids a good visual of what I will be running in September I set the trip meter on the car. I don't know if that was good or not because when I think about it I am like eek. For those who know where I live it was from my driveway to the sign for the 11 Exit in Fort Smith. So as we were driving I kept saying "mom's still running running running" and then when we hit it I said okay this is how far mom will run.

Brae said:
"Nice knowing you mom". "Can I have your stuff after you die".

He was grinning ear to ear as he said it. Little Stinker.

More Running Stuff

Just some links that I am using to help me train for my 7 mile run on November 16. I have went back and forth on backing out and doing the 5K instead but I am going to stick with it. I believe this will be the longest race I ever do, I don't have a desire to do a whole marathon. This quarter marathon I think is a good goal and a good sticking too level. I was looking at the times that everything starts at the Marathon that day, my friend doing the 5K start about 15 minutes after I start the Quarter, the kids race is at's hoping I am done in 3 hours..LOL...they shut the course done after 6 1/2 hours.

Novice Training Schedule

Stretching Exercises

Strengthening Exercises

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Okay this was the toughest 5K yet.
Hills! At the bottom of one it had a sign to caution trucks for load was that steep.
I did finish toward the back but it was my personal best time. 6 minutes shorter than Tulsa (which was basically flat). I believe the official time was 38min08sec for today.
It was kinda funny you couldn't see around this one corner and it was just past the 2 mile mark and I turned that corner and the hill I mention above was there. I didn't even think about it and I said out loud "Oh crap you have to be kidding me"...and I hear a lady behind me say "Now I don't know if I want to turn that corner". Well she did and said "Honey I echo those sentiments" she started walking.
So I didn't finish as well as I wanted to but I did good for me and it was a tough one.
Hubby snapped a few pics, it was cold at first this morning but I had my best supporters out there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun learning with ping pong balls!

We have a new favorite fun thing at our house. Ping pong balls. You can do so much with them. My kids love them. They are inexpensive as I bought a gross of 200 for around $20 on ebay.

First thing. The kids are learning the books of the bible this year. So I wrote each book of the bible on a ball using a permanent marker. Then two buckets set up new testament and old. They have to look at each ball and then toss it in the appropriate bucket. Fun fun. To learn the order just pile the balls and they have to line them up in the right order. Something about them being on balls rather than paper makes all the difference to my kids.

Also do this for reading for Brae as far as using __ ey or ___ at and he has to throw it in the c or k bucket. Nouns and Verbs. Helping verbs, action verbs all that because more fun when you get to throw your answer in a bucket. Even reviewing for Science or History using true false balls to toss into the true false buckets.

I put the balls in storage bags for each subject. If you get tired or learn all of one thing you can soak the permanent marker off with alcohol let them dry and write something else. The words stay on good during lots of play until you want it to come off and use the alcohol. For storing the buckets set inside of each other and the bags with the different subjects fit into the bucket with the index cards I use for labeling so it doesn't take up much room. The kids love it, it isn't bad to pick up and they get really interested and have fun. Of course Brae said it best "I know this is a trick to make me learn but it is okay because I like it".

Saturday, September 20, 2008

History Fieldtrip

Friday we got to go out for a fieldtrip to Historic Fort Smith, visit the site of Isaac Parker "the hanging judge". The kids love field trips and Kim does a great job of organizing them. The kids loved the replica courthouse and going into the old jails. We had a really good tour guide too.

Few snap shots from the day.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yet another conversation with Brae:

Brae: (in a hushed tone) "Mom I need to speak with you".
Me: okay, what's up
Brae: I am really concerned about Senna (this is what he has always called Britt).
Me: Why, what is the matter?
Brae: She is reading a book on George Washington.
Me: Yes she is why does that concern you hon?
Brae: (exasperated) MOM, she is reading the book for FUN, I am worried. What are you going to do about it?

Don't know what I am going to do about that awful reading habit that his sister I do know what I will do with his worry for it of course!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been having doubts that I am ready for this next 5k. After I hurt my back it has been hard for me to do over 2 miles. I have been trying to work back up and I know I have to because I have the 7 mile in November. Yesterday I received the packet in the mail with the Tshirt and my number. I always get jazzed when I see the number, and I had forgot with this race they were mailing it instead of picking it up at the race. So it was just what I needed to make me a little more excited about everything. I was suppose to have 3 yes 3 different people I know running with me but alas I think it is just me. Oh well, my goal is to do better than I did at the last one. This one is local so no drive. I have a week to get myself ready and psyched out (in a good way this time not like I did to myself last time.)

On another running note I have been so impressed with my new running shoes Mizuno. I found mine at a very inexpensive price compared to what I have seen and they are really good. Also now that it is getting colder I have priced the Under Armour wow talk about pricey but I think a good alternative is called thin coat I believe at Academy it looks like silky thermals. It was a lot cheaper and seems to be the same principle. I went from burning up because it was almost 80 degrees when I would get out at 5am to freezing at 50 degrees and I know those temps will only get more consistent and colder.

One down...5 to go

Homeschool co-op that is. 5 more weeks. I actually really enjoy being director but there are a few lets call them "hiccups" along the way. Thankfully I have the best friends ever to help me out it's like having my own little club of people to back me up. Without them I would have been hiding under a chair today. But it all went relatively smooth.

The kids loved their classes. Brae is taking medevil history and that is right up his alley with swords and weapons. Britt is taking a horse class and that is so her thing. So glad they have the opportunity to get together with their friends. Day one is always the roughest, well that and the last day because we do presentation night and it is hectic but the in between is more enjoyable.

We went and ate after, no way was I cooking tonight. I almost showed up at a lady's house for a meeting luckily my friend started questioning me and I realized I had the wrong night. So dinner then ice cream and home. Kids are in bed, hubby is destressing. Hubby has never been involved in co-op before other than helping out with presentation night but this time he took vacation time so that he could teach two computer classes, which also meant he got to help me set up and I don't think he realized how much that was.

Anyway that is my whining about co-op but now that the first day is done and once I get the school room back in order (I have thrown the whole days worth of things in the floor to be sorted in the morning) then it should run fairly smooth.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have threatened them...

Both kids rooms are clean. Super clean. I always thought Britt kept hers pretty clean not perfect but she is always organizing something, well apparently she is also really good at hiding things because man oh man I found some messes. Brae's wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Britt's was a lot worse than I thought. But both are done and I have told them if they get them messy again there will be serious consequences. So yes I have cleaned and cleaned today, much more than I had planned but it is done and I better not have to do it again for a long long time.

What reputation?

Having a conversation with Brae this morning:
Me; You better get around mister school is suppose to start in 15 minutes.
Brae: (Groaning and putting his head under the blanket) ahhh I am dying (can we say drama king instead of drama king with this boy).
Me: Brae you know you like school come on let's get around.
Brae: (Peaking his head out and looking around dramatically leans over and whispers)"Shhh mom if that gets out my reputation is toast".(dives back under the covers giggling)

That boy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Should this be bothering me?

Okay we recently started at a new church. It is a huge church much bigger than we have ever been to. Anyway we joined a few weeks ago and in the mail today we got an envelope. In it was preprinted with our names and address dated offering envelopes.

Okay I am all for offering of course it is important. But them sending them to me really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know if this is common in larger churches or not. I just didn't like it. I can understand it would help having preprinted to give out forms for taxes etc just rubbed me wrong.

school stuff

Just wanted to share a few school things.
This is Braden doing his reading game. So far I have liked the scaredy cat reading system. Braden likes it which is the most important thing. He actually wants to play the games that came with it. The glasses he is wearing in the pics are a new vision therapy. I was hesitant at first but they seem to be making a big difference and he loves wearing them which once again is so important. He only has to wear them when reading, playing video games or watching TV but he can wear them as much as he wants and he chooses all the time.

Yesterday we made herbal soap, the kids wanted to dye it blue. The kids had grown the herbs in their hot box. I just love apologia science. There are 3 more books after this botany one and I can't wait. I love it as much as the kids.

This is a project from our Story of the World another subject we are all really enjoying. This is from studying about the Nile River.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This and that

I think I am still trying to catch up from last week. It was one of those killer weeks. I got so sick with a migraine I made it through registration for homeschool coop but I am not sure how I did it. Within 10 minutes of leaving I had to get phenergan and then I was in bed about 17 hours and felt drained for another day after that.

Poor hubby got stung by a red wasp yesterday so that kept us home today as it made him pretty sick. We are thankful though that it was him and not Brae that got stung. Brae is highly allergic.

We got lots of rain and wind. I was just marveling at the fact that we were under a tropical storm warning in Oklahoma.

This week is the first classes for the homeschool coop. Looking forward to that.

Have a few fun projects in school this week. Tomorrow the kids and I are making herbal soap out of the herbs we have been growing in science. I keep saying I am going to take more pics of school things especially to share with my aunts that live far away.

FIL came over today to celebrate his 60th birthday. He remarked more than once how fast the years have gone. I think he had a good time and was surprised on the little things we had done.

Poor hubby is asleep again on the couch having to take Benedryl because of the bite and it is knocking him out. Brae is playing a video game and Britt and I are on our computers just a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick wit?

Yesterday Brae did get in trouble for his attitude but it was so funny I had to bite my cheek not to laugh. He is just so straight forward and this is what it is and I will tell you how it is and he is so sweet about Here is our conversation:

Me: Brae you want to help mom?
Brae: No
Me: (kind of taken back by the blunt no) Hey you can help mom.
Brae: No thank you if it is okay with you I say no. (and leaves the room)
Me: (follow into the living room) Britt would you like to help me?
Britt: Sure mom.
Brae: It is for coop.
Me: Brae Britt didn't ask me what it was for she just chose to be a good helper.
Brae: (Looking straight at me) Mom if you are trying to use guilt it doesn't work on me.

Okay I was so torn between laughing and being mad at his attitude...of course hubby heard and intervened he seem to lean toward smart alleck, me I like to think of it as quick wit. Of course when Brae did come to offer his help and I asked him if he was helping because daddy made him or because he wanted he said: "Because dad is making me, (pause and a grin) and because I want to.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking a break to whine

Hitting the ground running after being gone a week is a understatement. Wow I need to catch my breath.

Homeschool co-op registration is this week, and I had major changes occur last night. Eek love those last minute things. I had everything ready to go but now paperwork and everything will be changed. Ugh really couldn't be helped but still aggravating. For legal work I have already billed 32 hours of work since being home on Thursday night and probably have another 20 to bill for before I am caught up. I did get school lesson plans done for the week and started out well yesterday but we were all out of whack because last week was such a cluster. Okay that is most of my whining out of the way.

Most but not all....because Brae has 3 huge bites on him, don't know from what but they are starting to look bad so this morning we will make a run to the doctor. What fun. On top of that I have nephews today. Poor Brae he is like "why does it always happen to me"..ugh I don't know. Hoping hoping hoping they just look 100% better this morning but I am not holding my breath. Okay see I wasn't done whining.

Let's see what else I can whine about why I am on a roll. Oh yes my back Sunday I didn't even make it to church my back was hurting so bad. Of course my doctor that is against me running said it was because of running. I myself don't think so I have done this in the past and it passes. It was better yesterday but by no means 100%.

Okay see this blog is therapeutic I whined and feel better and can now start this day that promises to be busy.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Such a cupid

Britt and Brae were talking over lunch about Britt going with her friend to a church thing tonight. Apparently her friend has a crush on a boy and has a plan for getting him to notice her. It was pretty funny Britt relayed the plan which involved a dropped purse and the boy helping her friend pick it up. Anyway Brae decided to chime in. I have another plan for her. Just tell her to tell him I like you and if you don't like me I am going to punch you in the face....hmmmm I hope his romantic side grows over

Home again

Home...and insomnia has followed. 2:00 am wide awake probably because I knew there was no rest today but a hit the ground running kind of day. We coordinated our next visit to Austin towards the end of October several factors went into that and it really works well for us. Going to drag hubby and Britt with us the next time. Of course Brae still offered to stay home and let Britt go in his He missed his sister and she missed him they each had surprises for the other and a sleepover in Brae's room last night. I am giving them the day off from school today and free go at electronics so they are both happy. I told hubby after I get home this evening which will be late I am not moving from the house again until Sunday morning.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not just no but no no no way

Brae woke up this morning going to do the procedure. Well the doc had to show pics and what was going to happen he lost it. I mean lost it. It took me forever to calm him down it reminded me so much of the autistic fits when he was about 3. So we did not do it today. We may not do it at all they just may have to work around him being on the Zyrtec. The scar tissue has been confirmed as a problem. Our Neuro is out of town for 2 more weeks. They said this problem has probably been building for 2 years or more so now that we know and can monitor and know that he if has numb spells with his legs more frequently to get him etc it can wait two weeks. I think that was the longest run on sentence ever but my grammar brain is mush along with the rest of me.

We did get to try another gluten free bakery. We had done one yesterday but it was not kid friendly and outragouesly priced. Today's was still high but not as much as yesterday more kid friendly and all in all very good. It was so nice to know that he could order anything on the menu and it be fine for him and he loved being able to pick out desserts from the case knowing he could have whatever caught his eye. We are trying another one in Plano on the way home. If all goes as planned we will leave tomorrow and be back in 3 weeks. We will see our neuro then and the regular doctor.

He is growing up in so many ways

I will update on all the medical issues later (we will know more after today) but first this morning I wanted to brag on Brae and his faith. A few weeks ago I noticed that if you ask him to pray out loud it is not just a simple thank you prayer you hear words like from a pulpit. I told him he had a gift. I have really seen his faith lately.

Yesterday the doctor recommended a procedure. Braden is still having to take prescription sinus medication but they feel it is reacting with some other meds and they want him off of it. However 2 days off and he has a sinus infection which we also don't want. So they suggested a procedure where they go up and basically stretch the sinus with a balloon. They said he has to be on board. Since this is something they would like to do but not a have to. I sat down with Brae and told him the pros and cons. The con being he is awake and it would hurt, the pros being they say it will really help, etc. Last night he said "Mom I am not sure what I want to do". I said we dont have to tell them until tomorrow. He said "Hold my hand why I pray". Then he proceeded "Dear God please help me to know the right path to take you can tell me because you can do anything you created us all thank you for leading me amen". Tears to my eyes his speech is perfect when he prays he is clear and well thought. Still don't know what he will decide to do as he isn't up and about yet but I am so proud of him.

Yesterday was one of those days that turned my brain to mush. It seems this scar tissue from previous surgery is causing all kinds of problems. Two appointments turned into 6 different places, tests etc. Our regular neurosurgeon who is the reason we first started coming all the way to Austin is out of the country so he has arranged for us to see his partner. Who of course I don't like near as well. Luckily my regular nurse sticks close to me and she has been a tremendous help. We will know more about scar tissue and test results today. So we have several major issues and a few minor issues. That is why I really felt I needed to let him be in charge of this that is not a have to. If he decides to do it great I hope it works and I am sure he will get a surprise. If he doesn't that is fine too we will just tell them no and they have to work around the medication issue.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Made it

Braden had fun first counting cop cars then counting national guard trucks the whole way here. Traffic the other way was crazy with evacuation buses from Texas gulf coast. School buses galore. We made it though and will have our fist doctor appointment in the morning.