Friday, August 12, 2005

I resign

Open house was last night at the school. We had a PTA booth. It went well I bullied one of my friends into being in charge of membership. I definetly chose the right person she was great with the booth last night.

The kids got to meet their teachers they both got the ones we had requested so hopefully that will go well.

As for the title of this blog and my is in regards to hubby being on the school board. Ugh. Every problem last night a parent hunted me down, tell Matt this, or what do I need to do about this, or can I call Matt on his cell, or just telling me this or this. Ugh it was awful.

I am like okay Matt is on school board not me. So I told Matt I was resigning as a school board members wife. But somehow I dont see me getting away with this so I guess I will just keep nodding my head and saying uh huh. Then gripe to Matt about it later.

Count down is on for Matt to get back home...Sunday is the day.

Kids are starting school today. I have a 1st and 2nd grader now and it just doesnt feel like I should. Time has flown.

I will attempt to get them up and around in about an hour. I have threatened Braden if he doesn't take his medicine he will be going to school in his underwear. We shall see if my threat works, otherwise I will be loading him in the car in his underwear to drive home my point.

Brittney on the other hand is so ready to start school. Hopefully that attitude holds, if I can just get Braden to quit planning sore throats a week in advance.


dakotablueeyes said...

Well I'm dying to know if Braden got in the car with his undies or with him pants on??? Why would they come to you with that. You know you need to wear a hat, You could make it, that says I am not on the school board. Don't bug me. lol

kel said...

The threat worked Braden ate his breakfast and took his pills at a decent pace this morning, but I am not above putting him in the car in his undies if that is what it takes. Brittney was nervous once we got there. Braden went great. Me I was a little misty eyed both my kids in full time school

byHisgrace said...

I can understand the misty eyes! I'm glad it went well. Tell me more about the PTA booth.