Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Stop the world I want to get off.

I need a break. I know I just had a wonderful weekend away with hubby, but back to real world and it is spinning out of control.

First off....

Inlaws anyone want mine? I doubt you do since they are certifiable. That is not just regular I don't get along with my inlaw talk it is they are certifiable crazy for real. Father in law is fine, but Mother in law and especially brother in law and sister in law are just awful. They have decided why work lets just get on government assistant. Nothing against government assistance but the way they are doing this is just ridiculous.

Health issues, ugh...I am sick of them. Apparently my body did not get the memo that I am too busy to be sick or to have any health concerns.

School...Braden has gotten an awful cough, thing is it didn't start till school started, well low and behold the classroom vents are so full of dust and dirt and the floor is getting soft and it seems there is mold. UGH...why not just fix it, no that would be too easy. This school is also giving my friend with a handicapped daughter a very hard time poor little girl has to sit in the library because all her classes aren't accessible to her. I know there is tons of red tape, I am learning that more and more now that Matt is on school board but I just don't see how they are getting away with not taking care of the kids. Very frustrating. When Braden gets sick he is at high risk for seizures he has come so far with the treatments we have done and he cannot stay sick like this they have to do something. I am so frustrated, can you tell?

Work...I do freelance paralegal and for months I have been scraping to get enough hours now when I am busy with PTA I am getting tons of work, enough that I am sharing with a friend, but even with her help I still have to oversee it since I am certified and she is not.

Van is having problems, as if the cost of gas isnt enough looks like the van will be going to Firestone tommorow.

So this blog is a gripe blog tonight. Maybe tomorrow will get better, but as much as my to do list is growing it does not seem promising.


Jody said...

ugh I am sorry you have to come back to all that!! I sure hope Braden is ok soon and no seziures. I know what that's about since I used to have epilipsy (thankfully I gerw out of it) I hope you are feeling better soon too!! Ugh about the schools makes me glad I am trying to homeschool. (((HUGS)))