Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 days in a row....woohoo

Updated Family pic this was taken at my 40th birthday party last month.

I got Matt the shirt for Christmas...he needed it lol.

Can't tell the full degree of it in this pic but Braden is towering over us now. Last measurement was 6 foot and growing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update...I know shocker

I got on my blog to look back because I was trying to figure out how old Braden's dog is (11 by the way). I spent hours and hours going from preschool on and on. I am so glad I kept this blog. I don't update it often (or at all) but after going back for hours and seeing it all I want to do more. I will have to uploads some pics soon.

Brittney is having a fun summer, she has become very good friends with Quinn Loftis she is a author of YA paranormal romance books, Brittney has been her assistant  as well as babysitter for her son. Lots of fun for my reading crazy girl. She will be attending some YA book cons this year with Quinn to work as her assistant. She has been sponsoring a little girl from Indonesia and she is enjoying that. She attended world changers in June putting siding and replacing windows on houses. She also got to attend church camp at the beach in Alabama. So fun full summer and it isn't over August will be taking us to Disney!

Braden will be going to his first ever Church camp next week it is in Lousiana I will be going with him as a counselor for the girls so I will be close if he needs me. He is doing well.

Lots and lots to catch up on but for tonight this will be it.