Thursday, September 01, 2005

Little Miser

I was talking to the kids about the awful situation with the flooding.

My kind hearted daughter said "Mommy lets send all my money I have saved so they can buy some stuff they need." I was touched and said well why dont we send $10 of your money.

I then asked Braden if he wanted to send some of his money to the people that are without homes and so on. He said "I will just pray and keep my money"....I am glad his first inclination was to pray but little miser wont part with a dime.


pixie said...

Kids are so funny. : )

Jody said...

LOL kids and the things they say and do LOL. Well at least he will pray anyway LOL!!

dakotablueeyes said...

Well Kel, guess who you can borrow money from when you run out from filling up your gas tanks lol. Your dear sweet son, if of course he will part with it for you. lol