Sunday, August 14, 2005

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I have sat and cried tonight watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

I have always liked the show, but I have had this particular one on my calendar since June so I wouldn't forget.

It is a story that I myself have followed for 10 years. The story of missing Morgan Nick. It happened in the town we llive next to.

I remember the news that night when the little 6 year old went missing. I have seen the mom in WalMart wearing her pin with Morgan's picture on it. Everytime I take the kids to the doctor I see all the pics of Morgan as her pediatrician is the same one we use and they have a wall dedicated to her. So it is a story that I strongly feel a connection to.

We know several people who worked on the house so we have heard all about this since it happened in June (the 10 year anniversary of Morgan's disappearance). I watch and I see the town I know, the pain in Colleen (the mom).

It just breaks my heart. Morgan was 6 years old when she went missing. The Nick's were at a little league game and Morgan was playing 50 yards away catching fire flies. When she was kidnapped by a stranger.

The song Kathy Matea song had me crying. It makes you think about keeping your kids safe and trying all you can. I think back to the blog I wrote awhile back about the little 4 year old being left outside of WalMart grocery why his mom shopped. People must be made more aware.

Just wanted to share what a wonderful show this was. I hope that someday some closure is brought to the Nick family and the town. I hope that it makes parents take pictures of their kids, fingerprint them, and try their best to keep them safer. I know that sometimes things will happen no matter what but as parents we must do our best to make sure our children are watched.


dakotablueeyes said...

That is so sad. You would be amazed at how stupid parents are here. They let their kids roam the neighborhood. Now while it seems safe, that's not to say a stranger can't drive down the road and grab a kid. I personally don't let my kids play outside unless I can see them. At a softball game we sat in the car and watched the game and a boy was playing in the rocks. I knew who his mom was and saw her sitting on the bleachers talking to other people and not once in that whole hour did she look back to check on her kid.Ugh aggrivates me to no end.

Jody said...

Oh I know people really don't watch their kids here either. I know when I lived in the town not too far from here I used to see like 7 and 8 year olds roaming the street's with no parent's up till like 8 or 9 at night. Granted I let my 5 year old play in our front yard without me out with him but I have a big picture window that he know's he has to stay where I can see him at all times and he knows not to go near the road. But Other that that he can go no where without me. My 3 year old is way to little to be going any where by himself just yet. Besides he is more of an adventure kid so he may never be allowed out without me or hubby LOL.

manababies said...

This is so sad and so scary! You'd never think something like that would happen at a little league game, and in a town that you consider a safe place to raise kids.

This is why I can't wait to get a dog. I've never had one but my husband has been wanting to get one for years. While I know a dog certainly wouldn't replace a watchful parent, it's good to have those extra pair of eyes for just in case.

Nixon Casablanca said...

My wife and I watched with tearful eyes as well. We all say we would never be so irresponisble, but Colleen didn't do anything wrong, her daughter was in eyesite. Nothing short of having Morgan on a leash could have prevented this, and I've seen a lot of that in the last ten years. (Those things that look like giant phone cords.)

I think the penalty for child abduction should be death.

byHisgrace said...

I watched too with tears streaming down my face as well. It's just so sad.


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