Wednesday, March 29, 2006

6 weeks and good to go

Today was my 6 week post op....I am now released from my hysterectomy. I can excercise now (I can and should but that doesn't necessarily mean I will). I asked about how the incision feels like it is pulling when I walk a lot and he said that it could take up to 6 months for that to heal, but all in all it all looked good.

Preparing to go away for a 4 day weekend. Excited about getting away going to Canton Texas for First Monday Trade Days and then to Grapevine Mills for some outlet mall shopping. We will be traveling with a set of friends and their kids as well. So 8 of us in the van should be an interesting trip.

Of course I will be away from internet for 4 days so the withdrawels will be massive!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Trying to teach a lesson

Last weekend she had to write 30 words about lying. This weekend Britt got in trouble for hitting her brother.

Punishment she had to play whatever he wanted her to for two hours. She couldn't say no and she had to be happy about it. She had to be agreeable and play whatever he said.

She said "Mom I wont hit Braden again I will walk away because I dont like having to do everything he says"....hoping it sticks.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Air Show

Thanks to my friend Laurie the kids and I got to go to VIP preday airshow. I took the kids out of school early on Friday. The downside it was cold and windy and the kids didn't last long but we did see some neat things. The coolest plane was a stunt plane. Unfortunately my pics werent great of the actual planes in the air but here are a few snap shots....

The kids about to get into one of the large planes that holds and drops off soldiers.

The kids sitting inside the soldier drop off plane.

Braden likes this pic because he says the airplane looks like it is going to run over him.

We got to see the Thunderbird planes ready to go up in the air but the kids between ears hurting and being cold didn't make it to see them perform. Their favorite was the stunt plane Braden kept getting all excited because it looked like it was going straight to the ground in a spiral and then would pull up. All in all a fun memory.

A night out

My parents called on Wednesday to see if the kids wanted to spend the night on Friday. Much to hubby and my delight they did.

Hubby asked what I wanted to do and I replied with my craving for the Japanese Steakhouse Shogun. It is not a kid place and not somewhere we go often because it is also not a cheap place. Hubby loves it too so he called and made the reservations.

When we arrived the lady said it would be a moment she had to set up the table. Well the reason was because my sweet hubby had called and had these delivered...

Aren't they pretty? I just love them. They were such a nice sweet surprise.

No occasion other than we were out together. Of course drew lots of attention and a few guys rolling their eyes when their woman gushed about how sweet it was.

Dinner was delightful. I kept wishing that the digital camera was in my purse so that I could take some pics of the awesome skills of the chef who cooks at the grill in the middle of the table. So much food and I finished off the last bite.

It was a wonderful sweet night with hubby and I am glad we were able to have the time together.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Family Movie

There are so few good family movies but Dreamer is definetly a good family movie.

I had heard it was good so I went ahead and bought it for Britt when I picked up Chicken Little on Tuesday for Braden.

I didn't expect to watch it tonight, but it started and then I couldn't not finish it. Definetly a reach for your dreams and believe movie.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

PTA drama

The PTA drama is almost over. The 25th of April will be my last meeting as president. At first I was mad, then my feelings were hurt but now I am to the relieved point. I still plan to be a member next year but I will no longer be in a position on the board. The drama started in January wherein teachers became involved because they got mad over an issue and went from not attending a single meeting in a year and half to being mad and wanting no parents in PTA. The teachers have been very childish about everything and have basically made all the parents just want to leave PTA. So basically the parents are turning it over to the teachers if they want to run it we are going to let them. Of course the parents are the ones who volunteer for everything and help run the programs so it should be interesting next year to sit back and watch.

But I cant go with nothing to I am going to start a brownie troop. I have actually wanted to do this for two years but with Braden medical issues and PTA presidency it was just too much and I couldn't get involved. Now that PTA will be a lot less stress as I will just be a member and Braden's medical is at it's steadiest point ever. I am excited I love crafts, I love doing stuff with Britt and her friends most of the parents are good friends of mine so they will be very involved as well.

Now to get everything tied up before April 25th including planning a talent show, finishing the year book, ordering end of the year trophies and more.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I started my day by prying Braden's hands off the door knob and physically dragging him from the car for school. All the while he is screaming "It's not fair, it's not fair she gets to watch tv, I will be sick too".

All because Brittney is home with an ear infection.

Oh what a fine way to start the day.

Now there have been more times than I could begin to count that he has stayed home from school because we just thought there was a chance he might be coming down with something, or that he was acting a bit off and we were afraid it was a seizure onset. But this morning he was fine and Brittney needed to stay home. You would have thought I was physically killing the child.

Of course I called his aide 15 minutes after I dropped him off and she said he was mad but acting fine. It is that fine line I walk with a special needs kid of protecting him and taking extra care of him but not letting him just run the show.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lesson learned, hopefully.

The following is part of Brittney's punishment after we caught her lying to us.
I didn't correct any of the spelling...her assignment was to write at least 25 words about lying.

Brittney's report...
I learned that lieing is rong.
I shudent lie to my parents.
Lieing is rong.
Lieing is bad.
Lieing is like a rotten apple it is not good.
Lieing stinks like garbage.

Weekend Wrap Up

Rain rain and more rain...that wraps up the weather report from the weekend. It is much needed rain and no tornados accompanied the rain so we wont complain.

It was pretty laid back.

Friday night recovered from having the yard sale.

Saturday morning we got around slow, cleaned up the house, ate lunch and decided to go spend the money we made at the yard sale. Matt took the kids to see Shaggy Dog and I went to the mall kid free. I didn't buy much but found a few things. We ate mexican food for dinner and headed home.

Sunday morning brought another lazy morning. We didn't make it to church this morning, it is so hard to get motivated with this weather. We have used the day to prepare for the week to come.

Lots going on with PTA this week so I am sure that will result in a headache for me.

Now just waiting for my Sunday night shows to start with a new Home Edition Makeover at 6, and a new Grey's Anatomy at 9.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Yard Sale and Order Screw Ups

I am exhausted. Today marks 5 weeks post op so I still cant lift, but I ran a yard sale today. It was 8 families...I have the best location so I get nominated often to have them at my house. I made really good money so that was a definite plus.

Of course I will need the extra money to fix the screw up that the check ordering company caused.

I know partially it is my fault too. When I received my box of checks in the mail I checked them out to make sure they had our name, address and so on correct. Dummy me did not look at the account number at the bottom of the check. Because if I had I would have seen that the numbers were transversed. Causing the bank to send back checks to people saying no account existed. Because there is no account for that number. Ugh such a pain 10 checks out have 4 taken care of. Don't know about the fees and all on the others. Havent got in touch with the check ordering place. So going to spend a lot of time getting this all straightened out.

We are in for a rainy weekend and I am thinking of just hibernating at home.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mid way

We are midway thru spring break. It has been a busy week but a fun one.

Today is the only day that doesn't include plans with other kids.

This morning the kids ran to the law office with me so I could do about an hours worth of work.

Then off to Braden's eye doc appointment. Ordered his new glasses he is so excited. All week he has been changing his mind between wanting blue frames or red frames. We get to looking and I found the cutest ralph lauren pair of frames when you look at them straight on they are blue from the sides they are red. Just perfect. So now he wants them to be in already he is excited. I also went ahead and got transistional lenses for him I hope that he likes them.

We went to KMart which I never go into but I did find a cute capri outfit for Britt and 2 Power Ranger shirts for Braden (that is a clothing must have for him).

Chiropractors for adjustments.

Chick Fil A for lunch.

Home for naps...Yeah I was surprised on that one. Braden wanted to cuddle and watch cartoons. Tom and Jerry marathon was on we watched about an hour and Braden said he was tired and turned if off and cuddled right up and went to sleep. I love that he likes Tom and Jerry cartoons instead of all those super hyped up new cartoons. He likes the new ones but at least he also enjoys the simplier cartoons.

This evening's agenda includes getting ready for the yard sale on Friday...suppose to be cold but we are braving it anyway. If you saw my garage you would know why it is not an option but a must do.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Do this do that

I am 4 weeks post op now.

I am up and going, but you know what I still don't feel 100%. From everything the doctor says and I have read I shouldn't yet.

So why is it that everyone is asking 110% from me.

From family to friends. It is driving me insane. I am not good at saying no to people. But I know if a friend of mine had an abdominal hysterectomy I sure wouldn't be out asking her to watch kids and do this and do that.

Of course if I say anything then I will feel guilty.

So I am trying to do what I can and rest when I can. I will be watching 6 kids on Friday (2 mine) and doing a yard sale by myself (but have had 5 different family members and friends bring stuff over for me to take care of).

Okay I will quit griping, afterall if I dont say no, I dont have room to gripe.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Break has officially started

Spring break has started.

A friend of mine is in town for Spring Break from Fort Worth. Her kids are 7 and 5. We planned this week with them and another friends 2 kids who are also close to the ages. So we have 3 girls and 3 boys.

Today we went to Outback play area with all 6 kids.

Tonight is a sleepover with the 6 kids at our house. The boys have been playing gamecube all night and the girls in the bedroom doing girl stuff.

Tommorow afternoon is pottery painting.

Wednesday is a break from all the kids together. Braden has a eye doctor appointment for new glasses and then I thought I would just take my two to the mall to look at some spring clothes.

Thursday going to go to a drive thru safari. This day depends on how the tornados have effected the area it is about an hour away and it was hit last night.

Friday we are having a yard sale.

It is Monday and I am tired from this week already, but it should be a fun week.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Despite the title this isn't another post about our storms.

We had some family time this weekend and got some good time together. Matt also got a pulled muscle....lucky him got to break in the new twister game with the kids. I am still exempt until my 6 week post op check up. I was the official spinner. It's official the kids love Twister and it is also official that Matt is now icing his muscles.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring is here

Spring is here I can tell not by looking at pretty flowers but by the fact that we have had 3 severe storms this week and a tornado near by last night. My kids spent the night at my parents last night and a 1/4 of mile from their house (at my aunt's house) a tornado hit. Luckily no one in the area was hurt but for the small area it hit there was lots of damage. Below are some photos. We spent the day there.

This is the tree that was blocking the road from my aunt's house to my parents house.

This is a neighbors house there used to be a deck all around that pool, now it is all over the patio and on the roof.

The maroon metal thing is a cattle feeder that now is on the back of my aunt's property.

This round metal used to be part of a rectangular roof of a trailer home several miles away.

The large tree was no match for mother nature.

There were lots more photos of sheds that no longer exist, hay bales that had been picked up and moved from one area of a pasture to another, barnes, we know of 3 people who have no roof on their home. One family across the street from my parents was having a slumber party with 10 teenagers last night and the roof fell in on the girls...thankfully no injuries. More storms expected tonight.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Snip snip snip snip

Brittney has been wanting to cut her hair for quite sometime. When she found out she could donate to a chairty the part they cut off she wanted to do it even more. I finally gave in. The results...she looks too much older. It was quite an experience to get to the haircut place and I will have to blog about that later. Until then agree with me that the 8 inches cut off my baby girl's hair make her look too old. I fully think I should demand they glue it back on so that she will stay little forever.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Changing his tune

Braden stayed home from school again today because of the dental surgery. In reality he probably could have went but they are out of school tommorow and next week is Spring Break so I thought better to be safe and keep him home.

I ran into town to do some work and Matt was working in his office watching Braden. I called to check in about 10:30 and Matt said he should have gone to school he is bouncing off the walls. So I had him put Braden on the phone.

Me: Hi Buddy, how are you?
Braden: I am GREAT!
Me: You are?
Braden: Yep I feel great.
Me: Then I guess I can tell daddy to go ahead and take you to school for the rest of the day.
Braden: Oh I forgot I am not great I am just half great so I need to stay home since I only feel half great.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

PTA and Dentists

No the two things have nothing in common except both things have invaded my life and tried to take it over the last two days.

I wasnt going to gripe about the current PTA chaos at our school. For one it is so hard to explain the other is that I read Heather's blog and she is thinking of joining a PTA so I didn't want to discourage her. But let me tell you if there is a more thankless position I dont know what it is. Ugh the teachers want want want which is fine but they dont want to participate unless it is to be negative and gripe about what you have done. Right now I just want to quit but if I do now about 22 parents will follow and I dont want to that plus there are so many projects to complete before the end of the year. I am trying to hang in there. It is so hard to be in this glass house so to speak and have people critique things that me and the other regular members have worked so hard on with no help. Like I said too hard to explain all that is going on but just believe me it is a mess right now. But I have hope (very very little but it is there...barely but it is) that things will improve.

Yesterday Braden had oral surgery. I would post a pic of his poor little swollen mouth but he just looks so pitiful. His past treatments and radiation have just ruined his teeth. He had to have 4 root canals and crowns put on. They couldnt just pull them because of where they are they would mess up his spacing. Luckily since he is doing so good and we dont foresee having to have radiation again his grown up teeth should be just fine. But he was home all day today with his puffy mouth and VERY swollen lip. The lip is my fault and believe me I feel awful he wanted McDonalds and I didn't think about his mouth still being numb and he chewed on his lip...oops. He is happy he gets to miss school and I did enjoy the cuddling on the couch.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fashion Clash

I anticipated when Brittney got older we would clash over what she would want to wear.

I didn't anticipate it starting at 8.

I think I have yelled every morning for 2 weeks. One issue is of course she is ready for summer and the weather isn't quite there yet. This morning it is 44 degrees and I go in (she got up early) and she is in a turqouise and yellow Bobby Jack T (I am fine with that) but she pairs this with a hot pink mini and knee high black boots. Okay no she is not wearing that.

After I tell her no skirt, no boots, change into jeans I get one of the following:

"Mom, you dont know about fashion"
"Mom everyone else gets to wear flip flops even if it is cold"
"Mom I am old enough to do my own clothes"

Ugh, I was not expecting to pull my hair out over arguing over clothes already. She definetly is going to have her own sense of style which I will a point.

So now my poor little girl is being forced to look normal to go to school and apparently normal is the worse thing I can do to her.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Changing Plans

We have been planning our Disney trip for a year now. Well we find out late Saturday night that the week we are planning on being there is the National Gay Day week. Before I am flamed I have nothing personally against it but from all I have read and seen on TV that is not the week to take your family to Disney. I even read a blog by an openly gay man saying he felt sorry for all the unsuspecting families that plan and save money and then get there during that week. He said a lot go overboard to shove the lifestyle in straight people's faces by drag queens making out in front of Cinderellas castle and so on. Not something I want to have to explain to the kids.

So because of the above we started jumping through hoops to get everything changed. We have had dining reservations since the first of December so we were afraid we would not be able to change everything. But glad to report that everything has now been changed including our Discovery Cove (swim with Dolphins), the Disney resort, the preDisney beach hotel, all the dining reservations.

The downside is the kids will miss the last 6 days of school, but I dont think it will be that big of deal since because of Braden's medical issues last year they missed the last three weeks. The bad thing is once again Brittney will miss the end of the year award ceremony she has made superintendents honor roll two years now and never been there to accept the award in person. Given the choice though she was all for Disney. We could have pushed the trip back two weeks but that would have cost a little more because one of our discounts expired on June 3 and then we would have also been in an even busier time and hotter time. Now we are going two weeks early which means even more reason to get my rear in gear and get stuff done. Also have to have hubby change my countdown calendar at the bottom of my blog.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another tooth gone

This one cost me some prizes it was bleeding and rough to get out but he did good and is happy with his prizes (yes plural as in more than one prize) and the tooth fairy is coming tonight. So now he can sing the all I want is my two front teeth.

Real Age

I was watching Fox News today and saw a segment on finding the real age of your body. I took the test. Unfortunately my age of my body is older than calendar age. My calendar age is 31.7 and my real age is 35.2. Which is better than I thought because I swear somedays I feel much much older. You can go to and take the test it is all free. It does take a while it is very indepth. What I also liked is they give you a plan to make yourself younger and you can print it off. It is very detailed as far as vitamin supplements you need, excercise, stress and so on. Go take the test and let me know if I am the only one whose body is older than the calendar age.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Because he said to

My hubby was checking his email and stated "someone needs to update their blog"...I know that someone was me so I am taking the hint.

Trouble is I am not overflowing with something to blog about.

With no cute kid stories, or no embarresing moments, nothing to whine about I will instead tell you about the newest movie hubby bought this weekend.

Hubby mentioned on Monday that "Walk the Line" was coming out. I wanted to see it but didn't know if I wanted to buy it or rent it. Hubby ended up just buying it. My doubts about seeing it were more to do with the fact that I am not a big older country music fan and wasnt sure if I would find the storyline interesting or not. I knew the actors had gotten several award nods and after seeing the movie I agree with the award nods because the movie was VERY good. I didn't know the bio of Johnny Cash and the sad and tough life. I have to recommend the movie it was well written and acted.

At least now I have updated my blog let's just hope the words flow more tommorow.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A lot less blah

I am feeling better. I went to my 2 week post op appointment today. I had gotten an infection from the stitches in the stomach muscles so that is why I have been hurting. At first they thought it was because I overdid it but THANKFULLY it was not because if it was I never would have heard the end of the "I told you so" comments.

Braden had his IEP (Independent Education Profile) and I continue to scratch my head at some things educators do. It took 4 people and about 8 explanations before the pincipal finally understoof the modification to the grading scale. Really sad part of that was that she was in on the meeting last year when the grading scale was put into place. All in all it was a good meeting I got all that I asked for in regards to what I thought needed to be done for Braden. Including we get to keep Braden's paraprofessional (her only job is to stay with Braden and watch for seizure activity, bee stings, etc.).

Today is a beautiful day 83 degrees and so sunny. But to all those that are thinking bad things about me dont because tommorow we will be in the low 50's and rain. Ugh that is why we all stay sick is because the weather wont make up its mind.

I am suppose to be resting until Sunday, but at least I can rest and feel better rather than laying here resting and still feeling awful.