Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been sick going into my second week now. I so don't want to go to the doctor. For one thing I can't pinpoint what is wrong, terrible terrible frontal headache (which is different from my migraines) and terrible mid to low back pain. But those are my only symptoms besides just feeling yucky. Oh and every few days I have these awful coughing fits but it only lasts a few hours and goes away. So see I know that no doc is going to take those symptoms and say oh yeah that is what you have. I have used the internet or Dr. Google as I like to think of it and found something about frontal sinus headaches cure all with no side effects and it didn't caution away if you have heart or blood pressure problems (which I do) so I ordered it and paid extra for fast shipping so it should be here tommorow...maybe it will work..the back pain not sure what it is as going to the chiropractor didn't help at all and he is so good he was like it really shouldnt be your back...so who knows...I am a mess with neither the time nor inclination to go to the doctor.

Now if it was Brae and he coughed wrong I would have taken him in, same with Britt but myself I hate going. Actually calling Brae's doc today to go over a few things.

We will be heading to Texas the end of next week. Going to turn it into a mini vacation before school starts back.

So I will take my aching body (doused with icy hot, and filled with Aleive) and run my never ending errands for the day.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Second Thoughts

They were doing a stuff the bus fundraiser in town this weekend. Asking for donations of school supplies. I told the kids it was for kids who might not be able to get school supplies. We decided they would each pick out a couple of dollars worth of school supplies to donate. They had a great time picking things out. They were so proud carrying their bag up to the lady.

We were walking back to the car from donating, and I was asking the kids if they felt good about helping someone. They both said yes. I said because of you guys kids will be able to do their homework. Braden looked at me and said "I felt good till I thought about it being my fault kids will have to do homework".

Friday, July 27, 2007

errands, errands and more errands

Errands, errands, and more errands were ran today.

I am ready for a laid back weekend. Have a few errands to run, ugh you would think I would have gotten all finished today...but didn't happen.

This evening we went out and swam with the kids. Got in a water fight with the hoses. It was fun family time.

I am working on an organization project with all of my pictures. That is one area where I have really let things pile up. So have been slowly working through them getting them in order. Poor Brae not near as many pics of him as Britt. Ugh and I always griped that I would never do that to my second child but still baby pics are definetly unbalanced.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

8 things about me

I was tagged by Quack This

I have to list 8 facts/habits about themselves.

1) I cannot stand not to have a plan. I have to have one for the day, for the week ahead, I have to lay out the month. It doesn't have to stay perfect on plan but I have to at least have a basic layout. Vacations I am the same way as Anne can attest to!

2) My one spending indulgence is getting my hair straightened. I have it done using a procedure called Chi, I had read an article a long time ago about the actress Julian Moore and so I checked into it. I have very naturally curly hair, and I always wanted hair that would just lay flat against my head, now thanks to Chi I have had it for the past several years. I only have to do it every 6 to 8 months...depending on when it starts to drive me nuts.

3) I lay out my clothes the night before. It doesnt matter if I have absolutely nothing planned the next day I will still hang up my grungy tshirt and jean shorts behind the bathroom door.

4) I can't sleep in any jewelry, I take off my wedding rings, earings everything.

5) I can't keep a purse calendar all year. I use one every few months because I don't like them when they get lots of ink on them.

6) I guess this is a lucky thing since I have bad insomnia this week, I function well on very little sleep.

7) I love water, that is what I have to have first thing in the morning to get me woke up is a bottle of cold water or cup of ice water. I don't drink much besides water if I do I limit to one Dr. Pepper or one sweet tea a day.

8) When I was sixteen I let my cousin drive my car and he flipped it, I took the blame and never told my parents it wasn't me. I figured one way or the other I was going to get in trouble so I determined less trouble for going a little fast on new gravel than letting somone else drive my car. That same cousin got me in trouble more than once growing up.

New Camera

Okay to make Heather and Anne happy I am posting pics taken with my new camera! LOL. I took the kids to the park today before going to speech. I took all the pics then realized I didnt have the camera on the setting that I wanted it on...still they turned out pretty good. Braden is just so not into taking his picture. I think I am going to love the camera just going to take some getting use to.

Random Ramblings at 2 in the morning

It is 2:50 am. This is the second time this week that I have woke up way before 3:00 am. Ugh...insomnia drives me crazy. This morning it was my back hurting, ugh I have felt just awful for days, headache, achy I don't know what the problem is.

Yesterday we had a quick girl scout meeting that was so fun. We had sponsored a soldier that was in Iraq, because on his profile he had advised he wanted girl scout cookies. We sent him several packages during his stay, and found out his home was only 10 minutes from us. So he returned from Iraq and wanted to present the girls with a flag and certificate. He brought a video to watch on the computer that we all found fasinating. Brae had the most fun with the real army man in our house. The guy stripped off all his patches (he is now out of the army) and gave them to Braden, and told him he would bring him his army sleeping bag and a brand new uniform. I took pics to send in to our local paper.

The kids are going to vacation bible school this week at a new church in town, it was a last minute thing but they came home absolutely loving it.

I am having so much fun participating in the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway at Rocks In My Dryer there are 400 contests over there, I spent a good chunk of time entering things yesterday. So easy just enter a comment. All the drawings seem to be being held on Friday. I know I will draw my winner Friday. There are giveaways for giftcards, homeade items, free blog desings, homeade gift cards and so so so much more.

On a very sad note as I was entering contests I noticed that several of them mentioned a tragedy of a little girl named Hannah, I clicked over to the site, I began reading and cryng at 3 in the morning for this beautiful little girl who died so quickly without warning and for the family and friends left behind. I didn't know her had never even read the blog before but now after reading all the posts and posts from friends I felt close and I physically hurt for the family. Life is so precious and you never know.

Hubby mentioned pizza at 11:00 last night. I had to stay up to watch Jay Leno because of the Lyndsey Lohan saga, I just knew he would be funny, not that the situation should be funny, but you know what I mean. Anyway, hubby mentioned pizza and now that is all I am thinking about. So I am thinking tonight after speech picking up pizza will be on the to do list.

Tommorow my good friend is going to have an ultrasound. I feel so priveleged I was the first person to know. She was very nervous about telling her husband, as he is 11 years older and than her and they had NO plans to have any more children as they have 3 among them (1 hers, 2 his). I talked her off the ledge so to speak and she told him and he took it just as I predicted he would. They haven't told her daughter or his son that live with them full time yet (13 and 14) and I do not think they will take it well, the littest one that visits a lot his daughter who is 8 I think will be thrilled with the idea. I am already planning the baby shower in my head. They are talking about not finding out the sex, which for me sounds like the craziest thing in the world I am and was way too impatient for that. Of course I told them to have the ultrasound tech put it in an envelope and give it to me. So maybe I can find out what she is having...I have to know how to shop!

So those are my ramblings from not being able to sleep. I am thinking of trying to head back to bed for at least an hour or so before the kiddos get up. Luckily they both like to snuggle and watch TV in bed in the mornings so I can catch a few more winks that away.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

WINNER IS Amy at In Pursuit of Proverbs31

I decided to participate with Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer there are lots and lots of giveaways so check our her site!

On Friday, July 27 I will randomly draw the winner.

This is a brand new sealed kit "Begin to Knit" great for a little girl, or a grown up who just wants to learn. All the supplies and directions are included. Age guidelines are 9 and up.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday I painted our bedroom, and the ceiling cut out around the ceiling fan. Thankfully my friends 13 year old daughter came over to help but still it was a lot of work.

Saturday morning I felt the effects of Friday! Good news is the bedroom looks great, and another thing I can mark off the list that we want done before putting the house on the market in January. The color is called craft beige very neutral and makes the room look larger. Most of Saturday I felt sore and achy, by Saturday night I had a terrible headache.

Sunday morning I awoke feeling awful, most likely the aftereffects of the Saturday headache plus overdoing it Friday. Hubby took the kids to church and I stayed home. I guess it was good I did a lot on Friday because the rest of the weekend I was pretty useless, well I did manage to make a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies and help eat them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Childhood Home

Owl Haven is having everyone share their childhood home memory today.

Lassen Sie uns zu gehen Stück
At the time I didn't know what those words meant, but they came out of the mouths of all my neighbors. Now I know they were asking me to come out and play but at the time my dad got stationed in Germany when I was almost 6 years old I hadn't a clue what those German words meant. Within weeks of moving my dad got deployed so there Mom and I were in a new country. I made friends really fast because I didn't care if I knew what they were saying at all. There was a park behind our house and that is all that mattered.

I have a very clear memory of our house, it was two story and they were all side by side, as my parents chose to live in town instead of on the military base. My mom had a german dictionary and knew a few words, but not much. After my dad was deployed it was only a week and I guess she was going stir crazy, I remember her getting out the German dictionary and next door to the landlady's house we went. I guess I wasnt enough of a conversationalist to entertain Mom. I recall her and the landlord sitting on the couch each with a dictionary, and having a great time learning from each other. It didn't matter that I didn't speak German me and the landlady's daughter clicked. We would play onn the playground for hours, running home only when the need for the bathroom got so great that we almost didn't make it. It didn't matter that I didn't know what they were saying we played.

My bedroom was yellow holly hobby, with lots of lace it was right at the top of the stairs. I still to this day recall waking up and seeing dad help mom down the stairs (9 months pregnat) the landlord came to stay with me. I remember my baby brother with his bright red hair laying in the basket in the living room.

I remember a little boy from the neighborhood being fasinated with my long blond hair and twirling it around his fingers until his fingers got stuck and his mom and my mom had to cut a little bit of my hair.

There was a corner store a block or so that served fresh bread and orange marmelade. We lived in Germany for 6 years. I picked up a lot more German words in that time frame, and several more friends. I always remember how relaxed life felt, whether it was the country, or the age I was I don't know but I remember feeling secure and happy.

Check out Owl Haven and add your memory!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2:00 am

In continuing with the anniversary theme...I thought I would share the story of how hubby and I met...

2:00 am. Hospital cafeteria. We both worked nights (him an XRay tech, and myself as a monitor tech in ICU. My friend Dar and I were going to get something to eat before the cafeteria closed for the night. As we were entering some guy in scrubs cuts in front of us and says something that I didn't quite get about beating us, I guess he was trying to be cute.

I rolled my eyes at Dar. He ends up right in front of us in line and trying to make small talk, whatever I was not impressed. Of course it is the night that the line is unbelivably long. As we are waiting I am chatting to Dar and she sees our boss so decides she better get back upstairs since we had left a trainnee alone. So I end up in line by annoying guy. He starts talking to me about the upcoming fair and asks if I am going. I am like yeah I am taking my brothers. He asks if I need any help?...WHAT?

I end up stumbling through something and get mine and Dar's food and head back to the monitor room. I go through the door griping at Dar because she left me alone and that weirdo asked me out. I went on and on about it. Of course even back then I was a softie who couldn't hurt anyone's feelings so I agreed to go out with him. Thinking one date wouldn't kill me and it would give me someone to talk to that wasn't 12 years old! The whole week before the date I am telling Dar that she would be responsible when they found my body, since she had left me down in the cafeteria by myself.

Fast forward to date night. We had spoke on the phone a few times. We meet and go to the fairgrounds, my brother (who at the time was 12), his best friend who was like a brother, and a little girlfriend of theirs. My brothers made fun of him and just thought he was such a nerd. But I kinda started thinking he was cute, and he was definetly sweet. So I agreed to a date the next night without the brothers as chaperones. Well the rest is history 10 months later we were married...and now celebrating our 12 year anniversary...but even hubby will admit he was kinda a nerd when I met him, maybe still is but now I am so head over hills crazy and have been since a few weeks after meeting him that I could care less!

Also funny part is I had just moved back home with my parents and had lived in an apartment two apartments from him, and the landlord was going to set us up. But my apartment was broken into and I got scared and went home quick. Of course I didn't know she was going to set us up. Hubby and I figured it out after we had gotten together and were talking. So it was fate one way or another I was suppose to meet hubby!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Relaxing, restful, revitalizing....

What a wonderful anniversary weekend!

Much needed and hubby and I have both declared that we won't let so much time go by again before we get a weekend away together. It was wonderful. Cabin was great even better than expected. Eureka Springs was fun and laid back. We stayed at the cabin some, ventured into town, ate at a really nice resteraunt. All in all just a laid back getaway. The kids are on their way back from their mini vacation with my parents, spoke to them a little while ago and it seems they had a wonderful time as well.

Here are some pics of the cabin.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

8 Things

Got this meme from Barn Goddess Since hubby and I are celebrating 12 years Sunday I thought I would go ahead and do this.

8 things about my husband and I.

1. When you put things on paper ot list specific things we have virtually nothing in common...He likes sci fi movies, and old movies, action movies, I like chick movies (that luckily he will sit through and enjoy too!), he likes hard Christian rock, I like country music.

2. Before he met me he had only been out of the state area, once. Now we have added about half the states, and another country to that! We love to travel. Whether it is a cruise, a road trip, or just a quick weekend outing.

3. When he met me he didn't have a credit card, and paid for everything up front, had no debt...(Let's just say I took care of that right off, debt, debt, debt..LOL)

4. He helps so much around the house, I haven't vacumned in years, he knew I hated it so he does it. He doesn't hesitate to start laundry, fold, whatever needs done.

5. We love to have family time, game nights playing board games with the kiddos, watching movies. We like to stay home and just have time together.

6. We met at 2:00 am in a hospital cafeteria.

7. He is so forgetful it drives me crazy and actually funny the first thing that made me fall in love with him was something he had remembered that I liked, now his memory drives me crazy at times...I guess he has gotten more forgetful with age...LOL

8. He doesn't tease me too much about the fact that I HATE to put gas in my car, if I know there is even a chance he will be driving it I will drive it 20 miles on the red light to get it home to him. If he doesn't end up driving it then I will just give the puppy face that I am out of gas and bless his heart he goes and fills it up and I just have to withstand a little teasing for it!

I like this qoute

I had a birthday last month, and today I am going to celebrate with a friend for her 30 something birthday. We were both complaining about the age starting to creep up. I found this to write in her birthday card:

"True friends remember each others birthdays but not the age"

I think she will like that!

Tommorow, tommorow, tommorow I get to have some alone time with hubby! We are looking forward to it and the kids are looking just as forward to their weekend with my aunt, and their nana and papa. Of course I have lots to get done today before that can happen. I have the kids packed up, but not hubby and I. I am giving the kids some extra chores today so they can have some spending money for the weekend. So things like my baseboards will be cleaned, can't beat that!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In November Brae and I will be going to a Nascar race. He is super excited. His fav driver is Tony Stewart, a friend and I went in together to purchase him a nice jacket so he will have it for the race! It came in today's mail and he couldn't wait to model it.

I still need to pick a fav driver for myself to root for. I am not as into it as Brae is, but have to find someone to root for.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


If there had been a video camera going in our house this morning, we definetly could have sent it in to funniest home videos as the kids and I tried to get this little guy back outside...

I am thinking he was as tired of the rain as we are and wanted a break...but back outside he finally went.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Busy week with a good incentive at the end

This week is crazy busy, which is actually normal for our house, but the difference will come at the end of the week.

Something that hasn't occured in oh about 9 years....hubby and I will be going AWAY for the weekend without children. Two nights away...woohoo. Rented a cabin, and I am looking SO forward to it. My parents and aunt are taking care of the kiddos and they are getting to go out of town to my aunt's house and have lots of fun too.

Hubby and I really need this. It is for our 12 year wedding celebration. We have had the occasional night together when my parents kept the kids, but an actual trip that just hasn't happened...now it is. Going to beautiful Eureka Springs, cabin looks gorgeous online, we have dinner reservations.

Getting the kids ready to go with their Nana and Papa, us packed, regular appointments, errands, plus of course a few extra things that came up. This is going to be a busy week but I think I am so excited about our weekend away that it won't even bother me to run like a crazy woman this week.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Today was one of those days...but in a good way.

We have done just basically nothing all day, played in the pool, watched movies with the kids, I have read, we had a laid back dinner. All in all a much needed day.

Friday, July 06, 2007

All about astronomy

We started our school year about 2 weeks ago. Since we do year around school, during the summer only 3 days a week. The kids both have a clear favorite subject this year. It is Apologia science, Astronomy. We did our first project today, of course had to have a hitch (or it wouldnt have been our project) we were missing a part so the company has been called and maybe they will send it to us so we can do it again, but the kids had so much fun. They are loving this science course I am so glad I changed it from last years (which was so dry and boring). Here is our Planetarium....the kids can't wait till it is night so they can put the start guide over the sun and have all the constellations on the ceiling.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

He's just thinking of me

Brae hates cereal, mention it for breakfast and you get the "why?", he would rather eat just about anything else.

This morning I mentioned we were out of milk. Brae said "Hooray no cereal". I asked him why he didn't like cereal. His reply "Because I know you like to cook and take care of me and making cereal isn't taking care of me, so I know you really don't want to feed me cereal"...the logic of an 8 year old boy!

4th!...with a few gliches in the plan

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th!

Ours wasn't what we had planned, but all in all it turned out good.

Started out smaller than we have had in years, with friends not able to make it this year as they have in the past. My dad cooked tons of food, which was VERY good. The kids did smoke bombs with hubby in the daylight and loved those. Hubby and the kids went to see Transformers. They loved it but after that is when the plans went a little more haywired. Hubby's dad called as they were coming home from the movie and he needed to go to the hospital, he has been sick for a couple of weeks but apparently was having some new issues as well. So hubby took him, I went and picked the kids up from the hospital. Came home, they were worried about grandpa but after learning he was going to be okay, the next concern was fireworks. We had bought some to do, but hubby was not going to be home in time to do them.

I have never lit a firework in my life and absolutely hated the thought of it. I like to watch them. So thanks for great neighbors. I shanghied a neighbor and he said he would come over and light them. Other neighbors put on a great show so the kids and I did sparklers (which took me forever to light and I still never got that stinkin punk to light) but finally the neighbor and his wife came over. He did the firework lighting and the kids and I enjoyed. Then inside for showers and bed. Hubby finally made it home, Britt had taken lots of pics for him. So not the 4th we had planned but all in all worked out well.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


If your evening meal was interrupted with a shrill piercing squeal it was Britt. A while back on our way to Anne's for vacation we had stopped at a Libby Lu store where she entered a contest for Hannah Montana. She wasnt the grand prize winner or 1st place but was one of the 2nd place. And oh my you would have thought Hannah her self had shown up on our door instead of the autographed poster. She was also thrilled to see her name on the winners list on the site. So now we have printed the web site off, taken a picture of her with the poster, measured it for a frame, and have called our friends and she wrote about it on her blog. Yes just a tad excited here. We had forgot all about entering, didn't know what Fed Ex was delivery with Britt's name on it, but oh I think the whole neighborhood knows now!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Going to the dogs...

Busy week and I am not feeling to great, I think I will blame that on the rain. So instead of being creative and coming up with something to write I will just share pics. The kids had a break in rain and were out back playing with my camera taking pics of the dogs. These are two of my favs of Boots (black dog) and Nipper (the poodle). Yes it is hot as you can tell by the tounge wagging!

Rain rain go away come again another day...

I remember singing that as a kid, think it might work?

This is the view when I am standing on the front porch. Not the best of pics but trust me it is POURING!