Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to Reality

We made it in from Oklahoma City yesterday afternoon, kids gave me hugs, kisses and promptly asked for their prizes.

Braden must have been wore out from his weekend with hubby and sissy because he was out by 6:30. I wasnt too far behind him. I was exhausted.

This morning had to run to the law office, where the secretary and attorney were at each others throats which made me quickly decide that this would be a day to just pick up my work and do it at home later. Ran errands to Home Depot and WalMart.

Came home to a phone call from crazy SIL needing me to watch the kids. I never do this but I did today, ugh I feel so bad for the kids. Poor Rye is 3 and I counted 10 rotted teeth. Ugh one of those situations that I just hate. Both boys were good for me. Crazy SIL and BIL picked them up a few hours later. Both SIL and BIL had went to ER for seperate pains that needed a shot and meds, I fear they are addicted, I just feel sorry for the kids.

Then Braden had speech, chiro, and footbath. Made dinner, tried to make key lime pie bars....of course I was trying to do too many things at once and flip flopped a direction but hopefully they will turn out.

So back to reality with tons of stuff to do and dont want to do any of it.


Middle_America said...

The pie was delicious!

dakotablueeyes said...

Glad the pie turned out good!!

Matt Wisner said...

Reality can bite sometimes!

byHisgrace said...

Welcome home!! Back to reality for sure :-)

Jody said...

Welcome Home and the Pie sounds really good!! The joy's of being a mom huh? LOL

manababies said...

That's so awesome that you had time away from the family. But my goodness you didn't miss a beat when you got home! hehe :)