Sunday, February 27, 2005

Wacky Wedding

Wacky Wedding....

Okay first let me set the scene for you. SIL (Sister in Law..adding that because my hubby says not everyone knows abbreviations) anyway she is crazy...literally nuts, 5 years ago February 5, 2000 she marries Matt's brother Eric in a small ceremony and didn't invite anyone. Well she said then that they were going to renew their vows at 5 years. Which I guess would be fine if the marriage was still fine, but they have been on the brink of divorce the last 2 years, I was also privy to too much information as SIL informed me they have only had sex 3 times in the last 2 years. So you get it that this isn't couple of the year, they have two kids, lots of bills (partially because SIL is hypochondriac and also recently diagnosed with addiction to prescription pain pills). Anyway this year is the 5 year mark and for the last year she has been planning this WEDDING, she doesn't call it a renewal of vows it is referred to as the wedding or her day. Eric who has no back bone went along with it.

Okay now the wedding day. The wedding is held in a church and 70 wedding invites have been sent out. I arrive early to help out (because I am a complete sucker and cant say no). The colors for the wedding are 3 shades of purple and bright yellow. I have pics I have to get developed because let me tell you if you cant picture it it was so clashing. She had bows tied on all the pews which were fine and pretty. She had ordered a 85 serving wedding cake and a grooms cake even though she only had 1 RSVP. She gave Brittney (my daughter) her basket for flower girl but instead of rose petals she was throwing shaved purple soap because it was prettier and smelled better than rose petals (whatever was my minds response at this time).

The brides I am not saying she should have had the white dress I mean she is married and has 2 kids with her husband but if you are going to call it a wedding and hold it in a church then lets have some taste or decorum. Well if you knew SIL you would know this is a lost cause. Her dress plum colored strapless gown that was so tight the fabric started getting runners in it before the ceremony and she had to put it on and then have the strap re-sewn on. It frankly looked tacky but apparently not tacky enough because then she had to go buy a white wedding veil and dye it purple (a totally different shade of purple than the dress) and wear it.

The groom, Eric wore a purple tshirt and a black suit jacket, same with the best man. The other groomsman was suppose to be Matt's dad but at the last minute he boycotted the festivities so they had to have a man from their church stand up.

Braden and I watched the ceremony since Brittney and Matt were both in it, we were among the total of 15 other guests that showed up. Needless to say cake was taken home by all...and pictures are being passed around with the saying "Can you believe this.....look at this...and this..."

At least the wacky wedding is now over, but that wont end the drama as after the ceremony SIL called and cussed out FIL which will make those tense (and thankfully infrequent) family gatherings even more fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mom guess what I learned...

I picked up the kids after school and like everyday I asked what they learned.

Brittney (7 and in 1st grade)..."Mom I learned what sex is"

After I righted the car back to the road, I asked "Did Mrs. Cox teach you this?" my hand is on the cell phone ready to call the school if by some chance this was taught in class. But the reply was "No mom I learned it on the playground from a girl in Mrs. Bannon's class (another 1st grader".

I figured I better know as much as my daughter, so I asked "Okay Brittney what do you think sex is?"

As my 7 year old sighs like her mom is the stupidest person alive she tells me. "Mom when you get married you take off all your clothes and kiss...that's what sex is mom (drawing out the word mom so that it takes her 5 syllables to say).

Okay I am starting to breath again even though not the conversation I want for on the way home from school this definition is not near as bad as some I was coming up with in my head during the last 2 minutes. Hey I like the married part if I can just keep that ingrained in her head I would be fine...alas I am sure the definition will grow and other kids will tell much more as will I when I feel she is old enough but I guess for now I can live with this definition.

I did have the little talk that it was a big grown up word and not something to just say to anyone. That she could always always tell me any words she learns or has questions about, but that this wasn't something we could just talk to anyone about. I was already envisioning her telling the cashier at WalMart and oh my I can just imagine my mother's expression when her granddaughter informed her what sex was.

So for now just another day of trying to instill values and property in my kids, and praying that the other kids on the playground don't undo all that my husband and I try to instill.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Trying to get healthier

I think the universe is against me. I really do. I am trying to get my family healthier and at every turn it seems something is trying to thwart it.

Eating healthier...well one the cost of organic higher...but okay we can suck it up and save in other areas so I buy the organic food. Preparation...ugh not near the convenience of that stuff that clogs our arteries and slows brain function. So trying to prepare menus ahead of time. Looking at the ingredients a 30 minute trip to WalMart can now take over an there are all kinds of different names for ingredients such as MSG we know that is a bad ingredient but did you know if it has less than a 98.8 % concentration they can call it Natural Flavoring. I don't know about you but if I see the word natural I am thinking its a good thing....well no it isn't. As MSG slows your brain functions and this is especially critical with Braden so have to watch for the Natural Flavoring and let me tell you it is hard pressing to find something without Natural Flavoring. So at least if I can find it at the end of the ingredient list that is a little better.

Then there is the McDonalds kids want it my kids love it, other moms let their kids eat it. So okay for a treat we will once every 2 weeks...I can bend after all they are kids.

Then the exercise just when I get on a roll, I get a headache, whatever machine I am working on breaks, something much more fun comes along I would rather do. The kids I will get them riding their bikes and then it turns cold, video games are so much more fun than exercise.

So getting healthier takes a lot more than just saying okay we are getting healthier. It takes planning, and lots of coming up with ways to make it fun.

This is the goal and I am committed not just for my son who really needed to be off several of the ingredients in some foods, but for all of us. My husband and I are now both in our 30's (even though he is more into them than 3 years) and we need to be thinking about being healthy. I see kids so overweight and teased and miserable I don't want that for my kids and I think by instilling the good habits now we are ahead of the game.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Time Alone

After two weeks of traveling and staying in 4 wall hotel rooms with the kids, and the medical issues we have been dealing with last night Matt and I finally got some alone time.

Much needed and much loved alone time. My parents who had missed the kids terribly while we were gone took them to spend the night last night. My mom was a little nervous with Braden's new meds but they were all excited. Matt and I were excited too. He was on call but thankfully we were not disturbed. It was one of those perfect nights of fun and love that I think every married couple should induldge in regularly.

Kids should be home soon and we will have basketball, errands and the routine weekend things....but I have some very nice moments to remember as the weekend and week gets busy.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Planning my week...busy busy...fits

Matt keeps saying he will help take the stress off of me...but I honestly don't know how to relinquish. Some of the stuff is because in the past when I did relinquish things happened from little mistakes and I just don't want to risk those mistakes. My husband is wonderful and helps so much around the house so I have nothing to complain about, but right now with Braden's medical and just all around things I feel so overwhelmed. Today I sat down to plan out my week......

Monday I will be at the school all day probably taking the kids in and catching up Brittney's teacher, then taking Braden to class his teacher left as of Friday to have her baby so there is a sub and with all his issues I want her to be caught up luckily he does have an aide with him Tiffani who is wonderful but I also have to update her! Then the school nurse because she will also have to give some of Braden's supplements. Then have a meeting with vice principle/special ed director to update them make sure they know what Braden can do at school, cant do and can and cant have as far as allergies go. I will have to consult with the janitors on cleaning ingredients because Braden is allergic to so many we have found out. I figure this will take all morning and the valentines party for Braden's class starts at noon and Brittney's at 1:00 so I figure Monday is at the school. After school Braden has a doc appointment and speech. Also have to follow Matt sometime to take the van into the shop.....drove all the way to Arizona and back no problems...get home yesterday it breaks down fuel pump has went out on it...we were definitely being watched over on our trip. Going to cook a nice dinner for Valentines Day and give kids their presents..Matt is on call this week so we are going to have a private celebration tonight after kids get in bed for our Valentines.

Tuesday I have to go into the law office the secretary said my inbox got so full she had to get a box and start putting my work over into it, ugh so going to be lots of catching up to do on that front. Usually I can do my work from home I pick it up and bring it home and it takes a few hours but after missing 3 weeks I am afraid of all that will be behind because nothing is done on those cases unless I do it including important deadline issues...yet another stresser. I also have two other attorneys I do freelance work for and both have work for me that of course needs done right away. Braden will have speech and Brittney basketball practice.

Wednesday I have to go to town to do some shopping my SIL and BIL are renewing their vows (they hate each other and fight all the time but SIL (who is also nuttier than a fruit cake) didn't have a real wedding first time so after 4 years of marriage and two kids under 3 has decided she wants one so is spending money they don't have and throwing a terribly tacky wedding (example she is wearing a black and purple lace dress down the aisle..enough said) on the 26th) anyway I need something to wear to the blessed event..(eyes rolling..LOL). I also am working on Brittney's costume for her rise and shine program at school on the 25th where she is to dress as a book character she is going to be the Cat and the Hat have to find the hat.

Thursday and Friday are not yet planned I do have to call the dentist this week and get in to get my crown permanetly put on as my appointment was suppose to be last week but of course we were gone and my tooth is really bothering me and I will have to plan some more time to do some of my paralegal work. Braden will have speech Thursday and another doc appt on Friday so Thurs and Friday will fill up soon enough. Also totally adjusting the way we eat and it takes time to plan menus make sure lunches are healthier need to go around town find some more organic shopping places and so on.

And with the above I also have to do the mail, bills, medical, work, the basic household things....I know that Matt is willing to help but I honestly fear cleaning up the mess more than the stress of doing it myself. It's me not him, I know that, I have to learn to let things be a different way than the way I perceive that they need to be done....I just have to get that mentality into my head and live with it and so far I cant quite get to that point, until then I will just vent about being busy busy!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Leaving Arizona tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be heading for home. We have been in Arizona since February 1st. It was a long trip and we are ready to go home.

We are driving to the grand canyon it is only 45 minutes out of our way and that way we can say we have been there. We plan on being home sometime Friday. I am so ready to cook a meal and have something that isn't microwaved or restaurant.

All in all it was a good and informative visit a little disheartening because if we would have pushed doctors 2 years ago instead of us letting them brush us off things may have been different. But as hard as it is I wont second guess myself, we did what the doctors thought was best.

Basically Braden has severe Mercury poisoning from his vaccinations some of the highest levels this doctor has ever seen.

He does not have an underlying seizure disorder basically what happened is he developed the fibromal seizures with fever because his brain was not functioning where it should have been due to the metals then when he started staring out and they thought those were seizures they put him on seizure medication which was not needed which then caused him to have seizures. Confusing I know.

Anyway this trip and doctor was wonderful.

Today was good we got to clinic at 9:00 and met with Dr. Brimhall he is so nice. He said that he wants to see Braden back in 3 to 4 months. He scheduled a phone conference in 2 weeks to check progress and he will have the results of the hair analyze by that point. If we are not seeing progress like he projects then he may push the appointment back to 6 months but if we aren't then he will push it up to 2 to 3 months. Dr. Brimhall gave me and Braden hugs and told me that I was doing good and doing what needed and that I was a good mom, sometimes nice to hear especially from someone like him. We will continue the med, supplements, suppositories, and new diet as well as exercise program.

A wonderful note of improvement....Braden always walks up or down stairs by using his right foot then putting both feet together then the right one down again he doesn't use left foot right foot pattern. Well today we were leaving the hotel for the clinic and I noticed the last 4 steps he did right foot left foot and he had never done that before so I was excited and mentioned it to Dr. Brimhall and he said it was a VERY big step because it means he is breaking those patterns. He has done it right foot left foot all the way up and down the stairs each time we have went somewhere today.

He is still not releasing the metals like they want him too but he is slowly releasing them.