Monday, October 31, 2005


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Getting Flak

I am getting flak from dear hubby for not updating my blog. Apparently he has FAR more time than I have had lately!

It was an extremely busy week, which is what I get for not being able to say no when people ask me to do something. Too many things to do and not enough hours to do them.

This weekend we have gotten several little house projects done so that makes me feel better.

I am looking forward to tommorow though, am going to take the kids to school, then run some errands and do some Christmas shopping (Toys R Us sales ad came out today), then back to the school for parties with both kids classes. I will have my Knight and my Rock Star tommorow (pics will be posted!). Rain is suppose to be here for Halloween so we will be indoors at the Hallelujiah night that the area churches put on in the elementary cafeteria.

So now hubby can quit giving me a hard time because blog is updated! Hopefully something blogworthy will happen soon and I can be more entertaining but this blog was simply to shut up dear hubby (love you sweetie!)!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

She's 8!

Brittney is now 8 years old. As you can tell from the above she LOVES to pose for pics. Here are some more pics from various times of our celebration of 8 years old!!
Braden and his big sister!!!!!
Saturday morning birthday girl wanted to go get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch before decending on Toys R Us to spend birthday money.
Party Friday night the boys joining in on the Karoke fun (Tyler, Braden and Noah)
Birthday girl Brittney with her good friends Morgan and Kelsey (far right) we had a joint party with Kelsey (her birthday is the 23rd and Brittney's the 22nd so we combined the fun for a party Friday night.
Brittney showing off for her Luau Birthday Party!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Computer junkie

I am computer junkie I totally admit it. I will check my email sometimes 4 or 5 times a day take a quick peak at blogs, ect. I may just take 5 or 10 minutes to check but I just have to do it. A friend of mine takes her smoke breaks at work, for me when I take a break it is a computer break.

Well this week has been busier than usual yesterday I didnt get to check my email or even turn the computer on until 8pm...this is not good. Today same thing. I sure dont like this. Life can be busy but I have to have my email breaks!

Hopefully tommorow I can get on the computer before late evening.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

2 totally different kids

I asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas.

Brittney: Mom I want to buy something for kids that are poor and wont get a Chirstmas.

I told her that was very nice.

Brittney: Mom you dont even have to buy me very much I just want to help some kids. I dont need anything.

Braden: (who has been sitting quietly) WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY? (to his sister), I will just give you a list mom.

Oh boy my kids, Braden isnt as selfish as it sounds but he is definetly not my charity driven child either. 2 different spectrums with these two.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I just love tidbits o finformation that I didnt know before...and wow having a way to share my tidbits even better..LOL.

Most probably have heard of this but I hadnt.


If you have a cell phone you are suppose to put in your directory ICE (In Case of Emergency) then the phone number you put there is who you want contacted if something happens in an accident and you are unconcious, ect.

Apparently medics, police and hospital personnel are being trained to automatically look for this on your cell phone.

I thought this was interesting and actually a good idea. I knew to have an ID card taped under the kids car seats but I didnt know about the ICE.

Apparently there are even places on the internet where you can buy stickers that say ICE to put on the back of your phone.

So I guess I will have hubby (have I mentioned I am technology impaired) add that to my cell phone directory.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Going back to 25th Post!

The Rules:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 25th post.
3. Find the third sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Encourage other people to do the same.

Mine was............

The doctors "think" it may be seizures coming from deep in the brain, but as one looked me in the eye and said, "We dont know what it is but we know something is causing a problem".

That pretty much sums up our medical experience with Braden, the docs knowing that something is wrong but not knowing what that is. Things have gotten better but it still gets very frustrating at times.

What was yours???

Friday, October 07, 2005

No more baby room

I was going to post before pics of Britt's room but that would require digging through the ever growing unorganized picture box and frankly I was afraid so instead you get the after pics only.

No more baby room. Now we have a "Cool" room.

Now Brittney's trophies are proudly shown on her purple wall, you can also see the jewels I used as a border around the room.

A view from the halldoor you can see her toybox that I put a rug on so that she can use as a window bench too. You can also see the beaded curtains.
A view of her bedding, her cool lamp, and retro rainbow colored alarm clock.
This is one of my favorite parts it is a white wipe on wipe off board as well as cork board in purple and pink for pics, ribbons, etc.
A view of Brittney's room showing the headboard, some of her porcelin dolls, her collection of snow globes.

Another view of the beaded curtains.
The Bratz poster and showing the jewels around top.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Not as tough as I wanted to be

I had laproscopic surgery this morning outpatient. I had to be there at 5:30 we were out by 10:00, which was good. I did indeed have endometriosis which is why I was having so much pain. They removed the pockets is how they referred to it from both ovaries. I go in Friday to talk about meds, if it comes back then no choice but to have a hysterectomy.

Anyway I have planned this for about 6 weeks. thinking I would be up and going directly after. Not so. I did do good, but I have slept all day, then got up when the kids came in then slept some more.

I had this idea that I was going to be supertough about all this and be able to clean house, not true a little slower than I thought I would be. But I am planning on doing stuff tommorow...well see...but I am just not a whiner and I thought I would just breeze through it but I have to admit I have whined a little today.

My sweet hubby took off today, I was like I dont need you too, but oh I am so glad he did. I hate admitting I dont have super powers and that I am human darn it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Done once again

Brittney's room is clean...again.

Not only is it clean it is now redecorated as well.

No more little babish girl room. Brittney said "that pink baby room makes me feel like I am five". Keep in mind she is only 7 (will be 8 on 3 weeks).

We went from pink sponge painted walls with a heart border, pink bedspread all pale and sweet looking...that look is no more.

Now we have...

One hot pink wall, one green wall, one yellow wall, and one purple wall. I used colored gems in a random pattern at the top of the wall for a border. She has a bratz poster framed in a silver frame, one wall has a puzzle board on it with pink and purple cork board and white wipe on wipe off board pieces. We have bright beaded curtains on the windows.

We picked Brittney up from my parents and didn't tell her about the room. When she walked in she let out an excited little yell. She said it is awesome and so cool and had declared that it is not a baby room. My hubby thinks it looks like a teenager room. Definetly a change. Our baby girl is growing up way too fast.

I tried to take some pics but the sun was glaring at the wrong angle so will have to do that later.

Everything looks really good and it is all clean and organized! I had gotten some stuff out for a yard sale and then today I went in with the black trash it is clean! It wont stay that way long but today with the redecorating done and it all clean it sure is nice to savor.

Next on the home list is painting the living room, entry way and hallway. Braden's room will be done closer to Christmas time and he has requested camaflouge (misspelled?) and I am already getting lots of fun ideas.