Monday, January 30, 2006

Good Cop Bad Cop

I have decided from now till the kids turn 30 hubby gets to be the bad cop. I ALWAYS WANT TO BE THE GOOD COP.

Just about killed me tonight we had to discipline Braden. We do the normal things of course getting onto them and the quit fighting with your sister, pick up this or that. But basically both kids are pretty good and we don't have to do many major things.

Today however Braden brought home his work folder. It was so obvious he had just slopped his way through it. He could care less. Well we had to make an impression on him. So we decided to take his movie away before bed.

This doesn't sound like a bad thing but it was like we were cutting off his arm. It was THAT BAD. I tried to cave but hubby wouldn't let me. Then Braden decided to throw a tantrum and I knew there was no way I could be good cop and let him have another chance.

So my little boy was so upset and it just about killed me but no movie before bed and he eventually fell asleep. He even apologized for throwing a fit and yelling at me. Just broke my heart. But like hubby said maybe since it was so hard on him he will remember it and work harder at school....I hope so if not hubby gets to do all the disciple and I get to do all the hugs and rewards...I think that sounds fair.

And I mean really look at this face...feel my pain how hard it was to have this face doing the lip puckering, puppy eyes, crying, it isnt fair and I just love you mommy face at me.....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bed Rest List has been started

I am counting the days till surgery on the 10th. I know I will have to take it easy for awhile and I know that will be so hard for me to do.

Good news is I saw today that Grey's Anatomy First Season comes out on Feb 14 so I have requested that for Valentines Day. Then I also saw that Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon comes out on Feb 7 so I requested that too for my bed rest days.
Those along with some new books should make the bed rest bearable!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

9 hours of basketball

We started at 9am with the Kindergarten/1st grade tournament. The refs had to throw one dad out of the gym for mouthing. Yes at a K/1st tournament and yes it is ridiculous. Braden's team did so good but oh they got so tired by the 5th game (3 played in a row with NO breaks) they no longer cared if they won or not. They ended up in 2nd and we were proud they did great! Here is my little man with his trophy.

Brittney's tournament (2nd/3rd) started directly after Bradens. Her team ended up playing 4 games 3 of those back to back with no breaks. By the 3rd game they were so tired. I was so proud though they played the best they have ever played and beat a team that we had not beat before. They got 3rd place and here is my girl with her trophy.

Now we are waiting on the delivery of the pizza and the rest of the evening to do nothing!

Friday, January 27, 2006

100 days

I have been working in my classroom for 100 days
I have been working in my classroom for 100 days
In the morning bring your book and pencil too!
Everyday at Pocola we learn something new!

I have heard this song over 100 the kids classes celebrate the fact that they have been in school for 100 days.

This meant I had to provide Braden with 100 capri sun drinks (he had to bring 100 of something to share at snack time)
Bubble gum so they can blow 100 bubbles
Fruit Loops so they can make a necklace of 100 Fruit Loops.

For Brittney's class
I have to bake 100 chocolate chip cookies(the mini ones that are already pre shaped)
and she has to take a 100 piece puzzle.

Matt is driving the kids to school this morning so I am sure he will get to hear the 100 song another 1000 times!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting prepared to say goodbye uterus

I found out last week I have to have a hysterectomy no more putting it off. Yes I am young darn it (or I like it when someone says that anyway). I am 31 just in case you wanted to know, but doesnt matter have to say goodbye to the uterus and cervix.

Also found out cant do the laporscopic way (no that would be too easy) no outpatient surgery for me. I will go in on the 10th and have the surgery and hopefully be home and on lots of drugs by the 13th. They have to open up my already abused csection scar.

So being the perpetual planner that I am the fact that I will be down probably 2 weeks (I say 1-2 they say 6-8) I am in panic mode. I have cleaned 3 out of 4 of the main closets (because you know that has to be done before I am down). I know I am a nuerotic mess when it comes to having things organized. I have already ordred valentines gifts for teachers and my kids to be delievered to the school. I have started a massive list of things I can do from my bed when I am home and suppose to be in said bed.

Next on the list call Cox Cable and tell them if they have another internet snafu like they did this last week which resulted in no internet for 4 days then they better send a straight jacket for me because otherwise I will come find them even if I am hooked to a cathater and/or major pain meds.

Two weeks from tommorow and so much to get done!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We have access

At 3pm today we finally got our internet back. We are suppose to call tommorow and they will credit our account since Saturday.

I am so far behind on things....especially reading blogs and email.

I hope to get caught up soon, but at least we are back online.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Limited Access

Still not with complete internet. It is such a pain. Had insomnia at 1 am last night and it killed me not to be able to get up and do a little computing until I got tired.

Poor hubby is back at the coffee shop getting some work done. I have spent an hour on the phone with the troubleshooters at cox. At least now we have determined that something with their new configuration has made the wireless routers not work.

Good thing is I have gotten more housecleaning done this morning, of course that was before we discovered that I could get some service by direct plugging into stationary pc. But hubby will soon be home to work on the internet problem and since I cant log in from laptop that means I can get more housework done.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Horror of horrors we are without internet.

Apparently the brilliant people at Cox Cable did some kind of conversion Saturday night. Said conversion wiped out all connections in our area.

So no internet on Sunday, no internet at 4am when I was wide awake.

I am at the law office right now on this very slow dial up but happy just to have connection for a few minutes.

Poor hubby is sitting at a table in the coffee shop this morning trying to get some of his work done. This is really affecting him since the company he works for is based in Pennsylvania and he does all his work from his home office.

I am hopging the horror will end soon, but I am not so sure of it since Matt talked to a real genuis at Cox this morning and that guy wasnt even aware of the problem.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Brittney talking about boys this morning at breakfast:

Brittney: "Mom, Dillon asked me to meet him by the climbing wall yesterday, we are back together. He is the first boy I have loved, I did love Daniel for awhile but then he did something awful".

Me: "What did he do" (Remember she is only in 2nd grade)

Brittney: "Oh mom it was awful he dipped his pickles in ketchup and after I saw that I was like no way am I marrying him"

So it was the pickles in ketchup that pushed her over the edge...LOL.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Home remedies

I thought some of these were neat. I havent tried them all but I think they will be worth trying to remember. Thought I would share.

Headache - Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache paint almost immediately.

Burns - Colgate toothpaste makea an excellent salve for burns.

Sore Throat - Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon six times a day. The vinegar kills the bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infections - Dissolve two Alka Seltzer in a glass of water and drink it at the onset of the symptoms. Alka Seltzer begins eliminating urinary tract infections almost instantly.

Skin Blemishes - Cover the blemish with a dab of honey and place a band-aid over it. Honey kills the bacteria, keeps the skin sterile, and speeds healing. Works overnight.

Toenail Fungus - Get rid of unsightly toenail fungus by soaking your toes in Listerine mouthwash. The powerful antiseptic leaves your toenails looking healthy again.

Splinters - Just pour a drop of Elmer's glue all over the spliner, let dry and peel the dried glue off the skin. The splinter sticks to the dried glue.

Broken Blisters - To disinfect a broken blister dab on a few drops of Listerine (a powerful antiseptic)

Dog Fleas - Dawn dish washing liquid does the trick. Add a few drops in your dog's bath and shampoo the naimal thoroughly. Rinse well to avoid skin irritations. Goodbye fleas.

Dog Odor - Wipe down your animal wiht a Bounce or any dryer sheet instantly make your dog smell springtime fresh.

Eliminate Ear Mites - Take a few drops of Wesson corn oil in your cats ear. Massage it in, then clean it with a cotton ball. Repeat daily for 3 days. The oil soothes the cat's skin, smothers the mites and accelerates healing.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Many layers

Kelli The Onion
Stolen from Anne

I am one of many many layers...:)

Layer One
Name: Kelli
Birthdate: 06/26/74
Birthplace: Dumas, Texas
Current Location: Pocola, Oklahoma
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Sun Sign: Cancer
Innie or Outtie: Innie

Layer Two
Your heritage: American Indian, Irish and German
The shoes you wore today: Keds
Your hair: I pay to have it straight because otherwise it is crazy curly.
Your eyes: Dark blue.
Your weakness: Chocolate and the puppy dog faces my kids give me
Your fears: Something happening to my family
Your perfect pizza: Canadian Bacon, Cheese, Mushrooms and pineapple and making it taste totally great and be completely Fat Free would be PERFECT
One thing you'd like to achieve: Raising great kids

Layer Three
Your most overused phrase: Whatever
Your first waking thoughts: I dont want to get up and then I have to pee
The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Eyes
Your best physical feature: I asked hubby and he said legs..."whatever"
Your bedtime: As soon as the Melatonin that I take knocks me out
Your greatest fear: Something happening to hubby when he flies, or kids or just family in general
Your greatest accomplishment: Kids
Your most missed memory: Missed memory? I guess I dont get it.

Layer Four
Pepsi or Coke: Dr. Pepper
Single or group dates: I always liked going out with a bunch of friends
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: SoBe Green Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Anything else-- Chocolate covered strawberries
Cappuccino or coffee: Spiced Chai Tea

Layer Five
Smoke: No never have tried it
Cuss: Sometimes and then I get in trouble from the bad word police otherwise known as Brittney.
Sing: Not if anyone can hear me and if they can hear me they wish they cant
Take a shower everyday: Yes
Have a crush(es): I crush on hubby every day
Do you think you've been in love: hubby and always amazes me that it grows continually
Want to go to college: Have completed 2 years.
Like high school: I did I had a fun group to hang out with and I mingled with pretty much everyone.
Want to get married: Will celebrate 11 years in July.
Believe in yourself: Yes but when I have doubts hubby props me up..
Type with your fingers on the right keys:
Think you're attractive: Hubby makes me feel it on those days that I am like ugh
Think you're a health freak: I try to be fairly healthy
Get along with your parents: I have those I want to be adopted moments but other than that yes.
Play an instrument: No.

Layer Six
In the past month, did you...
Drink alcohol: Yes new years eve I tried a Jack Daniels Watermelon Spike...yum..since I hate the taste of alchol it says a lot that I liked it tasted like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher.
Smoke: No
Do a drug: No (do my nerve pills them I might not celebrate 11 years because hubby might kill
Make Out: Yes
Go on a date: Yes
Eat an entire box of Oreos: No but that doesnt mean the urge wasnt there
Eat sushi: No....yucky yucky
Been on stage: No but have spoken in public at PTA meetings and that is bad enough
Been dumped: No
Gone skating: Yes well I did hang out on the sidelines and gossip with the other moms while hubby and kids skated.
Made homemade cookies: Yes
Been in love: Yes.
Gone skinny dipping: Not this month (wink at hubby...too cold for the pool out back)
Dyed your hair: No
Stolen anything: No

Layer Seven
Have you ever...
Played a game that required removal of clothing: Just with hubby.
If so, was it mixed company: Hubby.
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Hate to admit but I have drank too much twice once in college and once not quite so bad since then
Been caught "doing something": Oh yes
Been called a tease: Yes.
Gotten beaten up: No.
Shoplifted: When I was in 6th grade and it was the cool thing to do from the shoppette on the military base I lifted a pack of lifesavers and felt so bad.
If so, did you get caught: No.
Changed who you were to fit in: Yes unfortunately and wish I could impress on my children never to do it.

Layer Eight
Age you hope to be married: I got married 3 weeks after I turned 21 so that I would be able to have an alcoholic drink on honeymoon.
Numbers and Names of Children: Brittney age 8 and Braden will turn 7 in May
Describe your Dream Wedding: We got married in an outside ceremony at a bed and breakfast our color was Royal Blue and I had a poofy cinderella dress.
How do you want to die: In my sleep with hubby holding me when we are 100
What do you want to be when you grow up: I am being a mommy and wife and that is the greatest but I also love my freelance paralegal work.
What countr(ies) would you most like to visit: I would like to go back to Germany.

Layer Nine
Number of men I have kissed: Does Kindergarten thru 8th grade count......I remember kissing a little boy in Kindergarten and one in 3rd both on the cheek and my first tounge kiss in 8th grade and I thought it was the grossest thing ever it was on a school bus and I mouthwashed my mouth out for 10 minutes...after those it gets a little blurry and I dont remember (or dont want to decide).
Number of boyfriends you've had: Hmmmm ran out of finger sand toes so cant give an exact
Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I could trust with my life: Luckily I have several first and foremost hubby and then some family and friends
Number of CDs that I own: I dont know hubby takes care of that stuff
Number of piercings: 4 (2 in each ear)
Number of tattoos: None
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: Several
Number of scars on my body: Several (c-sections, some from body surfing in Galveston, one from a stomach surgery)
Number of things in my past that I regret: There isn't a whole lot that I regret but there are a few things I would do different if I could go back with current knowledge.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Home with a sick one

72 degrees on one day and 40 the next has made Brittney a sick little girl. Stuffy, sore throat, watery eyes, and lots of sniffles.

The upside is I get to hold my girl and watch dvds with her.

I am also reliving memories watching Full House. Brittney got the first two seasons for Christmas.

It is funny seeing it now and how cheesy it is now. I remember watching Full House every Friday night. Now I look at the mullet haircuts, the girls hairstyles and it is so funny. Brittney loves the show and while I hate her being sick I like having her cuddled by my side.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Eleven at least

Brittney doesn't look 8 I realize this. She is tall for her age and also acts older. I am told by everyone.

She is starting to think about fashion. When kiddos got in from school I informed them we were going to go out for dinner and to the mall. Brittney was like oh no "I have to change clothes these have school grime on them" she changed into one of her new Christmas outfits fixed her hair and even applied some of her lip tinted gloss. Off we went...

Checking out at Claire's at the mall talking to the clerk. Brittney had picked up 10 things for $5 off the sidewalk sale and is going on and on and the clerk comments about Brittney talking about Jesse McCartney (there was a poster there). I am like yes I know she is boy crazy and only 8. The lady is astonished and says no way she definetly looks 11. She looks at least like an average 11 year old.

Brittney BEAMS from this comment.

We get into the mall walking to meet up with hubby and Braden when she says "Mom if the clerk thinks I am 11 then boys probably do to so if you see an older boy checking me out let me know".....OH YEAH I AM SO GOING TO DO THAT....NO WAY...She is MUCH to young for this and I can currently brag that I have no gray hair but I have a feeling between my children that will SOON change.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I admit it I am lurker there are several blogs that I read often but rarely comment.

This is de-lurker week! So leave a comment and say Hi! I love getting comments and I am trying to get better at leaving them too!

Just I Love You

This morning it was getting hectic and I was sitting in hubby's office on the couch trying to get organized when Braden ran by the door backed up ran in and gave me a huge hug and said "I love you" and ran back out.

Just an I love you, not followd by an I want this mom or oops mom I did that. Just an I love you.

It has made the whole day more bearable just having that spontaneous heartfelt hug from my son this morning.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bad sportmanship

Kids basketball games started today. There are two age brackets 2nd and 3rd play together and then Kindergarten and 1st play together.

Brittney's team played first it was a good game, they didnt win but they did really good and played their best.

Braden had two back to back games. First game they did great and won.

Second game was against a team from another small town called Spiro. This game went downhill from the first because it is a coed league and this team didn't bring any girls so that was the first thing, then the second thing is they brought a second grader too. Well they asked if the 2nd grader could play it was our decision since we were playing them. The coach said the kid wouldnt play much so we agreed. Our team is even boys and girls and more Kindergartens than 1st graders.

The game started with the other team totally not doing the rules, not staying in the zones that are part of the rules. It went downhill with cussing from that teams parents. Then further downhill with a fight in the stands, further down when the coach was asking why the rules mattered to the refs. It was awful.

The end is that team was totally kicked out of the league, which is sad for the kids but the parents were beyond awful. It is a Kindergarten/First grade game it is for fun and it was suppose to be a non competitive league. But it was awful. Hopefully next Saturdays game will go smoother.

Friday, January 06, 2006


I dont know how many posts I have written related to insomnia but I am sick of having it.

I have tried everything from prescriptions to herbal medicines to bedtime rituals (that isn't as kinky as it sounds) and still here I am at 2:41 am.

I know tonight I have a little more on my mind than normal which is a lot. Normally it is just mostly things with Braden and so on.

Tonight not so a friend of mine came to me last night with news that her father had been shot and killed by her stepmom. I am not close friends with her but she I think a lot about her and I had met her father a few times. It is just such a senseless act that robbed 5 kids of a grandfather and leaves a 15 year old without any parents. My friend will now be raising her sister as their mother died of cancer over 10 years ago.

I know I think about too much I worry about people I have never met, I worry about Savannah (whose page is on my side bar) I click everyday to find out how she is. I have given what I could to the family before. She is very sick now and I find myself at 2am worrying about her.

So I guess if I had a shut off valve for my thoughts I would be sleeping soundly.

Of course this strepthroat that I have been battling since day after Thanksgiving is not helping my sleeping either. One of the new meds raises my blood pressure. So nice to wake up at 1am with a splitting headache.

I have taken 2 Melatonin which should kick in soon and at least let me catch a few hours of sleep before I get up at 6am.

Ugh Insomnia...I wish this would be my last post related to not being able to sleep but I am not counting on it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Anne Tagged Me

Anne has tagged me so here goes.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

1. Sandwhich Maker

2. Nurse Aide

3. EKG Monitor Tech

4. Paralegal

Four Movies that you would watch over and over:

1. Pretty Woman

2. Sleepless in Seattle

3. Never Been Kissed

4. You've Got Mail

Four TV shows you love to watch:

1. Friends

2. The Apprentice

3. Grey's Anatomy

4. Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been on vacation:

1. San Antonio, TX

2. Cancun, Mexico

3. St Louis MO

4. Philladelphia, PA

Four websites you visit daily:

1. My blog site and then go down my list of blogs to see updates

2. Hotmail to check my email

3. My bank site to look at my account and mark checks that have cleared

4. Ebay

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Lasagna

2. Enchildas

3. Potato Soup

4. Chicken Fried Steak

Four places you would rather be right now:

1. Snuggling with hubby

2. In a hot bath with my book

3. Eating a really good dinner that tastes awesome but contains no fat or calories

4. Snuggled under a blanket maybe watching a movie

Four Bloggers you are tagging:

Whoever wants too!

Crazy to Gross

I am filling in for a friend at the law office this morning answering phones.

It must be a full moon because it is crazy.

1st call

Me: Law Office
Idiot: I need to hire a lawyer
Me: Okay, can you tell me what for?
Idiot: I want to sue WalMart
Me: And, what did they do?
Idiot: They robbed me
Me: (rolling eyes) How did they do that sir?
Idiot: The clearance tag said $3.00 and they charged me $5.00
Me: And, sir did you bring this to their attention?
Idiot: No it is their responsibility.
Me: So let me get the facts, you want to sue them for the $2.00
Idiot: No that would be stupid (me silently agreeing but then he continues...)
I want to sue them for mental anguish.
Me: Well sir, let me explain that to have a lawsuit you would have to have an extensive amount of damages and I dont believe that we would be able to handle this.
Idiot: Well I will find someone and when I sue them and win a million dollars you will be sorry. (HANGS UP)

Caller No. 2
Me: Law Office
Gross: I need an attorney I think I am about to be arrested.
Me: Yes maam, what do you believe you will be arrested for.
Gross: My boyfriends mom just caught us having sex in his bedroom.
Me: How old is your boyfriend?
Gross: 13
Me: And maam, how old are you?
Gross: 39
Me: (mentally gagging) Let me get the facts, the mother caught you having sex?
Gross: Yes
Me: You were in her home?
Gross: Yes I live there too.
Me: (Getting confused) So it is your home too?
Gross: No it is kinda complicated but I love him and we are going to get married.
Me: Okay you live there as a guest?
Gross: No I am the nanny
Me: (Gagging) So there are more kids in the home?
Gross: Yes the other boys are 9 and 5 but I am not in love with those boys because that would be insane.

So that is the two highlight calls of my morning.Phone is currently ringing so I may be back, or I may just strangle myself with the phone cord.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

No desk for him

Brittney got a pretty new desk for Christmas it matches the rest of her bedroom furniture.

She had been using a small black desk, I thought it would look cute in Braden's room and it would give him a desk for his room.

Our conversation went like this....

Me: I am going to put this desk in your room.

Braden: NO!

Me: Why not it will look good in there and then you will have a desk to sit at.

Braden: NO! NO! Desks mean work and I dont want one KEEP IT OUT OF THERE.

Can you tell that this boy is going to give me gray hair!

So the desk is in the garage and Braden's room is desk free.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Day at the Spa

I had a day at the spa...of course it was set up in my daughter's room...and the spa attendants were Brittney and Braden.

Braden doing my pedicure.

My pretty pedicure.

A little more blush on my cheeks.

The kids doing my hair and makeup.

The end result...maybe not the look I would normally get but I did have a lot of fun and special time with the kids.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


1. Be healthier/Lose weight.
My goal 35 pounds. I would be at my ideal weight if I lose 35 pounds. I know I will never be twiggy skinny but the 35 pounds would put me at a healthy weight for my height and I would feel good at that weight and believe I could maintain.
I would like to loose 10 pounds by Feb 5
I would like to be at a total weight loss of 20 pounds by March 15
I would like to be at a total weight loss of 30 pounds by May 1

2. Spend more quality time with kids and hubby. Things get so busy I want to get back to reading their devotions before bed and just having that no tv time together with them before bed. With hubby I would like to have at least 3 nights of the week that we dont watch tv after kids are in bed but just make it an us date.

3. Be more time organized. I know my hubby thinks I am organized as do most of my friends. But I really think I could be more conscious of where the time goes and how it is used.

4. Have fun, planning a big family vacation in June, enjoy the kids basketball and being the coach, have fun going with friends to Canton Texas in April just enjoy all the things and not just looking forward to events but enjoy the events along the way.

5. Be more assertive. Dont worry that I am not saying yes to someone that someone might be mad at me for not doing something for them. Take a stand say yes to things that I want to help with but not things that will in turn make me crazy with time constraints and so on.

Welcoming in the New Year

We stayed up till midnight...barely...but we made it.
Our friends Adria and Erich came over with their kids Brinnlee and Noah.

Here is a pic of the kids in their New Year Hats and Horns

I am a lousy drinker because I cant stand the taste of anything, I just dont like it. I had bought 3 different things for New Years some Corona for Matt and Adria and then two packs of different kinds of wine coolers for Erich and me. Usually I can do a wine cooler but dont necessarily always like the taste. This time however I found a drink I actually liked. It tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. Still only made it through one though...LOL. Matt and I will probably have the leftover drinks in the fridge for awhile.
Jack Daniels Watermelon Spike

We played this game it was lots of fun.

Matt got his new years kiss and all the kids got to see the ball drop.